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Puzzle Adventure VR Game Floor Plan 2 Announced in Teaser Trailer



Turbo Button has announced that the sequel to the hit game, Floor Plan, will be coming out on April 1 for Oculus and PC VR headsets. (Hopefully not an April Fool's Joke). The studio brings more escape-room style puzzles and this time it wouldn't be confined to just an elevator but would be in multiple connected rooms.

When it comes to the story of Floor Plan 2, here's how Turbo Button describes it: “On your first day of work, the boss sends you on an errand to retrieve a lost treasure that will turn the company’s fortunes around. And good news: it’s somewhere in the building! Just use the elevator down the hall. Oh, and by the way, each floor is a gateway to another world, nobody speaks your language, and time and space are fluid.”

Continuing to expand on the original, Floor Plan 2 boasts an estimated runtime of over 4 hours of “hand-crafted, charming-as-heck gameplay.” The first game could be completed in one hour or less. Turbo Button says the game will have a feature that “remixes” puzzles when the player has beaten them to extend the challenge and also confirms there will be at least one free post-release expansion.

The original was also initially designed for seated gameplay with Samsung Gear VR in 2016, with a room-scale version coming out a year later that would let you walk around and complete puzzles with motion controllers. Floor Plan 2 will be built from the ground up for 6DOF VR platforms.

Floor Plan 2 | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms

Floor Plan 2 will be released at a price of $25 for the Oculus Rift, Quest, and Steam VR on April 1. There is a version for the PSVR that is slated to be released “later”, according to Turbo Button.

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