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Dynasty Warriors 9 Vs Dynasty Warriors: Origins

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Vs Dynasty Warriors: Origins

Good news, Dynasty Warriors fans: the franchise is making a grand comeback. This is after the series' last mainline entry, Dynasty Warriors 9, didn't attain commercial success. So, the developers are willing to milk a bit more from the franchise, giving fans yet another reason to relish it. But it seems you will have to twiddle your thumbs for a while because the new title will debut in 2025. Before then, how about looking into the new features and how the game will compare to its predecessors? Without much further ado, here is Dynasty Warriors 9 Vs Dynasty Warriors: Origins.

What is Dynasty Warriors 9?

Dynasty Warriors 9 Official Launch Trailer

Dynasty Warriors 9 is a Japanese hack-and-slash adventure game by Omega Force and Koei Tecmo. It was released in February 2018 and is the ninth mainline installment in the series, which spans almost three decades.  The game has you battling different kingdoms in feudal China until a common ruler who can reunite the kingdoms is found. 

What is Dynasty Warriors: Origins?

Dynasty Warriors: Origins - Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

Dynasty Warriors: Origins is an upcoming RPG hack-and-slash game. The title was announced during the PlayStation State of Play, making it the tenth installment in the franchise. Koei Tecmo will once again team up with Omega Force for this sequel, bringing the most beloved features from the franchise with a few added twists. 


Dynasty Warriors 9 Vs Dynasty Warriors: Origins

Dynasty Warriors 9 recounts the historical events captured in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. If you are not familiar with Chinese history, here is a brief rundown: The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a historical novel that covers the chaotic years following the end of the Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period. The storyline unfolds over the course of ten chapters, starting with the Yellow Turban Rebellion and ending with the fall of Shu. 

Besides the main storyline, the chapters also cover a subset of stories about the origins of each playable character. However, no character's story spans the entire ten chapters, but some are more extended than others.

Conversely, Dynasty Warriors: Origins follows its predecessor's steps, with the game taking place in the Three Kingdoms. According to a statement by the developers, the game will return to its roots, catering to loyal fans and opening its doors to a new worldwide fan base. We don't get more details on the storyline, except that we'll play as a nameless hero. This is a stark departure from the other title in the series, where you'd choose a playable historical character.


Dynasty Warriors 9 Vs Dynasty Warriors: Origins

Dynasty Warriors 9 overhauls its gameplay from its predecessors. Players engage in fierce battles against hordes of enemies in an open environment. The underlying change with this title was introducing an open world that let players explore the world freely on foot and horseback. The game also adds changes to character's move sets. In place of Normal Attacks, Flow Attacks take center stage, with Trigger Attacks also replacing Charge Attacks. Each player gets a special attack that comes with a longer cooldown timer but is brutal when unleashed. You also get access to a reactive attack that lets you finish off vulnerable enemies, block enemy attacks, or charge into enemy crowds. 

The game's combat is like a symphony or organized chaos. You can make enemies airborne or stun them with electric charges from your sword. The combat is fast-paced, with an infusion of historic Chinese combat. 

On the other hand, Dynasty Warriors: Origins will feature 1 vs 1000 combat, meaning you'll face off with enemies that stretch out further than the eye can see. The game also sets itself apart by introducing an unnamed hero. This could mean that players will have the freedom to customize their characters. The game will also feature fast-paced action with allies to give you a helping hand on the intense battlefield.

Additionally, Dynasty Warriors: Origins will replace the heavy metal soundtrack with an orchestral score that enhances the eerie atmosphere and heightens the sense of suspense. This change in music style not only provides a fresh auditory experience but also aligns perfectly with the game's war theme, making each moment more immersive.


Dynasty Warriors 9 Vs Dynasty Warriors: Origins

Visually, Dynasty Warriors 9 is a great disappointment. The character and environmental designs are poor and bland. In fact, the game uses a standard model for its NPCs, with wearing a helmet being the only variation. This dulls the gameplay, where you battle hordes of the same character with minor alterations of color that show the different factions present.

In contrast, Dynasty Warriors: Origins will step up its graphics thanks to the power of PS5. The game will feature new, warrior-like battlefields and well-designed environments. The game appears to be a sight for sore eyes from the trailer, given the poor graphics in Dynasty Warriors 9. It features a darker, warlike atmosphere. You can almost feel its intense and adrenaline-charged vibe. Smoke and dust fill the air as enemies gallop through the crowds. The sounds of clashing weapons, battle cries, and screams of pain create a cacophony that reverberates across the battlefield. From the look of things, Origins will undoubtedly rope in new fans and remind day-one fans why they fell in love with the franchise in the first place. 


Warriors 9 Vs Origins

Dynasty Warriors: Origins is poised to be a beacon of hope for the franchise, reigniting its fans' love for the series. With a complete visual overhaul and a new playable hero, it points to multiple possibilities that take the old and captivatingly blend it with the new. 

Following the lukewarm reception of Dynasty Warriors 9, the upcoming title could be the nudge the series needs to reclaim its glory.

Plus, what's not to like? Every feature points towards Origins being a better entry. However, we won't know for sure until the game launches in 2025. The exact date is still yet to be released by the developers. But until then, you can read more about the game in our latest update here. For now, though, the upcoming title seems to be shaping up to offer a more thrilling gameplay experience. 

So, what's your take on our comparison of Dynasty Warriors 9 vs. Dynasty Warriors: Origins? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials here or down in the comments.

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