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LoL, PUBG and Overwatch tournaments are canceled or postponed due to the Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus is affecting esports championships. Since the spread of the virus has reached a global level, several gaming tournament organizations such as League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) have announced the cancellation or postponement of matches. According to the organizers, the changes seek to prevent the public, players, casters and staff from the events from being contaminated. So far, the changes have taken place mainly at events based in Asia, the region where the outbreak began. In Brazil, suspicions of the virus are being investigated, but no cases have been confirmed, and no tournament has been postponed so far. Check out some championships canceled and postponed because of the Coronavirus.

LPL: League of Legends

The Chinese League of League of Legends (LPL) and its respective second division (LDL) have been suspended indefinitely. In addition to the country's main game competition being momentarily off the calendar, the Pacific Championshis Series has also been postponed. Game developer Riot Games has stated that the suspensions are part of a measure to preserve the safety and health of players.

The second week of the LPL was due to start its games in February, but there is still no forecast as to when the League and other respective Asian LoL events are due to start. The South Korean League (LCK) has also undergone some adjustments. Rather than being canceled or postponed, the games started on February 5 without the presence of fans.

LPL: League of League of Legends is canceled because of the coronavirus. (Image: Riot)

Overwatch League

Blizzard ordered the cancellation of Overwatch League games in China, the games that were supposed to take place in February and March. As China is the epicenter of the Coronavirus, there are still no predictions of the resumption of competitions. According to the company, updates about the championship should be published soon. With the danger posed by the disease, Chinese teams Shanghai Dragons and Guangzhou Charge announced the move of their training centers to South Korea. Overwatch League casters also left the country for security reasons.

Blizzard announces suspension of the Overwatch League finals. (Image: Gamepur)


World Electronic Sports Games is a competition that encompasses Counter Strike disputes: Global Offensive, PES 2020, Starcraft 2 and DotA 2. Recently, the official championship account on the Chinese website Weibo announced that the WESG Asia finals have been suspended indefinitely. in order to prevent contamination of the virus. The competition's decisive games would take place in Macau, China, in March. With no prediction for the finals, the phases of WESG LATAM (Latin America) that would take place on February 15 were also affected and are not yet expected to happen.

WESG competitions are canceled due to the virus. (Image: WESG)

Hong Kong Pokémon Championship

The Hong Kong Pokémon championships, scheduled to take place on February 2 and 9, have been completely canceled due to the Coronavirus. The organizers justified the measure to protect the health of the players and other people. The competition's official page on Facebook published that the next event should be announced by social networks.

Pokémon championships are canceled in China to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. (Image: Pokémon Championship)

PGS: Berlim – PUBG

PUBG Corporation published a rescheduling announcement for the PGS: Berlin championship, which would take place in April 2020. Due to “fear of the Coronavirus”, the PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) competition should be held on another date not yet announced by the organization of the event. Even though the PGS: Berlin competition is based in Germany, the concern about the disease is growing since cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed in the European country. “The health and safety of our players, fans and employees is a priority at the moment,” said PUBG Corporation.

PUBG competitions are suspended in Germany due to the epidemic. (Image: PGS Berlin)

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