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Beholder: Conductor — Everything We Know

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Beholder: Conductor — Everything We Know

Beholder bestowed a ludicrous yet critical role for players in the war-torn region. The political sim set in a totalitarian landscape lets you masquerade as an apartment landlord while spying on the tenants. It's your typical James Bond activity minus the cars, guns, action… well, almost everything except being an undercover spy. Now, Alaware returns with its tried-and-tested formula in Beholder-Conductor. Same role, different job. The studio announced the upcoming title, accompanied by a teaser trailer and scanty details. But we've scoured the internet for an exclusive peek into what the game is shaping up to be. Here's Beholder-Conductor everything we know.

What is Beholder: Conductor?

3 police men in Beholder:Conductor

Beholder: Conductor is the latest addition to the Beholder franchise. Like its predecessors, its choice-based game is set against a political backdrop. You face several choices and challenges that boil down to strategic thinking. In the previous game, Carl, the player's character, had to juggle between appeasing his family and his bosses, the government. Oddly enough, Carl would investigate his tenants, who would come and go, but he was too drugged up to leave the building. Your typical day would consist of building maintenance, ransacking apartments, and clandestine surveillance. You get paid a hefty sum at the end of each mission, but the real reward is witnessing the outcome. Beholder: Conductor sticks to this precedence, sending you on a mission as a train conductor. 

As you might have guessed, you collect tickets while also spying on your passengers. If you think about it, Alawar's knack for bestowing espionage jobs on characters with menial jobs speaks to the real-world undercover routine. 


key hole 4 characters

In Beholder: Conductor, you step into the esteemed role of senior conductor. Your job is aboard the legendary Determination Bringer, a train revered as the sovereign of the rails by the nation's citizens. Tasked by the Ministry, your job transcends mere ticket punching. Beyond ensuring a smooth journey for travelers, you're charged with conducting thorough searches of passenger belongings. You must also maintain vigilance for potential threats and swiftly address any disturbances. Intimidation, reporting, and, when necessary, the expulsion of unruly passengers are all within your purview. As the game's description states, the bottom line is that ‘the conductor is always right.'

There needs to be further information in the narrative about the cause behind your espionage. However, the game's predecessor was equally bleak. We did know of the oppressive government during Carl's time and how unfair it was to his people, but what was Carl's role? Ensuring people don't rise up against the government? It has yet to be clear, but I hope the upcoming title sheds more light on the covert operations.


one character infront of the gate

The choice-based gameplay feature returns to Beholder: Conductor. Making decisions that will either break or build trust stands in the way of your being the top-performing conductor and appeasing the Ministry. Eventually, you decide. The game's branching narrative, propelled by its decision-based gameplay, offers replayability, just like its predecessor. Here's a breakdown of the gameplay elements:

  • Monitor the Passengers: Carefully monitor everyone who enters the carriage and decide what to do with fare-evaders. They can either be dropped off or handed over to the peacekeepers, or you can turn a blind eye to their violation for a bribe or out of the kindness of your heart. You will have to deal with different passengers. Observe and report all suspicious, unauthorized, and basically any activity. Search the baggage and call the police if you find prohibited items. Or take emergency measures yourself, the conductor has many illegal powers, so use them wisely. It's up to you to decide what to do.
  • Move Up the Train: Gain access to the dining car, VIP compartments, and carriages where high-ranking officials and prominent industrialists ride. There are rumors that they often do genuinely disgusting things in their cabins, but they are also willing to pay substantial money for silence. Do not forget to keep an eye on your colleagues and report them for accepting bribes or transporting banned goods. The Ministry will not let your dedication go unnoticed.
  • Complete Secret Missions: Earn the trust of higher-ups to receive special assignments. Their level of secrecy will depend on your loyalty, and completion will be rewarded with a bonus or even a promotion. You will also encounter smugglers transporting their packages along the route, which is risky but profitable.


police with a lit candle in Beholder Conductor

Publishing and developing the game is Alawar Studios, an independent publisher versed in console, PC, and mobile games. The studio hit its first golf swing with Farm Frenzy, which later won the best casual game at the Game Developers Conference in 2008. What followed next was a series of mid-core, beloved titles, including Beholder. 

The first title in the series launched in 2016, followed by Beholder 2 in 2018 and Beholder 3 in 2022. This will be the studio's second time wearing the developer and publisher hats. It's a bold step for the studio, considering the game's predecessor was developed by Paintbucket Games. However, it does also give the game a fresh perspective. 

On the awards front, Beholder has snagged a couple of accolades. The inaugural title was named the Most Creative and Original and Best Indie Game (2017). Besides this, the studio reaffirms its expertise in simulation games with Do Not Feed the Monkeys, another award-winning title. It is safe to say that Alwar is very much aware of its tried and tested formula, and it seems there is no departing from it soon.


Beholder: Conductor - Announcement Teaser

Yes, the Beholder: Conductor trailer is available. But the announcement trailer is as bleak as the shadowed alleys of a dystopian cityscape. The trailer offers no gameplay details, but we glimpse the oppressive shadows and starkly contrasting visuals. This means we could expect more footage or the gameplay trailer later. In the meantime, you can watch the announcement trailer above. 

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions


police with lady in white hair Beholder Conductor

Alawar has yet to share a precise launch date for the game. The same goes for any special editions. Given that the game is now available for wishlist on Steam, meaning it'll launch on PC, perhaps the studio plans to port it to consoles later. We'll have to keep you posted on this, 

However, if you have an itch to keep up with the game's development, you can check in with the developer in the official social media field here. We'll keep you posted on new details once they drop here on

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of Beholder: Conductor when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.


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