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Tatyana Zvanskaya, SMP at Belka Games – Interview Series

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Tatyana Zvanskaya joined the Belka Games team in 2021 in the position of Senior Marketing Producer. Prior to this, she filmed video art and clips, created computer graphics for TV projects, and also advanced the development of marketing creatives at Zeptolab, My.Games and the Borscht agency.

Belka Games is a game developer and publisher operating since 2010 and is the maker of hit mobile games: Clockmaker, Funky Bay, Bermuda Adventures and Solitaire Cruise released on multiple platforms, with more projects in the works

What initially attracted you to work in gaming?

What most attracted me to the gaming industry was the high speed required of all the processes. In marketing, everything changes very fast, and you have to be flexible, creative, and curious all at the same time. Working in gaming means we are constantly looking for new trends and ideas, and moving at a rapid pace to keep up – a process I’ve always enjoyed.

Another reason I wanted to work in gaming was knowing the feedback we receive from our audience and players. Before joining the gaming sector, I had previously worked in the media industry – specifically television – overseeing art projects and film production. Of course, in visual arts we care about leaving an impression, but in game development all your processes are based on it. We are constantly looking for the best solution to attract a new audience while making it better entertainment for them. It ends up becoming a permanent dialogue between us – and it’s inspiring!

Could you discuss the Solitaire Cruise game and what differentiates it from regular solitaire games?

The main differences in Solitaire Cruise from other solitaire games is the former’s narrative and atmosphere. Solitaire Cruise offers a variety of solitaire puzzles where players aim to collect as many stars as they can while sailing across the globe. Players can unlock and visit iconic beaches and cities through engaging gameplay, and a prize wheel offers them an opportunity to spin and win exclusive rewards and fill treasure chests. Cruisers can multiply their winnings by collecting gems in tournaments, and by competing against fellow travelers.

All of this is accomplished with Belka Games’ impressive art production. Solitaire Cruise is challenging, engaging, and truly beautiful; you feel the vacation vibe through the screen. It’s the best!

What was the original inspiration for bringing a huge celebrity like Dolly Parton into the game?

We are always looking for new solutions to make our games even better, and to provide new and exciting experiences for our players. This special event with Dolly Parton gives our players an opportunity to connect a little bit closer with the icon and country music queen. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work in partnership with IMG – a global leader in sports, fashion, events and media – and we hope that all players of Solitaire Cruise will enjoy Dolly's digital presence in the game. You can cruise with digital Dolly now, until April 2022.

Could you discuss some of the challenges of bringing Dolly Parton into a game?

Bringing any celebrity into a game is always an exciting adventure, and presents fun challenges that push our teams to think creatively. The toughest part with bringing Dolly Parton in Solitaire Cruise was trying to truly represent her stardom! Dolly is a legend and our team was honored to design a “digital Dolly” into the game. We did our best to really convey her incredible style and demeanor, especially given Dolly is known not only for her musical talent, but also her style, humanity, and personality. We couldn’t have done it without Dolly’s team and their amazing partnership.

What is the exact role that Dolly Parton plays in the game?

In this special event, Dolly’s character is a guest on the cruise ship and helps players explore the game. It starts from the loading screen – a digital Dolly comes up on the cruise liner and she follows players in special events throughout the game.

Our goal was to make Dolly’s digital character as real as possible and infuse a lot of her authentic personality. Dolly’s team at IMG really helped us with all these details. Some of her words, her overall mood, and her interactions with players are very close to Dolly herself.

What was it like for the Belka Games team to collaborate with a global superstar?

It was a very new experience for us and our first time incorporating a global superstar into one of our games. While Belka Games is known for its high-quality art and visually stunning games such as Clockmaker, Bermuda Adventures and Funky Bay, this was a new, exciting challenge for us. Ultimately, we wanted to give our players something unique and unexpected. We hope players are enjoying the added entertainment!

What are some upcoming new games that Belka Games is working on?

You will know soon! Our R&D department is in constant motion and always working on new projects. I can assure you that the next project will be in true Belka style – players can expect more breathtaking art and thrilling adventures.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about Belka Games?

Belka Games is a great team with high expertise and an amazing culture – and, being an AppLovin partner studio, we’ve been able to fuel our growth exponentially. Incorporating a digital Dolly Parton in Solitaire Cruise is just another example and proof that as a team we can aspire to do wonderful projects together. If you’re nuts about games and would like to work with us, check out: for more information.

Thank you for the great interview, readers should visit Belka Games or check out the Solitaire Cruise app.

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