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5 Best Classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Ranked



With the release of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands set for tomorrow, we went ahead and took a look at the range of character classes that are available. They are entertaining twists on the usual cast that you might find from your Saturday-night D&D session and are everything we've come to expect from a Borderlands-themed universe. Want to play a warrior that uses fire and has a dragon? You can. Or maybe you want to blast away hordes of enemies with both guns and magic simultaneously? If that wasn't enough, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has multiclassing, allowing you to have up to two classes active at once, providing a whole range of builds and ways to experiment.


5. Clawbringer

Clawbringers are “faithful warriors” who bring down “thunder and flame” upon their enemies, seeking to bring heroism to the Wonderlands via these two elements. The lore claims there are rumours that Clawbringers are born with dragon blood. True or not, they do come with a trusty wyvern companion that breathes fire for you. Masters of lightning and flames, the Clawbringer charges directly into battle. Buffing allies with a fire aura, while summoning a spectral hammer to boomerang or slam into the ground for devastating effect. This class will have you in the thick of the fight.

Surrounded by enemies, creating explosive novas with your hammer, and with your wyvern companion fighting at your side. If you like frontline characters, then the Clawbringer should be your first pick.


4. Sporewarden

Another companion class—the Sporewarden is a master of nature. With the ability to summon tornados, and launch volleys of arcane arrows at the enemy. The companion this time around is an actual mushroom, that will spew acid at your enemies while you bow them down. “Deeply in tune” with the natural world, the Sporewarden is seemingly the druid or hunter type class of the Wonderlands, but with tornados.

It is a range-focused class that will have you peppering away at the enemy with guns, before switching to your bow and firing up to 7 arcane arrows before the finishing grace. Three frost cyclones that seek out your foes. If you're a fan of companions and damage over time abilities, the Sporewarden is a solid first choice.


3. Graveborn

Potentially the most mechanically interesting of all the classes, the Graveborn is reminiscent of WoW's Warlocks. Described as being “Death-touched acolytes” who “sacrifice health to unleash devastating dark magic.” The theme around this class is fairly sinister; Graveborn draw strength from the pain and passing of others and revel in death. The class itself is somewhat of a necromancer-warlock, using health to create a high risk, high reward combat system that rewards being attentive while taking chances.

A master of kill spells, combat magic and dark magic, this class will have you fighting mid-range with a myriad of colourful abilities. Accompanied by a faithful yet manic Demi-Lich, who also casts spells depending on the active abilities you use. Looking to be one of the more challenging classes, I can only speculate how fun it will be to multiclass with it.


2. Stabbomancer

The Stabbomancer, or the Sneaky Knife Daddy, is your Wonderland's take on a stealth class. An arcane trickster rogue, with an arsenal of guns and the ability to vanish. There is plenty to enjoy here. A critical hit focused class, the Stabbomancer will have you shanking your enemies whenever the opportunity provides itself. Critical hits will pop off status effects on your enemies, such as freezing them. If things get a little more hectic you can also summon magical whirling blades that you can send spinning towards your enemies.

While fragile overall, this is offset by higher movement speeds and the ability to sprint and fire simultaneously. If you're looking to take advantage of the new addition of melee weapons, slicing and dicing like a magical rogue, then Sneaky Knife Daddy has you covered.


1. Spellshot

The Spellshot will have you firing off barrages of bullets and spells at your enemies. With classics like polymorphing, turning your enemies into harmless livestock, and damage spells. This is the ultimate ranged DPS class. Focused on the proper utilisation of both fighting forms, your magic will be used to enhance your firearms or you can cast two different combat spells simultaneously. One in each hand.

The class revolves around combining your spells and guns. The Spellweaving ability will have you traversing the Wonderland, increasing fire rate, and seamlessly cycling between damage types. Of course, turning your enemies into fuzzy little critters makes them all the easier to fight.

What are your thoughts? Which class will you pick first? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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