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5 Best Multiplayer Games on Xbox Series X/S



So far this year there has had a ton of emphasis on RPG and campaign games for consoles. Straying away from the fun of multiplayer games. While all these new titles have a lot to offer they can't match the experience of playing multiplayer games with friends. There is an unspoken bond gamers make in multiplayer games and right now is a better time than ever to enjoy them for Xbox series X/S.

Whether your squad is rolling on the same console as you or not, these multiplayer games for Xbox Series X/S all have a solid community that can deliver tons of online fun. Most of the titles in this list are well-known and that is due to the good standing of their multiplayer experience. So grab your best friends and dive into a new title with the five best multiplayer games on Xbox Series X/S.


5. Call of Duty: Vangaurd/Warzone

Since Call of Duty announced they will be skipping their annual release, players have been making the most of their time in Vanguard and Warzone. Both titles just saw the release of their second season on February 17th and are maintaining a massive community with it. This really is your time to step into these games with your friends if you haven't had the chance to.

In comparison to Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Vanguard provides a more classic mechanical CoD experience. For this reason, it has seen the success of a large community that prefers it over Modern Warfare. Multiplayer-wise, there is a lot to do with your friends other than search and destroy. You can step into a battle royale with Warzone on three different maps and even get the nostalgic feeling of grinding CoD Zombies.

Call of Duty Warzone plays off of the Modern Warfare game engine and is the most successful CoD in recent history. The game is still going strong with tons of new ways to play with friends. There are 2v2 gunfights,  ground war, and loads of multiplayer modes and maps. This game offers a lot more than just Warzone and should keep you and your friends busy for hours.



4. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-inspired game that was released back in 2018 and ultimately flopped. However, fans were so excited for a game of this style and genre they did the only sensible thing; they rioted. Okay, not actually, but they didn't just let it die out. Consistent updates from their developer, Rare brought this game back to life for many gamers. Not to mention the community that rode with it regardless of its stature. Now the game is one of the best multiplayer titles for Xbox Series X/S.

In Sea of Thieves, you work with your crewmates to sail the open world, or should I say open seas. You can find hidden islands, sunken ships, and mysterious artifacts to cover just the surface. The best part is you get to do it with your friends on your very own pirate ship. But be wary, you could come across another crew and have a classic pirate ship battle.

Without a doubt, this game is one of the best multiplayer experiences you can get for Xbox Series X/S. So Grab your group of castaways, man your ship, and sail the open seas for treasure but always be on alert for other pirates and sea monsters.



3. Apex Legends

Have battle royales gotten too easy for you and your squad? Well, then you haven't played Apex Legends. In comparison to any other FPS battle royale, Apex Legends is by far the most advanced mechanically. The movement play's a huge role in the game with how fluently you traverse around the map. It also isn't a shooter where you can casually stroll in and one man wipe a squad. The importance of teamwork in this game is incomparable to any other battle royale.

This open's up, even more, depending on the character you choose.  Apex Legends has a huge list of characters with different abilities and ultimates you can use on the battlefield. They can be huge decisions in how a fight can play out and ultimately your overall success as a team. Having good composition amongst your squad is a must for winning games and that brings no shortage of teamwork.

It is one of the best multiplayer games for Xbox series X and S and is sure to test your abilities. What's even better is that the game is free, so grab your friends and start strategizing.



2. Halo Infinite

If your looking for a truly nostalgic and memorable multiplayer experience then get back into one of the greatest franchises of all time, Halo. A long-awaited remake came at the end of December 2021 with Halo Infinite. What's even better is that the online multiplayer is free to play and it certainly meets expectations. You can purchase the campaign half of the game, but we're here to focus on playing with friends.

Grab your squad of Spartans and get ready for some nail-biting action. Multiplayer features multiple classic game modes with Team Slayer, FFA Slayer, and even Big Team Battles. The game comes with all the classic guns and weapons from the original Halo's. You can find a Needler and constantly annoy your friends, or come together in Big Team Battles on a Warthog and bring destruction and carnage.

The competitive multiplayer is also free and follows a classic 4v4 gunfight with different modes. As nothing feels better than landing a clean shot with the Battle Rifle.



1. Minecraft

Okay, let's take a break from FPS in the number one spot. What better title to do that with than Minecraft. Easily one of the best multiplayer experiences you can get playing with friends on Xbox series X and S.

It seems like the entire world has had its fair share of time in Minecraft, but for some reason, it never ages. Starting a new survival world with friends is an enjoyable and original experience that no matter how many times you've done it, is still fun to play.

Aside from working together to stay alive and hopefully one day beat the ender dragon, there are endless possibilities of building and exploring in the game. This is an experience that is better enjoyed with friends and can be played casually or even hardcore.

Out of all of the games on this list, Minecraft takes the number one spot for the sheer amount of things to do in the game. There really are endless possibilities in Minecraft, and for you and your friends, the world is your oyster.


So which multiplayer game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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