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5 Best Horror Walking Simulators on PlayStation 5



Horrific entity stars in PS5 walking simulators

Horror games have always attracted those who love a good scare mixed with a great story. With the PlayStation 5, these games have reached a new level. The PS5's top-notch graphics and sound make these games more immersive and spooky than ever. Walking simulators in horror gaming, which focus more on exploring and story than fighting, have really stood out on this console. Understanding how special these games are, we've put together a list of the five best horror walking simulators on PlayStation 5. Each game offers a different and exciting way to experience the horror genre.

5. Scorn

Scorn - Official Launch Trailer

Scorn is a unique horror game on the PlayStation 5 that takes you into a creepy, dream-like world. The game is all about exploring this strange place without clear guidance, making you feel lost and curious. When you play Scorn, it feels like you're really there. You pick up things with your hands and use machines like you would in real life. The game’s world is big and connected, filled with mazes and secret paths. You have to pay close attention to everything around you because the game doesn’t give you hints. Every detail and object in Scorn has a purpose.

In Scorn, you can't carry a lot of items, and you have limited ammo. This makes the game more intense because you have to think carefully about when to fight and when to hide. Your choices really matter and affect the game. Plus, this game is special because it’s really good at making you feel uneasy and interested at the same time. Everything in the game, from the places you explore to the way you interact with things, is designed to pull you into its creepy world.

4. Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux - Official 4K Trailer

Observer: System Redux is set in a dark future, in the year 2084. Players become Daniel Lazarski, a detective in this cyberpunk world. The game is special because you can enter people's minds to solve mysteries. You use a tool called the Dream Eater to see the last moments of the dead or dying. The world of the game is a tough place. A big digital sickness called the Nanophage killed many, and then a huge war changed everything. Now, big companies control everything, and life is hard. The game does a great job showing this future world, with its virtual reality and strange drugs. As an Observer, your job is to find the truth, even in such a dark place.

But this game is more than just a horror story. It makes you think about big ideas like technology, power, and what it means to be human. The game world is a place where people try to escape their sad lives through virtual reality and drugs. It's a reminder that even in a world full of advanced tech, the truth and reality of who you are can't be escaped. Overall, Observer: System Redux is a great example of a game that mixes scary moments, a deep story, and thoughts about society into an experience that really makes you think.

3. Visage

Visage — Release Gameplay Trailer

With its focus on a slow and immersive atmosphere, Visage shines as a horror game that's both eerie and deeply engaging. The game is set in a large, mysterious house where players explore and uncover its dark past. And as you move through the house, you feel a mix of fear and curiosity, driven to discover more about the horrors that happened there.

Also, playing Visage makes you feel vulnerable. There are no weapons to defend yourself, just your wits and the ability to interact with your surroundings. You have to find items and clues that help you make sense of the house's mysteries. The game challenges you to stay sane and alive. You have to avoid getting too scared because fear attracts the spirits. It's a standout horror game on the PlayStation 5, which combines an eerie atmosphere, a unique way of storytelling, and challenging gameplay.

2. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear - Official Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

For anyone who loves a deep, scary story, Layers of Fear is perfect. This game is all about an artist who is losing his mind. The game is set in an old mansion that changes as you play. You explore this house, learning about the artist's life and his art, which gets creepier as you go. The story in the game is really interesting and a bit scary. You feel like you're part of the artist's scary world. The mansion feels alive, with rooms and hallways that change as the story gets scarier.

Furthermore, Layers of Fear looks and sounds amazing too. The graphics make the mansion look beautiful but also spooky. The music and sounds in the game make everything even scarier. These parts of the game work together to make you feel like you're really in a haunted house. So, if you like games that are more about the story and the feeling, you'll love Layers of Fear.

1. The Medium

The Medium - Gamescom Launch Trailer | PS5

The Medium is famous for its unique gameplay, where you play in two worlds at the same time: the normal world and a ghostly realm. In this game, you play as Marianne, who has special abilities to see these two worlds. The story is about more than just ghosts; it deals with deep topics like loss and the past. The tale is engaging and full of mystery, pulling you into its world. The way the game lets you play in two realities also makes the story feel more real and interesting.

The look of The Medium is heavily inspired by the spooky, dream-like art of Zdzisław Beksiński. This shows in the ghost world, making it feel strange and a bit scary. It is very detailed and beautiful, even though it's also a bit creepy. Each place you visit feels important and adds to the story. The sound in the game really adds to the scary mood. The music and sounds are not just there in the background; they're a big part of what makes the game feel so spooky.

So, what's your take on these games? And do you think any other horror game on PS5 deserves a spot on this list? Let us know on our socials here.

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