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5 Best Games Like Dark Light



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Mirari&Co knows how to capture the anxiety and panic of navigating a dark space with supernatural beings. Where danger lurks in every corner, your next step could mean your end. That’s what a playthrough feels like in the souls-like video game Dark Light. The action-adventure video game installation was developed by Mirari&Co and published alongside Maple Whispering Limited. The game became officially available in September 2022 after an early access version in 2020, unveiling new visuals in a dynamic dark universe. 

Picture a world covered in impenetrable darkness where only creatures born for the dark void thrive. You are now humanity’s hero, entrusted to seal the murky apocalypse and save humanity from impending disaster. Capture the gameplay, savor the adrenaline rush, and immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic universe's heart-pounding excitement. However, the action-adventure genre always provides more options to explore. Here are the 5 best games like Dark Light you can try if you yearn for a similar grind away experience. 

5. Deep Space Anomaly

Deep Space Anomaly

DRM GMZ released Deep Space Anomaly on June 24, 2019, to present action-adventure video game lovers with a new adrenaline-fueling game of the year. It’s very similar to Dark Light, only that the gameplay here happens in space rather than in the dark world. But the space is equally a dark universe filled with alien mutants that you will be killing for fun. Experience tense spaceship battles with time pressure that will keep you engaged and on edge, hooked to the game.

Like with Dark Light, the game begins with an unforeseen occurrence that turns around your original mission and pushes you to an abnormal sphere. It’s filled with intense battles, and the abnormalities keep growing as you progress. You will encounter all kinds of galactic races and dangerous bosses, all out to eliminate you with their cunning tactics. Quench your thirst for destruction with the tons of weapons available to blow and burn down everything around you and survive as long as you can.

4. Ghost Song

Ghost Song - Official Gameplay Trailer

Old Moon released Ghost Song in 2022 to present the Metroidvania fandom with a solid game with a perfect playthrough free from bugs and likes. It’s a pretty straightforward game with a simple but impressively illustrated design and artwork. You will simply flow with the playthrough effortlessly as the missions unlock as you progress. It all begins with the awakening of the Deadsuit from slumber in the middle of the desolate Lorian. 

Lorian is a moon whose atmosphere disheartening from the surface but has a lot happening underneath. You will be playing as Deadsuit to explore the underworld to uncover its mysteries and terror. But it will not be long before you begin to encounter the planet’s mutated inhabitants. Shoot and crush your enemies as you progress into deeper areas collecting new weapons, upgrades, and abilities to help you smash your foes even more easily. 

3. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight: Silksong - Xbox Game Pass Reveal Trailer - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Released in 2017 by Team Cherry, Hollow Knight is an action-packed adventure video game that lets you create your path as the Knight. You will take on your adventure of the Hallownest, a vast and ruined land plagued by insects and a supernatural illness. The Hallownest consists of multiple interconnected areas, each with a unique gameplay theme. The Knight is also an insectoid character but is the main protagonist. Control your Knight and kill the enemies using the Nail and master spells to help you with long-range strikes. 

Experience the adrenaline of watching your Soul Vessel diminish as you duke it out with the insectoid characters in the Hallownest. Eventually, unlock the Dream Nail, the special weapon that can access enemies’ minds. With the Dream Nail, you get more soul from striking the opponents, and you can unlock tougher versions of the boss fights. As you defeat your foes and their bosses you progress through the levels. More challenging bosses will keep coming until you crush the final boss and unlock the Steel Souls mode. 

2. Shadow Man Remastered

Shadowman: Darque Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer

Nightdive Studios and Acclaim Studios capture a scary mood in the voodoo-themed video game Shadow Man Remastered. The action-adventure video game, based on the Shadow Man comic book series, has seen numerous installments since 1999. The latest release, on April 15, 2021, includes three new levels: Summer Camp, Salvage Yard (day and night), and Asylum Station 2. The music was also remastered for the levels restored from the previous game versions. 

In Shadow Man Remastered’s gameplay which is more of a 3D Metroidvania experience, you play as the Shadow Man protecting the Liveside from the Deadside. It’s a battle of the Liveside which is the world of the living, against the Deadside world’s dark forces threats. Legion is in the process of creating an apocalypse using damned warriors’ immortal souls to form an army that will attack the Liveside. The Shadow Man is all geared up to stop the apocalypse and save the soul. 

1. Deadlight

Deadlight Launch Trailer

This Tequila Works video game release tops the list of the 5 best games like Dark Light for apparent reasons. The gameplay happens following the occurrence of an apocalypse, and the horror aspect brought forward by the zombies captures the mix of thrill, fear, and anxiety of Dark Light. The park ranger protagonist, separated from a newly joined group, must brave a zombie-infested land to reach the safe zone and reunite with his family.

Besides the zombies, you will encounter the New Law, a group of vigilantes, and a series of puzzles to solve. You possess a fire axe for Shadow encounters, but the game encourages puzzle-solving while navigating obstacles to reunite with your family in the safe zone.

So, what’s your take on our list of the best games like Dark Light? Do you have your favorites? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments.  

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