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5 Minecraft Spin-Offs You Should Check Out

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It’s quite a lot of fun playing Minecraft. This 3-dimensional, sandbox block-building game has millions of players drawn to its charm. In the game, you can do anything you want. The fully flexible environment is at your feet, whether building a castle or fighting off mobs. So far, there have been five mainline games. If you’ve explored those five and are wondering where to get similar adventures, this article is for you.

Whether adding unique elements to the game or creating a new version inspired by Minecraft, spin-off games are a way to enjoy new experiences based on the Minecraft world. With the free-form gameplay Minecraft offers, Minecraft’s ever-growing fanbase constantly creates a demand for unique storylines and characters to add a new spice to the game. 

So without further ado, here are five Minecraft spin-offs that you should check out.


5. Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition Trailer

From its name, Mojang Studios designed Minecraft’s Education Edition specifically for that purpose: to educate younger kids. Mojang Studios actively maintains this version of Minecraft. With it, you have countless possibilities for how you’d like younger kids to learn and get creative. 

The tasks within the game are limitless. Each task gears towards building a particular skill. For instance, tasking kids with building a castle can help train them on values like patience while indulging in a fun and creative gameplay experience.

It’s a great way to augment learning. So if you’re a trainer, you could always try out the Minecraft Education Edition for learning. Its free-form and exciting possibilities are likely to help them pay attention. Furthermore, there are interactive packs on core subjects like chemistry, biology, and ancient history that you can introduce to the kids.

While this version may not be suitable for adults, younger kids can get the most out of it in their early educational development.


4. Minecraft: Earth

Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer

You’ve probably wondered whether Minecraft can simulate real-life environments and locations around you. Well, Minecraft: Earth executes this idea by imitating the natural world through augmented reality. The concept takes after the success of Pokemon Go which is also a spin-off augmented reality game.

Minecraft: Earth is a mobile platform game, so you can explore, collect resources and build structures in a tangible place from your phone. It’s pretty similar to the mainline game. The significant difference being the game implements a forward-thinking concept to use augmented reality. 

Furthermore, there are intense adventures that require survival and creativity skills. Players fought mobs and zombies. Meanwhile, you need to collect resources for crafting as you navigate natural environments.

Unfortunately, Mojang Studios launched the game just a few months before the covid-19 pandemic. After that, they stopped production on June 30, 2021. Hopefully, they will reintroduce it to players who like playing the game and its immersive experiences.


3. Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode [Minecon 2015 Trailer]

Minecraft is free-form. Therefore, players are free to do whatever they want. Unlike most games, there is no requirement to complete specific tasks or navigate the main story. 

While some people enjoy free-form gameplay, others may need a structured game. Enter Minecraft: Story Mode, where players navigate the game in a storyline. It was released in 2015 by Telltale Games and follows protagonist Jesse and his friends. Through their adventures, they fight monsters to survive. 

The game replaces open-world adventures with an intriguing story. Additionally, the characters are exciting and incorporate charming personalities. When you complete a chapter, you progress into the next one. 

Telltale Game's studio was unfortunately closed down. As a result, several of the game's episodes are no longer available. Physical copies, on the other hand, may still include playable games.


2. Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Spin-offs Java Edition

When it comes to Minecraft Spin-Offs the Java Edition is arguably the best game for most players. It’s the version that has the most features and flexibility for modding. Thus, creating spin-offs or fixing bugs is accessible to modders as they can easily modify their code. Because of its ample room for modding, Minecraft Java Edition is the most actively developed and robust game compared to other versions. 

Many players call this version the classic Minecraft game. You’re free to play on cross-platform devices for free. Since its first release in 2009, the game has garnered over a decade’s worth of updates and maintenance. Coupled with the game’s support for mods, Minecraft Java Edition has gained impressive positive reviews and has sold over 30 million copies to date.


1. Minecraft: Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer

The latest Minecraft Spin-Offs had fans shook. Minecraft: Dungeons has many thrilling aspects in one. Firstly, it adopts Microsoft: Story Mode’s selling point to incorporate a linear storyline and gameplay. Then, it replaces free-form open-world environments with dungeon-crawling and procedurally generated levels. Finally, it spices it all up with an action-adventure combat system to either fight against mighty bosses, monsters and the story’s antagonist, Arch-Villager. 

Although the story lacks depth compared to Minecraft: Story Mode, it makes up for it with a thrilling hack-and-slash combat system. It includes expansion packs like Creeping Winter and the Jungle Awakens to keep you engaged across sprawls of content and storylines. 

You can choose to play in the single-player mode. Alternatively, you can play locally or virtually with other players through the multiplayer modes. Feel free to check out the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade version, an adaptation of Minecraft Dungeons. In it, you can have up to four players to course through the increasingly challenging levels and conquer powerful mobs on your way. You also acquire resources like equipment and pets when you scan collectible cards. 

Because Minecraft Dungeons steers away from the norm and completely throws off players used to the classic games, it’s by far the best spin-off you should check out.

That’s it for now. Do you agree with our listing of Minecraft Spin-Offs? Would you like to share your Minecraft experiences with us? Feel free to leave us a comment below or on our socials here.


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