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Battlefield 2042 Rumored to Get 3 New Maps



battlefield 2042 may get new maps

After a disastrous launch and the disappointing reviews that followed, Battlefield 2042 creators are now planning some changes. In order to renew fans' interest and give the game a much-needed overhaul, the creators may add new content and introduce changes. As per a credible leak, the changes may include 3 new maps.

DICE, Battlefield 2042's developer, has not yet given up on the game. And data miners have pointed out the possibility of 3 new maps which may be named – DockLands, LightsOut, and Drained.

The leak further suggests that “Drained” might refer to a draining water body. Meanwhile, “LightsOut” might be a new angle to the Operation Locker and it may be a smaller prison-type map. And finally, “DockLands” might actually refer to an existing Battlefield map like Port Valdez or something similar.

As of yet, DICE has not confirmed the leaks and nor has the developer commented on them. However, the developer did post a long blog regarding some significant changes. In the post, the Battlefield 2042 developer promised a few smaller maps in the future.

Upon release, several players complained about oversized maps. The huge maps had several empty spots on them, which made it difficult to travel across them. DICE provided an elaborate response to the feedback for all the map complaints and also gave us a glimpse of design changes.

Battlefield 2042 was rolled out in November last year. Right after the release, the game received a poor response from players due to the vast maps, unstable servers, and other glitches.

It is difficult to tell just now whether these maps will attract players back to the game. Following the poor reviews, EA has altered the future plans for the Battlefield series. If these changes do get incorporated into the game, it'd be interesting to see how players respond.

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