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5 Best Racing Games on iOS & Android (February 2024)

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Racing in Need for Speed Most Wanted Mobile.

Racing games offer players the chance to get behind the wheel of their favorite vehicles. Having these wonderful titles on mobile means that players are able to take these fast-paced games on the go. There are many different approaches that developers take to the genre as well. This ensures that there is a healthy dose of variety and intricacy between these titles. So, if you are a fan of racing games, specifically on iOS & Android, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Racing Games on iOS & Android

5. Gear. Club

Gear.Club - Release Trailer - Now on iOS and Android

We are starting up our list today with an entry many racing fans will no doubt have heard of. Here, we have Gear. Club. Through its realistic approach to the racing genre, this game has made waves amongst the racing fanbase. For those unaware of this title, however, allow us to provide a brief rundown of the game. In terms of the elements that have been simulated in the game, this title is absolutely fantastic. Suspension systems, different engine systems, and much more have been recreated with a staggering amount of detail.

This not only does a great job of immersing the player but also, the game is supported across a multitude of devices. This ensures that no matter where ou play, you are receiving a fantastic racing experience. The visuals, as well as the in-depth tuning system are but some of the game's strong points. Players are also able to compete against their friends and others in highly competitive races, which is wonderful. All in all, Gear. Club is one of the best racing games on iOS Android.

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne - Launch Trailer

We are continuing on with our list with our next entry. Here, we have Asphalt 8: Airborne. For fans of the Asphalt franchise, this title remains a fantastic example of what the franchise is capable of. In terms of the sheer vehicle variety in the game, there are few titles with a roster quite like this one. With well over three hundred licensed vehicles to drive around in, this game is packed to the brim with cars for the player to choose from. Additionally, players are able to enjoy both cross-play and cross-save mechanics, meaning no matter how you enjoy the game, your progress is backed up.

While the core gameplay of this title is a bit more on the arcadey side of things, that is hardly a bad thing. Players are able to jump into the game, no matter their experience level, and have an absolute blast. The environments you are racing through are also rendered wonderfully and do a fantastic job of varying the game's setting. The game also highly encourages customization, with well over two thousand decals to utilize. All around, Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the best racing games available on iOS Android.

3. Retro Racing

Official Retro Racing Launch Trailer

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry. Here we have Retro Racing. Despite not having the more flashy graphics of other titles on this list, Retro Racing manages to be an incredible time through its fun factor. For players who are fans of the top-down racing subgenre, this title should be right up your alley. The way that this top-down perspective is implemented is fantastic and shows a great understanding of the subgenre's mechanics. While being decidedly more simple than other titles on this list, the core gameplay is a magnificent time in its own right.

So, if you are looking for a racing title that is low-pressure that you can enjoy to unwind, this title is it. Additionally, the game's core mechanics are all well-refined, making for a smooth and intuitive experience. There is also a two-player mode for players to enjoy alongside their friends, which is fantastic. This ensures that players won't have to leave their friends out when playing Retro Racing. To close, Retro Racing is a wonderful blast from the past and one of the best racing games on iOS & Android.

2. Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 - Release Trailer

Now, for our next entry, here we have Reckless Racing 3. For players who are looking for a more destructive experience, this title has you covered. For players who enjoy the world of rally racing with an emphasis on chaos, this title is a great recommendation. The game boasts a fantastic roster of both cars and trucks for players to choose from, as well as many different tracks to explore. The game comes with a career mode, which has a phenomenal amount of content for players to enjoy. In total, the career mode runs across sixty different events for the player to participate in.

In addition to this, the game also has an Arcade mode which players can experiment in. This mode takes a much more laidback approach to gameplay but is still a fantastic offering in its own right. One aspect of the game that sets it apart from many other entries on this list is its physics system. Despite being a mobile title, the in-game physics of Reckless Racing 3 are beautifully crafted, allowing you to feel every bump along the way. In short, Reckless Racin g3 is one of the best racing games on iOS Android.

1. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted Mobile Trailer

For the final entry on our list of the best racing games on mobile, here we have Need for Speed Most Wanted. For fans of the racing genre, the Need for Speed franchise has become somewhat of a household name. This is due to not only the wonderful roster of games the franchise has accumulated over the years, but the quality of those titles as well. We are glad to report that with Need for Speed Most Wanted, there is very little that players will be missing out on. The game features a full damage system. One which goes to great lengths to accurately depict every bump and ding along the way.

This not only makes every race feel unique, but the player's car can look quite different at the end of a particularly hard-fought race. But this also helps pull the player into the driver's seat. In terms of controls, players are able to choose how they wish to control their vehicles as well, which is great. This ensures that no matter how you choose to play, by tilting your device or using buttons, you are in complete control. To conclude, Need for Speed Most Wanted is undoubtedly one of the best racing games on iOS Android.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Racing Games on iOS & Android? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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