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PlayStation Portal Stock Ravaged by Scalpers Days After Release

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Sony’s latest handheld device, aptly titled PlayStation Portal, has seen its limited stock plucked clean by scalpers just days after its November 15, 2023 debut.

Well, it’s happening again. As it turns out, gamers are struggling to acquire Sony’s PlayStation Portal due to an overwhelming amount of scalpers scraping the barrel clean. Due to this, Sony is now advising potential consumers to check back in December, as its current stock has already plummeted to its lowest point. And just to reiterate — it’s only been four days since it hit the market. Ouch.

At the time of writing, the PlayStation Portal is retailing for $199.99, which is roughly half of the asking price that most predatory scalpers are currently asking for on various sites including eBay and Gumtree. It’s because of this that, most fans and avid tech gurus are being forced to either fork out the ludicrously high asking prices, or sit idly by while Sony works to distribute more.

The PlayStation Portal, for those who’ve yet to soak up its technical details, is a tablet that lets you stream your PlayStation 5 games on the go. The tablet, while not as revolutionary as the PlayStation Portable, comes with a DualSense grip, as well as an extensive range of features, similar to what the PlayStation 5 console offers. So again, while it isn’t a handheld console, as such, it is a second screen for those who are either traveling, or unable to access their primary streaming device.

For more updates on the PlayStation Portal, as well as all the latest news surrounding its availability, be sure to check in with Sony’s official social feed here.


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