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INDIKA Review (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, GeForce Now & PC)



Indika Review

Over the years, surreal horror games have indeed pushed the boundaries of the genre, continually raising the bar for immersive experiences. With advancements in technology and storytelling techniques, developers have found new ways to create atmospheric and psychologically intense gameplay.

With each new release, players are treated to fresh takes on the genre. Now, for horror enthusiasts who love thought-provoking experiences, Indika offers an experience like no other. 

The game brings something new to the table, pulling players into a story-packed world where every puzzle uncovers more mystery. It mixes atmospheric scenes and deep storytelling smoothly. Therefore, it makes a memorable adventure that sticks with players long after they've finished. Now, with that in mind, let us get started with the review of Indika.

The Nun’s Story

Indika, the young nun

Indika follows the story of a young nun named Indika in 19th-century Russia. Tasked by her convent to deliver a letter to a nearby monastery, Indika struggles with her sense of belonging among her fellow sisters. Haunted by voices and grappling with mental health issues, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. On her journey, she encounters unexpected companions and faces the harsh realities of the world around her.

Now, as Indika traverses the game’s world, she forms an unlikely bond with an escaped convict named llya. So, llya claims to hear the voice of God. Together, they navigate philosophical discussions and confrontations, shedding light on their pasts. Along the way, Indika's perception of reality is challenged, leading to moments of deep thoughts.

If you enjoy themes of religion, trauma, and identity, Indika offers players a unique narrative experience through the lens of its protagonist. With its heavy emphasis on storytelling and character development, Indika invites players to explore the complexities of faith, doubt, and personal growth in a world filled with uncertainty and darkness.

Religious Gameplay: INDIKA Review


Indika offers gameplay that seamlessly blends with its narrative, delivering a captivating and immersive experience for players. As players guide the protagonist, Indika, on her journey, they engage in a variety of gameplay mechanics that reflect the themes and challenges presented in the story.

One notable aspect of the gameplay is its emphasis on exploration and environmental interaction. Players navigate atmospheric landscapes, uncovering hidden secrets, and solving puzzles that are integrated seamlessly into the narrative progression. These puzzles range from environmental manipulations to spiritual challenges, offering a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

Furthermore, Indika perfectly incorporates platforming and flashback sequences. Interestingly, these segments provide insight into Indika's past and motivations. On top of that, they offer players a break from the main narrative to explore the protagonist's backstory in a more interactive manner. The platforming challenges are well-designed and add depth to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

However, some players may find the gameplay to be relatively straightforward or lacking in complexity compared to other titles. Some of us like it when games are tough to crack the puzzles and levels. While the puzzles and challenges are well-executed, they may not offer the same level of depth or difficulty as other narrative-driven games. Additionally, the lack of replay value or additional gameplay modes may limit the game's longevity for some players.

Overall, while the gameplay of Indika may not revolutionize the genre, it effectively complements the narrative experience. We can’t deny its compelling and engaging journey that encourages players to explore themes of faith, identity, and redemption in a haunting and atmospheric world. 

The Puzzle

SIde quest: Puzzle-solving

One of the outstanding features in Indika  is the puzzles. The game features a variety of puzzles that intertwine with its narrative perfectly. These puzzles range from environmental interactions to more abstract challenges that reflect the protagonist's inner struggles.

One type of puzzle involves environmental manipulation, where players must navigate obstacles by moving objects or interacting with the surroundings. Similarly, these puzzles often require careful observation and creative thinking to progress through the game.

Another type of puzzle is related to Indika's spiritual journey. For example, players may need to pray to shift the environment or overcome spiritual barriers. These puzzles not only serve as gameplay mechanics but also deepen the exploration of faith and spirituality in the narrative. The game uniquely features religion in it gameplay which is super cool.

Overall, the puzzles in Indika are crucial to both gameplay and narrative, weaving together gameplay mechanics to create a fantastic and immersive experience for players.

Atmospheric Graphics: INDIKA Review

Indika chased by deadly animals

Indika presents its narrative with a distinct artistic style that enhances the themes and emotional impact. The graphics employ a blend of atmospheric environments and symbolic imagery to immerse players in Indika’s journey of self-discovery. Moreover, the handcrafted visuals create a sense of atmosphere and mood that effectively conveys the desolate environment.

