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Ereban: Shadow Legacy Review (PC)

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Ereban: Shadow Legacy review

There's always something about sneaking into places where you shouldn't be. Skulking through a room without being noticed and skillfully taking out adversaries really gets your adrenaline pumping. These hush moves are the building blocks of the stealth genre. Ideally, these games are built around maneuvering your environment and completing tasks without drawing attention to yourself. You're usually disadvantaged, meaning you likely lack any weapon or gear. And if you do, it only works up close.

Most games have tried to nail the stealth genre, but only a few have succeeded. Hitman came incredibly close. But the game gives you the option of using weapons when all else fails. So, let's say it includes stealth elements. Baby Root Games' latest offering is what I'd like to call a stealth game—not a game in the stealth genre. It completely embodies what it means to be a stealth game, taking it to another level. No guns or outrageous weapons. It's just you being one with the shadows. 

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is the long-awaited answer to every stealth fan's prayer. As Baby Root Games' debut project, it's surprising how well it plays out. So what's it all about? Stay with us as we unpack the peaks and pitfalls in our Ereban: Shadow Legacy review.

Into the Shadows

AYANA Ereban: Shadow Legacy

You play as Ayana, a valiant titular protagonist who is the last of her forgotten race, the Ereban. All those from this race possess the gift of living in the shadows. A tyrannical corporation called Helios drains one of the sun's energies, drawing life from those who live nearby. It is ironic given that the corporation calls itself the “Giver of Energy to every corner of the galaxy.” 

As a result, the citizens become enslaved and are put to work by the corporation. Ayana is among those enslaved, but she soon discovers that the corporation harbors a deeper secret that threatens the fate of the universe. Thankfully, a human resistance group called True Sons rescues her and utilizes her natural gifts to help them stop the corporation. But Ayana is fixated on getting to the bottom of her people's disappearance. What unfolds next is a desperate attempt to stop this corporation. 

However, the narrative doesn't live up to its potential. Sure, you will have multiple endings depending on your choices, but it feels bogged down. It would have been great to uncover some dark secrets and not shelve them for the end of the game.

A Derelict World


Ereban: Shadow Legacy's world is a dystopian, murky universe. Temples that once stood majestically before are now in ruins and converted into Helios operating zones. Navigating this map requires more than just stealth and strategy. Thankfully for Ayana, that's her prowess. The game does a great job of conveying her wit, mostly through her cynicism and sarcasm. Ayana doesn't just stand out as a protagonist. Her character is well-written, making it easy to resonate with her struggle. Her banter will certainly crack you up. The impeccable writing also applies to other characters. 

Traversing the game's world is a delight, and fluency is a major attraction. The game's meager lighting allows Ayana to use her shadow skills and creep up on the robot adversaries. Considering stealth is at the game's core, this is something the devs strived to get right, and they certainly did. 

You activate Ayana's shadow element by right-clicking your mouse or whichever button you assign. This turns her into a glowing ball of smoke, allowing you to get through high walls with a cast shadow. Traversing through lit paths turns you back into human form. Moreover, the game's dynamic lighting complements the moment-to-moment gameplay. One minute later, you're creeping through shadows, and everything appears dim. The next minute, you're out in the light, appearing to be a vibrant splash of color.  

Shadows Don't Fight

Ayana's Shadow


What strikes me most about this game is its lack of combat. Yes, the game expects you to defeat adversaries to get to the bottom of Helios' dark rule. But you have to be smart about it. It ideally bears a realistic approach, where Ayana is an everyday civilian with no special set of skills besides shadow-maneuvering. There's no picking builds or classes to buff your character. You essentially have to rely on the only skill gifted to you through your race. 

The only hint of combat is through close-up action. Equipped with a blade, Ayana can stab enemies with one strike while in stealth mode. This means you must time your strikes within the shadows. Your adversaries are robotic minions patrolling the game's map. A triangular sign hovering above their heads gives you an estimate of how far they are. If one gets wind of your location, the sign gets an exclamation mark, much like a distress call. Now, this is where you need to act fast and smart. A single strike from the robot is fatal. Remember, you don't have buffs or a health bar. If you happen to die, you respawn at the previous checkpoint. 

Thankfully, the game is generous with its checkpoints. This means respawning doesn't necessarily have to feel frustrating. The enemies maintain a delicate balance of challenging and simple. Therefore, you can ease into the game. After a few defeats, you finally get the gist of things. 

Killer Robots

Robots-in-Ereban: Shadow-Legacy


Ereban appeals to those after a satisfying kill, minus the gore. The kills also come with a reward in the form of energy, which you can absorb. However, it comes with consequences. The game's enemies are varied. You'll come across stealth bots, sniper bots, and walk-in straight-line bots. You can distinguish each by the light they emit. For example, bots that walk a straight path are purple. 

But it's not only the bots you should be wary of. You also have humans working for Helios who'll snitch at the slightest chance they get. Now, here is where moral choices seamlessly blend into the gameplay. You must decide whether to stealthily escape or kill them on the off chance they notice you. Keep in mind that whatever choice you make affects the game's outcome and upgrade paths. Ideally, your progress branches off into two paths. You'll likely get more stealth powers if you go soft on humans. And if you take on a murderous path, you get more murder-related powers. 

Beyond this, Ayana gets a handful of items to help in her stealth attacks. These include flash bangs, decoys, mines, and shields. You can upgrade these resources to make them more powerful, which brings us to the next gameplay element: crafting. The game allows you to advance your powers through shadow orbs and other hidden resources located in the game. In case you miss out on them, you can replay the stages. But your story choices remain the same in every play. So, choose wisely. Moreover, the game's platforming elements are light, aside from the occasional puzzles that may require some light jumping, which is not a challenging feat for the casual gamer.  

The Highs & Lows

Ayana jumping

Foremost, the game's visuals are absolutely stunning. With a high-performing PC, you get a vibrant palette of colors and smooth animations. The transition in every frame is seamless, and the art style is impeccable. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where the shadows are. 

Moreover, the game's visual moments complement the character models and voicing. However, in some instances, the dialogue feels forced—not too much to sway you away from the gameplay. Furthermore, the environmental design not only captivates the eye but also creates an inviting atmosphere. With its thoughtful blend of natural elements and modern aesthetics, it fosters a sense of harmony and tranquility. Thankfully, being a new game, it doesn't seem to have any bugs. 

Despite being short, Ereban offers a lot of replay value. You can return and search every nook and cranny for valuable resources to enhance your play style. Plus, the game truly captures what the stealth genre aims for. The camera angles will occasionally shift, affecting your movement orientation. For instance, I might be holding the left button to move left. Still, then the camera would suddenly shift, causing me to unintentionally move upwards towards hazards like lights, resulting in fatal falls.  



Ereban: Shadow Legacy offers a short but enjoyable experience with a story that, while not groundbreaking, still holds its own. Its brevity might leave players wishing for more, but the quality of the gameplay and attention to detail compensate for its length. 

Moreover, the game is incredibly enjoyable to play, primarily due to its innovative control system. Also, the complete lack of any technical glitches that could disrupt the flow of the experience makes it a worthwhile purchase. Priced reasonably at $24.99, it's a title worth considering, especially for fans of stealth platformers.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy Review (PC)

A Stealth Legacy

While it may not be perfect, Ereban: Shadow Legacy’s solid foundation leaves room for optimism regarding future developments from Baby Robot Games. The game’s great offerings overshadow the few pitfalls. If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read so far and have a decent PC, it’s definitely worth considering adding Ereban: Shadow Legacy to your gaming library.


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