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Best Roblox Avatar Items & Accessories

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Best Roblox Avatar Items & Accessories

Ideally, Roblox's free-to-make and share platform keeps growing by the day. The colossal archive is home to dozens of games and a massive population of gamers. It's no denying that the platform is a hub of creativity that allows users to express themselves in a way they deem fit.

One way Roblox accomplishes this is with limitless character customization. You can customize your avatar from the Roblox app or the official Roblox website. However, the website offers limited options. From the app, you get multiple options to customize your character, from clothing to emotes and accessories. Some of these items are free, while others come with a fee. If you want to stand out, here are the best Roblox avatar items and accessories to try out.

5. Rainbow Magic Carpet

Glide through the skies in style with the Rainbow Magic Carpet. Not only can you cover more ground faster, but you'll stand out from hundreds of other users. The carpet features streaks of rainbow colors and appears curvy. Of course, this is not the type of accessory to equip during games that require you to stay hidden, but it can amplify your mobility for a seamless getaway. 

Using “W,” A,” “S,” and “Z” to steer your carpet in any direction. The magical mat will leave a trail of rainbow colors that draws out your path. Moreover, the rug is the perfect way to live your Alladin fantasy, with the “I Can Show You the World” sound tune playing in the background.

The carpet is available for purchase from the Roblox store for 700 Robux. As fun as it seems to be to hover above other players, it's a neat way of getting ahead of the game. You can easily equip your character with this accessory. However, you'll need to purchase a game pass to use it.

4. Alien Carrying Costume

Best Roblox Avatar Items & Accessories

If you're a Martians fan, this is one accessory on Roblox worth checking out. Wearing the suit gives the impression that your character is being abducted by the martian, who is holding you by the torso. 

The suit has two parts, a green Martian and a black suit that appears before the martian. Moreover, the suit covers your character's entire body, with the only visible parts being the legs and the hands. Your avatar's lower body will go into the green suit, and the torso will go into the black suit. 

Needless to say, this suit will gather the interest of other players, especially like-minded Martian fans. The suit is a creation by Reverse-Polarity, and you can purchase it from the Roblox store for 70 Robux. Although Halloween is months away, it's never too early to break out the trick-or-treat creations. 

3. Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag is a must-have item for RPGs or embarking on an adventure. While you may not be able to store any items in it, the bag complements your avatar's look. However, with a game pass, you can use it to carry money after a bank heist when playing Jailbreak. More so, it fits exceptionally well with any of the Roblox characters. 

A creation by WhoToTrus, the bag comes with a strap that flings across your chest. The bag's weight lays on your back, giving the impression that an adventurer, or your avatar, is about to go on vacation. This UGC backpack accessory is a favorite in the franchise, with over 32,000 players having acquired the duffel bag.

Currently, the bag is only available in black. We hope the creator will offer the bag in different colors to complement various avatar outfits. With 170 Robux, you can secure the duffle bag from the Roblox store.

2. Feather Void Wings

Best Roblox Avatar Items & Accessories

Let out your dark angel side with a classic pair of Feather Void Wings. The dark wings hang above your avatar's shoulders and drape over the back, giving him an angelic outlook. But, since they are black, this is ideal for players aiming for a “devilish” impression.

While plenty of wings are in the Roblox catalog, this pair stands out for its shadowy and dark vibe. Put dark clothing and black glasses on your character, and you'll have a “Wings in Black” character rendition of the Men in Black. 

Moreover, with a game pass-fly ability, you can tear through the skies and have a bird's eye view of the Blox world below. The wings are available for purchase for 100 Robux. And, of course, to give credit where it's due, the wings are a creation by ZeFerusGT. 

1. Classic Swordpack

Best Roblox Avatar Items & Accessories

The Classic Swordpack may bring back some nostalgic moments for long-running Roblox fans. The ninja-esque accessory is made of two black swords placed in a protective case to form a criss-cross shape. The Sword Pack is a fan-favorite since it's a remake of the classic Sword Pack, which is currently limited. Although it features a revamp, the blade accessory still has the same old feel.

This accessory is ideal for players engaging in RPG combat or other adventures in the online platform's massive archive. For 150 Robux, you can equip your avatar with this fine piece of equipment. 

Bonus Accessory

Waffle Backpack 

If you fancy an accessory but want to save your hard-earned Roblox currency, there are other avenues to secure one. Our bonus item for this list is the Waffle Backpack. Yes, you guessed it, it's a backpack made of a waffle with a Stranger Things logo imprinted on the back.  

The accessory is only available for free in the Countdown to Stranger Things Day game. The game sets you on a scavenger hunt in a dimly lit room with plenty of items to find. A menu bar will appear at the top of your screen, displaying four things you need to find. One of the items will be the Waffle Backpack. Once you find it, the item goes into your inventory as a UGC item.

Perhaps the concept behind the accessory is Eleven's love for waffles. Either way, it's a fun accessory to carry around and a unique way to display your affection for the Netflix series.


So, what's your take on our picks for the best Roblox avatar items & accessories (2023)? Which other items & accessories do you thing should have been featured in the list? Let us know over our socials here or in the comments below.


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