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Avalanche Studios Veterans Set Up Elemental Games



A number of former developers from Avalanche Studios, known for major titles like Just Cause, have started their own studio. Based out of Stockholm, Elemental Games is a new  studio full of industry veterans with a distinct vision. Looking to build upon the success of open-world game experiences similar to that of Just Cause. The development team includes Avalanche Studios founding partners Linus and Viktor Blomberg, and a solid lineup of other developers that have worked for Avalanche at one point. Also bringing experience from companies such as DICE, Epic Games and Ubisoft.

Founded in August 2021, the studio has just officially become public. Focused on developing open-world technology to use alongside its third-party tools. Quite notably Elemental Games is remaining privately owned, to avoid frustrations caused by the short-term focus of investors.

The Design Philosophy

“We will continue to evolve systematic gameplay and the open-world genre, using all the knowledge we gained from Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2 and other Avalanche games” said the Avalanche co-founder Linus Blomberg, talking on the philosophy behind Elemental Games. Ultimately aiming to bring together a talented team, with AAA and indie experience, with full creative freedom.

“We've seen in the past how technology, art and design are often in conflict rather than elevating each other,” Blomberg continues.  Speaking about the design philosophy of Elemental Games further, he went on to say “we are creating an environment where none of these disciplines dictates to the others, where we use our experience and craftsmanship in a truly collaborative way so that opportunities open up that we wouldn't have considered in isolation.”

Production on a first unannounced titled has begun within Elemental Games and it will be centered around open-world systems. The same systems that made Just Cause and similar titles so successful.


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