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10 Best Video Game Warriors of All Time, Ranked

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There's no better feeling than playing a dominant and overpowering warrior in a video game. Their combat is masterly crafted, and their weapon of choice usually just adds to their skillset and ability. That's why we want to rank the best video game warriors of all time. The one rule, no guns are allowed. Instead, these characters choose to resort to expertly crafted blacksmith weaponry instead. There's also no inclusion of ninja characters, who would easily make up half this list and rightfully deserve their own.

We have compiled the best video game warriors of all time within those confines. These warriors are renowned for their pure ability and fighting prowess, and pose great ability on the battlefield.


10. Garen, Leauge of Legends


To kickstart this list, we have Garen from Leauge of Legends. From birthright, the character was born into the life of a warrior. From protecting the throne of Demacia to tearing it up on summoners rift, he's not one you would want to cross paths with. His massive sword, which is literally called judgment, is a nerve-racking weapon for any foe, not to mention the magical power it possesses. Plus his iconic voice line, “I will not falter!”, rings ambitious courage, something every great warrior on this list has.



8. Altair, Assassin's Creed


Despite the game's name, and the many characters that have a worthy argument for the best assassin in Assassin's Creed, Altair is easily the best. But you would be surprised to know that the skilled prodigy isn't purely just an assassin. He's described as a warrior monk bred for combat and the life of an assassin. He surely has harnessed the life of an assassin, but his main role stems as a warrior. And there's no argument that he's not bred for combat because he surely is. Plus the “Sword of Altair” is one of the coolest weapons for skilled and swift combat.



8. 2B, NieR: Automa

YoRHa's android counterpart, commonly known as 2B, deserves a special spot on this list. Her pod shot technically is a projectile, but because of her sheer skill and ability with her sword, she's undoubtedly classified as a warrior. And a great one with that. She would undoubtedly put up a good fight against most of the characters on this list, since seeing her battle is a show in and of itself. Every time her ariel attack connects, it show's her incredible ability with her sword, which makes for one of the coolest warriors on this list.



7. Shao Khan, Mortal Kombat II


When we're talking about warriors, expectedly there is going to be at least one antagonist. So, who better to fill that spot, other than Shao Kahn. His demonic and god-like form overtowers his opponents and is flat-out intimidating. This is why he makes for a great showing in all of Mortal Kombats cutscenes, which has his true warrior prowess on full display. He may not be one of the best characters in the game, but he is the epitome of an immense warrior, who surely deserves a seat at this table.



6. Aloy, Horizon (Series)


Between Horizon Zero Dawn and the Forbidden West, Aloy demonstrated her formidable combat skills on many occasions. After all, only a great warrior can take down a surge of evil robotic animals, some monstrous in size. Aloy really was the star of the series and proved time and time again that she possesses all the great abilities of a true warrior. She is also the only warrior on this list that's opting out of a sword for a spear. And you could say she knows how to use it.



5. Dante, Devil May Cry


I know we said no guns, but Dante from the Devil May Cry series gets an exception. Mostly due to his persona, which has made him a popular favorite in the series, but also due to his sheer talent. Fighting godlike entities with the Devil Sword Dante demonstrates why Dante is a renowned warrior. It's no easy task and Dante doe's it with ease and style. Few others on this list, if any, can match his coolness, let alone compete with him.



4. Lu Bu, Dynasty Warriors


Can someone get this guy a decent challenge? Most likely not, because Lu Bu is the trademark of a great warrior. In a game, that's all about the greatest warriors. The game, based on the novel, is focused on the greatest warriors of the age, and Lu Bu is a pitch-perfect example of this. With his crescent-bladed trident halberd, Lu Bu is simply an overpowered warrior, that only the bravest of warriors could face.



3. Link, The Legend of Zelda

Easily a fan favorite and one of the most courageous little fighters we have ever known is Link from The Legend of Zelda. Small in stature, but packs a big bite and even a bigger punch. Link is the bravest warrior on our list, with eyes that are often larger than his stomach. But you have to commend his bravery, as it's a defining characteristic of any great warrior. Link never shy's away from a battle, regardless of how big or strong an opponent may be, he fearlessly takes on any opponent.



2. Geralt, The Witcher (Series)

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Geralt, more formally known as the Geralt of Rivia, from The Witcher series has captivated us all. He is technically a “witcher,” but he easily falls into a warrior role with his combat and foes. With that, he made us feel like a true warriors, roaming the lands and searching for our next hunt. Geralt is a fan favorite and one of the greatest warriors we've ever seen in video games. He's tough, cruel, and intimidating, not to mention iconic.



1. Kratos, God of War

Who else is more deserving of  “the greatest warrior in video games” title, other than the God of War himself. Part-time dad and full-time warrior, Kratos is the epitome of what makes a great warrior. He's fearless, brutish, and akin to being a protector. Kratos is used to facing opponents that are double or treble his size and power, and he never backs down. He's nothing short of a great warrior, and on our list is easily the greatest to ever play the role. That's until Atreus takes his spot.


So, What's your take? Do you agree with our list? What other characters do you feel are the best video game warriors of all time? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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