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5 Best Tower Defense Games on PlayStation 5

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5 Best Tower Defense Games on PlayStation 5

If you get off on crafting up solid strategies and thinking out-of-the-box while at it, I reckon you should have a couple of tower defense games in your library. If not, what are you waiting for, mate? Tower defense games are the epic guardians of the gaming world, standing tall and strong to protect your precious kingdom from waves of relentless invaders. 

So, do you have what it takes to protect your territory from impending hordes? There's only one way to find out. How about a go at our recommended five best tower defense games on PlayStation 5? Let's dive in.

5. Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die! 3 - Announce Trailer

The Lord of the Rings first gives us a glimpse of the Orcs and how ruthless and ugly they are. They come in various sizes, and boy, they pack a punch. Robot Entertainment must have seen the trilogy and settled on these beasts as the perfect antagonists for their series. 

Orcs Must Die 3 is the fourth entry in the Orcs Must Die! series. The game retains the same wacky sense of humor as its two predecessors to lighten the meat-grinding bit. You play as one of the two apprentice war mages defending the Rift from waves of orc armies. To do this, you get a set of traps, weapons, and special abilities. The traps do come in handy if you're aiming for a slaughterhouse. Plus, it's easy to set them up. Simply barricade alternative routes and drive the orcs to their doom. 

Moreover, the game has 18 different levels. Each level is a challenging puzzle that's satisfying to crack. You'll soon appreciate the sadistic angle the game takes, since the more torture you have the orcs endure, the more resources you collect. The resources are valuable in creating more traps. Also, if you have some rage in you that you'd want to expend, you can check out the War Scenarios game mode. Here, you face off with orcs on a larger scale. 

4. Elemental War 2

Elemental War 2 | Tower Defense | Launch Trailer

Elemental War 2 takes you to the depths of hell, where hordes of demons (elementals) are invading Earth. Your job? Build a solid defense line and take the monstrosities down before they wreak havoc. Developed by Clockwork Origins, the game goes beyond the traditional tower-defense game. Its creative designs amplify the gameplay, which gradually gets challenging.

At inception, you'll start with one or two monsters breaking free. Their release is widely spaced, but eventually they grow into a crowd. Essentially, the game calls for fortifying your defense with plenty of strategically placed towers. This eases things up when all hell breaks loose, literally. Tough enemies may be challenging to take down, but they hold elemental stones. These stones are useful in building new defense towers.

Moreover, the game has side-quests. Completing these quests rewards you with items that upgrade your towers. Plus, you can face these monsters alone or go into co-op mode. Either way, the game's innovative mechanics offer endless fun. 

3. Wild Seas

The Wild Seas Teaser

Not every day do you see a crocodile running for his life to protect a jewel. But finally, the day is here. Wild Seas by DuDeeki Studio has you playing as a friendly crocodile. In your possession is a generation-passed jewel that you must safeguard from pirates. 

Aside from the wooden staff you get to deflect enemy bullets, you can also purchase towers. You can upgrade your towers and weapons using resources you find along your perilous journey. The game offers varied gameplay with four distinct maps. Each map has moderate difficulty, so you don't have to worry about wracking your head on this one. Moreover, the game's pixelated art is simply stunning. However, don't get it twisted; hordes of pirates will be coming at you to collect the treasure in your hands. Therefore, fast thinking can bail you out if you're stuck in Davy Jones' locker. 

2. Slaycation Paradise

Slaycation Paradise - Official Announcement Trailer

Are you sick of vacation destinations that stick to the theme of relaxation? Are you looking to switch things up? Well, Mereg Games has the perfect getaway for you. Slaycation Paradise is your go-to post-apocalyptic getaway. The game blends twin-stick action with tower defense to give you a world slowly withering away. Think of it as a virtual go at The Walking Dead. The difference is that you won't only be gunning down zombies. 

Through interdimensional portals, you can access various apocalyptic scenarios. Thankfully, you can access a diverse inventory of weapons, from magic wands to cat-launchers to flamethrowers and a pump shotgun. The Construction Assembly Turret Kit (C.A.T.) is also handy in curating custom defense structures. 

If you're not yet sold, the game rewards you each time you visit these exclusive destinations. The more you tour, the more you unlock new destinations, weapons, and upgrade perks. If you're dying to go on a vacation, this is one tower defense game that'll make it worth your buck.

1. Endless Dungeon

ENDLESS™ Dungeon - Announcement Trailer

Topping our list of the tower defense games PlayStation 5 is the upcoming game by Amplitude Studios, Endless Dungeon. The game blends tower defense with a twin-stick shooter strategy in the Endless Universe. You take control of a team of three characters as you venture into an abandoned space station. Your goal is to protect a crystal. To do this, you'll need to recruit shipwrecked heroes.

The game will launch with ten distinct levels, each procedurally generated. Exploring the levels will grant you access to resources such as dust shards, food, industry, and science. You may use these to research and build turrets, heal wounded teammates, or upgrade the crystal.  

Moreover, the game will feature roguelike elements. If you fail an objective or die mid-way, you'll respawn in a saloon bar. Here, you can strike up a conversation with other characters or gather weapons and upgrades before diving back into the action. The game is set to launch on October 19. This is one tower defense game on PS5 to look out for. 

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our five best tower defense games on PlayStation 5? Are there other games we should know about? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here

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