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Wings of Endless: Everything We Know

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Wings of Endless is a new game in the action RPG world—a favourite style for many gamers because of its exciting fights and deep stories. This game stands out with its special look and interesting plot. But what's so special about it compared to other action RPGs? Is it the charming pixel art, the intriguing story, or something new in how we play the game?

We are curious about its secrets, the story of Hariku and his talking owl, Owly, and the different places you'll explore in the game. Every part of this game seems to have something new and exciting. Let's find out more about what makes Wings of Endless a game to watch out for. Here's everything we know so far.

What is Wings of Endless?

Intense battle unfolds in Wings of Endless

Wings of Endless is an upcoming platforming action-RPG. It's a game that mixes exciting adventure with a story that keeps you hooked. The developers describe it as “Discover the secret of a forgotten war in Wings of Endless, a platforming Action-RPG with a captivating Pixelart style that will draw you in from start to finish.” It's a side-scrolling action RPG, which means you'll get to move your character across a beautifully designed world, taking on challenges and enemies along the way.

The game features a pixel art style. If you've seen old video games with their charming, blocky graphics, that's pixel art. But in Wings of Endless, it's much more than just a retro touch. It's about creating a whole world that feels special and inviting.

The game is like stepping into a moving picture, where every scene is full of color and life. It's designed to be fun and engaging, making sure that everyone who plays it gets lost in its world. So, with its mix of adventure, storytelling, and beautiful visuals, this game is looking to be something players will remember and enjoy.


Peaceful village setting in Wings of Endless

In Wings of Endless, players are thrust into the boots of Hariku, a bounty hunter known for his unparalleled skills and confident demeanour. His journey, however, takes an unexpected turn when what appears to be a standard assignment evolves into a journey of epic proportions. This shift marks the beginning of Hariku's deep dive into the shadows of history, where he starts to unravel the enigmas of a long-forgotten war. This war, believed to have concluded generations ago, holds secrets that could change the very fabric of his world.

Hariku is not alone in this quest; he is accompanied by Owly who is his mysterious talking owl. Together, they traverse a kaleidoscope of environments, from the scorched expanses of endless deserts to the haunting stillness of dense, snow-covered forests. Each environment is more than just a backdrop; they are realms filled with secrets and hidden truths. As Hariku and Owly journey through these diverse landscapes, they encounter allies as unexpected as the truths they uncover.


Wings of Endless character attacks with energy

Being a platforming action-RPG, Wings of Endless promises to deliver an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience, blending traditional elements with innovative mechanics. Based on what the developers have told us, here's what we can expect from the game.

First off, the combat, or fighting, is a big deal in this game. You get to control three different heroes, each with their own special skills. The cool part? You can switch between these heroes anytime you want, even in the middle of a fight! This means you can come up with all sorts of strategies and combo moves to defeat enemies. The developers have made it clear that being smart about which hero you use will make a big difference.

Next, the game's world is huge and full of different places, like deserts, forests, and snowy areas. Each place looks different and has its own set of challenges and secrets. It also has a crafting system, so you can collect stuff as you explore and mix it together to make potions. These potions can help you in many ways, like making you stronger in fights or helping you survive in tough spots. The developers say that trying different combinations of ingredients will be fun and will help you in different situations.


Characters interact near tower in Wings of Endless

Wings of Endless is being created by a team at Isoca Games and is being published by JanduSoft. Isoca Games is a group of creative indie game makers who love to build new worlds and exciting adventures in their games. And JanduSoft is a company from Barcelona that both makes and publishes games.


Wings of Endless - Announcement Trailer - JanduShow 2024

Isoca Games recently unveiled Wings of Endless with an exciting trailer that's easy to understand and gets you pumped for the game. The trailer gives us a clear look at the game's world, which is full of interesting details. It also introduces us to the game's characters, each with their own special skills. Plus, we get a sneak peek at the gameplay, showing us what it will be like to play the game. The trailer really helps you imagine how fun the game will be. If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry—we've put the video right above for you to watch!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Wings of Endless character face a dark dragon

The developers expect to launch Wings of Endless in 2024, though we don't know an exact release date. They will release it on a wide range of platforms. It includes the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. They have not yet revealed any information about the different editions of the game. In the meantime, you can follow the official social media accounts of JanduSoft here.

So, what are your thoughts on Wings of Endless? Are you as excited as we are to dive into this captivating world? Let us know on our socials here!

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