One positive aspect of the graphics is their ability to evoke a strong sense of atmosphere and mood. They draw players into the world of the game and enhancing the storytelling experience. Also, the use of lighting and environmental details effectively establishes the bleak and haunting atmosphere of 19th-century Russia. It sets the tone for the narrative's exploration of the game’s  themes.

However, some players may find the graphics lacking in polish or detail compared to other titles. While the handcrafted aesthetic contributes to the game's unique visual identity, it may not appeal to those who prefer more realistic or visually stunning graphics. Additionally, technical limitations such as occasional stuttering or framerate issues, particularly on certain platforms like the Steam Deck, may diminish the overall visual experience for some players.

Overall, while Indika‘s graphics may not be groundbreaking in terms of technical prowess, they effectively serve the game's narrative and ambitions. The game will immerse players in a haunting and thought-provoking world filled with mystery and symbolism.

Who is the Protagonist?

conversing and watching tortured bodies

Starting off with a bang, Indika grabs your attention with its intriguing premise and promises of an outlandish adventure. However, as you go deeper into the game, the excitement fades out, and you're left longing for more. 

The main issue is in the lack of character development, leaving you feeling disconnected from the protagonist, Indika. Somehow, it's difficult to fully immerse yourself in the story when you don't really understand who you're playing as. With a bit more focus on fleshing out the characters and their backgrounds, Indika could have been a much more engaging experience.

That said, Indika still has its moments of brilliance. Its unique setting and thought-provoking themes offer glimpses of its potential. Despite its shortcomings, the game manages to deliver a captivating narrative. Therefore, with some adjustments to enhance character depth and storytelling, Indika could transform into a truly memorable adventure that leaves a lasting impression on players.

The Conversation: INDIKA Review

exploring the maps

Indika‘s dialogue feels a bit stiff and lacks the natural flow that draws players into the story. The dialogue often makes it challenging to fully engage with the characters interactions and emotions. Additionally, due to that, the ending of the game falls short of delivering a satisfying resolution, leaving players feeling underwhelmed and unsatisfied. It lacks the impact and closure that would have elevated the overall experience.

Despite these flaws, Indika still has redeeming qualities. Its captivating premise and thematic depth offer moments of intrigue and thought-provocation. However, the stiff dialogue and weak ending ultimately diminishes the game's potential impact. With some improvements in dialogue writing and narrative pacing, Indika could elevate its storytelling to a more immersive and satisfying level.



While Indika may not fall into the traditional horror genre, it does feature elements that evoke a sense of unease and tension. The game's atmospheric environments, eerie sound design, and surreal imagery contribute to a haunting atmosphere that can leave players feeling unsettled. 

Additionally, the protagonist's journey of self-discovery in the 19th-century Russia introduces moments of psychological tension. However, it's important to note that Indika's focus is more on atmospheric storytelling and exploration rather than jump scares. 

Similarly, instead of relying on outright fear, the game aims to instill a sense of contemplation in players as they navigate its eerie world. So, while Indika may not be a traditional horror experience, it still offers a haunting and thought-provoking journey that can leave a lasting impression.

Verdict: INDIKA Review

unlocking the gates

In conclusion, Indika presents players with a captivating narrative experience that takes them deep into themes of faith, identity, and redemption. The game's atmospheric graphics and immersive gameplay mechanics effectively complement its rich storytelling. Plus, they draw players into a haunting world filled with mystery and symbolism.

Notably, the handcrafted visuals and environmental details enhance the game's atmosphere and mood. Conversely, technical issues bring the experience a notch down. For instance, the stuttering and frame rate issues may affect the overall experience for some players. Additionally, the relatively straightforward gameplay mechanics and lack of replay value may limit the game's appeal to certain audiences.

Despite its technical shortcomings, the game offers a unique and memorable experience. Especially, for those willing to embark on its puzzling adventure. Ultimately, whether Indika is worth experiencing depends on individual preferences and interests. But, if you are seeking a narrative-driven game with a strong thematic focus, it may be a journey worth undertaking.

INDIKA Review (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, GeForce Now & PC)

The Religious Horror

Indika offers a unique blend of surreal horror and psychological exploration. Despite some flaws in character development and pacing, its eerie atmosphere and engaging puzzles create a compelling experience. Indika leaves a lasting impression on players long after the journey ends thanks to its rich storyline and haunting visuals.

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