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10 Best Puzzle Games on Steam (July 2024)

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Two characters with a talking book in the puzzle game on Steam

Puzzle games are like brain workouts. They make us think, test our memory, and sometimes surprise us when we find the answers. And Steam is packed with many puzzle games, each with its own fun twist and challenges. But with so many options, how do you choose the best ones? It can be a puzzle in itself to decide! That’s why we’ve picked out five of the best puzzle games on Steam. These games are not just about solving things; they also tell interesting stories and take us on adventures.

10. Portal 2

Portal 2 Teaser Trailer

Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform game where you use a portal gun to create two linked portals on flat surfaces. You play as Chell, a test subject in the Aperture Science facility. Your main goal is to solve puzzles by placing portals in smart ways, letting you and objects move across different areas. Portal 2 also has a cooperative multiplayer mode. In this mode, two players control robots named Atlas and P-Body, each with their own portal gun. You need to communicate and work together because many puzzles need both players to act in sync.

9. The Past Within

The Past Within - Official Trailer

The Past Within is a unique cooperative puzzle game developed by Rusty Lake. Interestingly, it requires two players to work together, yet they experience the game in different timelines. One player is in the past, while the other is in the future. Consequently, both players need to communicate constantly and share information because actions in one timeline affect the other. Therefore, the game has a strong emphasis on teamwork. Also, the game features different chapters, and within these chapters, players encounter a series of puzzles. These puzzles are diverse, ranging from deciphering codes to assembling objects.


TUNIC - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022

TUNIC is an isometric action game where players control a small fox navigating a mysterious and expansive world. The game starts with the fox stranded in a ruined land. Armed with curiosity and a simple weapon, players must explore the surroundings. The game involves confronting colossal beasts and collecting strange, powerful items. The combat system is dynamic and technical, requiring players to dodge, block, parry, and strike to overcome various monsters. The game's world is filled with secrets and legends.

7. It Takes Two

It Takes Two Official Reveal Trailer

It Takes Two is a thrilling cooperative platform adventure where players control Cody and May, a couple transformed into dolls by a magic spell. This game is built exclusively for co-op play, meaning you’ll need a friend to join you either through couch co-op or online play. Each level introduces new character abilities and unexpected obstacles that require both players to work together to overcome. Throughout the journey, players master unique skills tailored to specific levels. Also, the game seamlessly blends narrative and gameplay, presenting a heartfelt and humorous story about repairing a fractured relationship.

6. A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

If you love organizing and tidying up, A Little to the Left is the perfect puzzle game for you. In this cozy game, you sort, stack, and organize household items into satisfying arrangements. However, you must also keep an eye out for a mischievous cat that loves to create chaos. The game features over 100 delightful puzzles that challenge you to find the perfect spot for everyday objects. And if you ever get stuck, the game offers a helpful hint system that lets you decide how much of the solution you want to see. You can even skip levels with the ‘Let It Be' option and come back to them later.

5. Braid, Anniversary Edition

Braid: Anniversary Edition - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Braid, Anniversary Edition is a captivating puzzle-platformer that invites players to manipulate time to solve intricate puzzles. You control Tim, a character on a quest to rescue a princess while uncovering mysteries about his past. Each world introduces unique time-based mechanics, which challenges you to think creatively and strategically. By rewinding, pausing, and using the properties of time, you navigate through beautifully designed environments, avoiding hazards, unlocking doors, and collecting jigsaw puzzle pieces.

4. Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II - Launch Trailer

Little Nightmares II is a suspense-filled adventure game where you play as Mono, a young boy in a world twisted by an evil transmission. Along with his new friend Six, Mono must find the source of the transmission. The game is filled with creepy characters like the sadistic Teacher and the bloodthirsty Hunter, who you must outsmart and escape. Here, you will travel through scary woods, sinister schools, and more on your way to the Signal Tower, where the evil transmission comes from.

3. Animal Well

Animal Well - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games

Animal Well is an intriguing puzzle-platformer where players explore a dense, interconnected labyrinth filled with secrets. Starting from a flower, you journey through an atmospheric world teeming with both beautiful and unsettling creatures. The game encourages you to collect items that allow you to manipulate your environment in unexpected and meaningful ways. This exploration is non-linear, so you can discover upgrades and secrets in any order you choose. Also, interaction with the environment and creatures is both surprising and systemic. Items you collect have multiple uses, and this makes them valuable in various situations.

2. Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes – Release Date Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes is a surreal puzzle adventure where players control a woman drawn into a mysterious project in an old European hotel. Initially summoned by an eccentric man, she soon faces a series of handcrafted puzzles, with each presenting unique riddles to solve. Moreover, the game’s non-linear design allows players to explore freely, uncovering secrets and clues in various rooms. As players progress, they subsequently encounter increasingly dangerous and surreal challenges. Ultimately, the game combines an engaging narrative with complex puzzles, thus creating a captivating and immersive experience.

1. Riven

Riven | Official Launch Trailer | Available NOW | 4k

Riven takes you on an exciting journey through a world on the edge of collapse. You'll explore dense jungles, awe-inspiring caverns, and towering structures, solving puzzles to unlock the secrets of this mysterious place. The story unfolds as you uncover clues about a civilization shaped by a man who thinks he is a god. Here, careful observation is key; you'll piece together information to understand the environment and its history. As you explore, you'll meet mysterious island dwellers and learn why Riven is collapsing.

So, which of these titles have you tried and loved? Are there any other puzzle games on Steam that you believe deserve a spot on our list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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