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Forspoken: Best Spells, Ranked

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Forspoken Best Spells

Forspoken is an action RPG that whisks off a normal teenage New Yorker to the fantastical world of Athia, filled to the brim with magic and deadly foes. The only way out—and back home—is by mastering the elemental powers you now have. There are 73 unique spells to learn, so you’ll be quite busy mastering the ones that work best for you. But if you haven’t found your forte yet, we have a few things you need to know. 

As most games will have it, not every spell is a necessary evil, and not every spell will work well for you. Forspoken also groups its elemental powers into attack, defensive, utility, support, and surge magic. Considering all these, we’ve rounded up Forspoken: best spells, ranked, that have proven most reliable in restoring peace to Athia and finding your way home. Let’s go.

5. Oubliette (Blue Magic – Support)

Forspoken’s support spells vary from attacks to buffs. However, they cannot be used independently because all they provide is “support.” So, if it’s a spell that supports attacks, it may indirectly impact your opponent but not deal as much damage as an actual attack spell. That said, the Oubliette support spell is pretty powerful in its own right, often coming in handy as a crowd-control move.

Say you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like to regroup. You can cast the Oubliette spell to create a massive water sphere that traps one or more enemies nearby. Afterward, you then attack the water orb, making it explode and, thus, dealing area-of-effect damage to anyone else nearby.

You don’t always need to cast the Oubliette spell for crowd control, though. You could use it to take down a powerful boss or simply weaken your opponent for consecutive follow-up area-of-effect (AoE) damage attacks to come. It doesn’t have an exact recipe, which is exactly why Oubliette towers above the other spells. 

4. Burst Shot (Purple Magic – Attack)

The Burst Shot is an actual attack spell you can use mid-combat that deals enough damage to take down small to medium-sized opponents. It’s essentially a rocky explosion that when cast, releases fire lumps of rock at your opponents, which explode and deal AoE damage in a large area.

This is one of the three attacks spells you start with, so you won’t have any problems acquiring it. Add the impact area and ease of use with other attack spells, and you might have yourself the go-to spell that takes you through to the end. 

An extra perk is that the Burst Shot deals the level three version of itself soon after casting one shot when parkouring. That way, you can easily take down an opponent without having to grind too much.

3. Crucible (Red Magic – Defense)

On the defense angle, the Crucible defense spell is an essential skill to have. When cast, it unleashes a massive circle of fire in a large field that surrounds you and allows her to effectively dodge and evade incoming attacks.

Although enemies can still pass through the circle, they will get severely burned, thus increasing the damage incurred. And that’s not all. Crucible actually allows you to maximize damage dealt with every spell cast from within the fiery dome. 

Casting the Firetrap and Legion spells afterward could make it, so all your opponents are completely wiped off the field. So, as long as you stay within the circle, your attack power increases, and enemies risk getting damaged if they choose to pass through. 

On the flip side, it does confine you to a small area of attack. So, do consider whether the risk-reward ratio is worth it before casting the Crucible spell.

2. Legion (Red Magic – Support)

Forspoken Best Spells

Legion is another pretty cool support spell that allows you to summon two fiery helpers mid-battle. The “pretty cool” aspect is that these soldiers don’t need you to oversee their attacks. Instead, they take matters into their own hands, thus relieving you of the burden of sustaining all incoming damage and dealing with all attacks.

The only downside is thats the Legion soldiers aren’t exactly the greatest sidekicks anyone could wish for. As they fight alongside you, they’ll fall short of expectations, eventually sustaining enough damage to not fight anymore.

Still, the Legion spell is useful as a distraction. They will still prove useful enough to assist you in defeating enemies easier and faster. They’ll come to your rescue when you’re feeling overwhelmed, especially at the start of the game when enemies seem to come at you non-stop. But, eventually, you will have to pull the weight to make it through.

1. Disperse (Purple Magic – Support)

Forspoken Best Spells

Yet another support spell that will surely come in handy is the Disperse spell. Instead of summoning a pair of fiery soldiers, Disperse allows you to pick a spot on the ground where a small, flower-like personal turret will sprout. Instantly, the flower will serve as a great help in battle by picking up rocks from its anchored spot and rapid-firing them at nearby enemies.

It’s the one time a flower does way more than it should, given the involuntary help it gives. You almost won’t notice it in action. However, the constant and impactful stream of damage won’t definitely go unnoticed. Plus, the flower can’t exactly take up damage, so there’s no downtime to wait to heal first on that end. 

Disperse constantly assists you in taking down enemies. It goes as far as to neutralize aerial ones in seconds and even deals considerable damage to bosses as you progress. This ultimate power of Disperse is free to unlock once you complete the optional challenges called Spellcraft. Once done, it’ll likely become a no-brainer to use Disperse against nearly every enemy you encounter, regardless of their stature, range, or the pesky flying ones popular in the first few chapters.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of Forspoken: best spells? Is there a particular spell you prefer? Do let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.


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