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FIFA Vs EA Sports FC

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FIFA Vs EA Sports FC

This year, fans of the FIFA franchise are in for a surprise. For over two decades, soccer fans have relished FIFA, a game series made possible by the amicable partnership between EA Sports and FIFA. FIFA, also known as FIFA Football, gained a listing in the Guinness World Record as the best-selling sports video game globally. 

However, last year, the two announced the end of their partnership, which will be actualized in the summer of 2023. The game series will now have the title EA Sports FC. Ideally, the partnership was meant to meet its untimely end after the World Cup in 2022. However, the two parties agreed to retain their partnership until the end of the FIFA Women's World Cup. 

As devastating as this news is to the gaming industry, we're elated and anxious about the game's rebranding. Aside from the name change, various elements of EA Sports FC will differ from FIFA. Will the tweaks exceed our expectations, or will we still long for the FIFA we've grown fond of? Here's a comparative insight into FIFA vs EA Sports FC.

What is FIFA?

FIFA is a large-selling sports game franchise published by EA Sports and developed by EA Canada. In the history of sports gaming, no other game comes close to FIFA. The video game series entices its fan base due to its incredible surrealism and keen attention to detail. Players can engage in matches as their favorite football players, leagues, and clubs. Moreover, you can also build your dream team thanks to FIFA Ultimate Team.

The FIFA franchise came to the limelight in 1993. It is the only video game series with an official license from FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). Since its debut, the franchise has released 30 games, with FIFA 23 being the final game under the EA Sports and FIFA partnership. Undeniably, each release draws a boatload of excitement with improved graphics quality and gameplay.

Moreover, the game features legendary club and league players. In FIFA 23, the franchise highlights Kylian Mbappe, Sam Kerr, and Paris- Saint-Germain as the faces of the game. 

Furthermore, the FIFA game franchise is available in over 51 countries and features more than 17 languages. The most popular FIFA series ever sold is FIFA 12. The game amassed $186 million in revenue after selling over 3.2 million copies in the first week. 

What is EA Sports FC?

 EA Sports FC is a rebrand of the famous FIFA game from Electronic Arts (EA Sports). The game will be available in late 2023. The rebranding comes after two franchises, EA Sports and FIFA, ended their contracts in May 2022. The curtain call on the partnership comes after EA Sports declined FIFA's requirement to pay a hefty sum of over $1 billion for the official license. 

In response, EA Sports is venturing to have its own sports game with the promise of retaining the key elements that saw the game rise to fame. Ironically, despite the license granting EA Sports the right to make FIFA games, the developers cite that it is an impediment to the future of football gaming. In a statement, Andrew Wilson, EA CEO, said, “As we've looked to the future, we want to grow the franchise, and ironically, the FIFA license has actually been an impediment to that.”

Dubbed the Future of Interactive Football by the publisher, EA Sports ambitiously describes that they're ready to scale the global football experiences to new heights. Moreover, amidst the rebranding, EA Sports talks of introducing a change that will revolutionize a player's gaming experience.” This new independent platform will bring fresh opportunities – to innovate, create and evolve. This is much more than just a change of symbol – as EA SPORTS, we're committed to ensuring EA SPORTS FC is a symbol of change.” 

What are the Main Differences Between EA Sports FC and FIFA?

Evidently, the apparent difference between the two games lies in the title. With FIFA 23 as the final game under the FIFA and EA Sports partnership, EA Sports' new game will have the title EA Sports FC. It seems that the split between the two parties is a hurrah moment for EA Sports since the franchise cites innovative and creative freedom as a core element in their upcoming games. 

Game Modes 

FIFA Vs EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC promises to retain its game modes, including Skill Games, Practice Arena, Career Mode, Kick-Off, Tournaments, Pro-Clubs, Seasons, and VOLTA Football. However, the long-awaited online Career Mode could soon make its way to EA Sports' new title. 

Furthermore, EA Sports FC will include the Ultimate Team feature that is unique to the franchise. With no ties to FIFA, we may see the inclusion of women's career modes and female players. Although, FIFA 23 attempts gender inclusion by having Sam Kerr, Chelsea's Wommen forward, on the game's front cover.

Football Teams

FIFA Vs EA Sports FC

Despite the falling out with FIFA, EA Sports still has solid backing from other partners, including the Bundesliga, La Liga, UEFA, NIKE, and CONMEBOL. The franchise will have a unique licensing portal featuring 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums, and 30 leagues.

Comparatively, for a long time, FIFA has had the upper hand in featuring real stadiums and players, creating a surreal experience for its fans. 

FIFA Vs EA Sports FC: Which is Better?

FIFA Vs EA Sports FC

In hindsight, EA Sports promised to break the barriers of football gaming and innovatively create a new experience. We've witnessed other franchises, such as PES, trying to outcompete FIFA but still falling short. Having played a crucial role in the development of previous FIFA games, we anticipate that EA Sports' upcoming title will blow us away. Features such as deliberate fouls and the dive button could make a comeback, which we assume are some of the “impediments” EA Sports was referring to. 

Notwithstanding, now that the train wheels are off, FIFA will continue with the series. Will they still live up to the legacy? 

Which football video game developing brands do you think are the best between FIFA and EA Sports FC? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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