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Best Minecraft Games of All Time, Ranked

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best minecraft games of all time

Minecraft is an exceedingly popular and beloved game in the sandbox genre, making it the highest-selling game of all time. The game helps you channel your creativity and bring it to life using blocks in an open-world simulation. From simple structures to extremely finite and complex creations, you can't simply have enough of Minecraft. 

With so many fans of the title, developers continue to expand the franchise with various games to keep you entertained. If you're a Minecraft enthusiast or a new entrant into the simulation world, here are five of the best Minecraft games you should definitely try out.


5. Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock Version - Launch Trailer | PS4

The Minecraft Bedrock edition was released in 2011, and aside from the usual building of bonafide castles, it has plenty to offer. This edition of Minecraft runs on a different code than the Java Edition, bringing along plenty of additions left out in the Java Edition.

As you start the game, you'll notice a Microsoft account button. It is best to sign on or create an account before proceeding. Linking your Microsoft account is your gateway to the marketplace, offering plenty of upgrades such as textures, maps, skins, and any other Minecraft DLC. A net upgrade to this game is its superbly fast loading times. You don't have to put your patience to the test while waiting for the world's chunks to load.

Furthermore, this edition features a realm where you can create a world for you and up to ten friends. The realms come at a price; you spend USD 7.99 each month. There's so much to do in Minecraft Bedrock. You can spend tireless hours creating selection boxes and in-game windows. All in all, this version of Minecraft has more fantastic additions to get you hooked for hours.


4. Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode [Minecon 2015 Trailer]

Minecraft: Story Mode pays homage to the franchise as an episodic adventure series in the Minecraft Universe. The click-and-point adventure features some humorous moments, making it a kid-friendly series. However, don't get it twisted; a mature audience can still play the game.

The game is an extension of the character's story, taking place in an alternate Minecraft world known as the “Overworld.” It features eight episodes, where episodes 6–8 are exclusively new to Nintendo platforms. 

Developed by Telltale Games, it's no surprise that some of the episodes are similar to other games by the developer. You can solve puzzles, collect artifacts, and engage with NPCs through conversation trees. Crafting is still at the core of this Minecraft game. Moreover, every move and decision you make in the game creates a ripple of events in current and future episodes. 

If you want to enjoy a game that is halfway between a Minecraft experience and an HBO show, then this Minecraft game is ideal for you.


3. Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer

Are you strong enough to brave the cold and dark dungeons alone? Well, these action-packed adventures will let you relive the Lord of the Rings Tale while saving villagers and destroying the evil Arch-villager. 

In this action-adventure dungeon crawler game, you don't get an open world to explore freely. Instead, you get to explore a dungeon filled with randomly-produced creatures. You will also get to solve puzzles, find treasures, and fight off a vile army of mobs. 

Developed by Mojang Studios, the game takes place in the fictional Minecraft world known as “Overworld.” Like in the franchise, the game features blocks representing different materials, presided over by hostile and peaceful mobs. Your quest will help you uncover hidden treasures, new weapons, and other items to defeat the enemy. There is also plenty of loot in the game to leverage on. Needless to say, Minecraft Dungeons is an excellent execution of a dungeon-crawler game with a satisfying reward system. If you want a novel Minecraft experience, this is one Minecraft game worth exploring.


2. Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer

Minecraft Earth is the newest addition to the long list of Minecraft games. This one is a bit different, though, as it takes the classic block-building gameplay and brings it into the real world. That's right, Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality and geo-location-based game that allows you to build, explore, and collaborate with other players in your area.

Minecraft Earth uses your phone's GPS to track your location and place Minecraft blocks and items in the real world. You can then use your phone to mine these blocks and craft them into new things. You can also share your creations with other players online. Moreover, you can complete specific game tasks, solve puzzles, visit hostile locations, and defeat enemies. 

Minecraft Earth is still in early access but shows a lot of promise. The game is a great way to get other people interested in Minecraft and get them playing together in the real world. So far, Minecraft Earth seems like a blast. It's a great way to experience Minecraft with friends and family, and it has the potential to be a real game-changer for the franchise, hence earning a spot in our “Best Minecraft Games of All Time” list. We can't wait to see how it evolves!


1. Minecraft 

Official Minecraft Trailer

Making it to the top of our list is the grandfather of the sandbox genre, Minecraft. The original game has sired multiple alternatives; therefore, it is only fitting to pay homage. The various layers of creativity and unique aesthetic make this game so beloved. While most may criticize the game's graphics, no other sandbox game matches Mincecraft's visual appeal.

Additionally, the sense of ownership in this game is unfathomable. While other games let you buy an abode using tokens or other rewards earned in the game, Minecraft puts your survival skills to the test. You get to forage for materials and build your home.

Moreover, the sense of accomplishment it delivers makes the game more interesting. With no guides or storyline to the game, you set off on your own course and engage in random adventures. Simply put, there's more to do in the expansive Minecraft universe, and the best way to relish it is with this game.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our five best Minecraft games? Whats your favorite one so far?  Do let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.


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