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Disturb Me, Please: Low Budget Horror Games

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Low budget horror games may sound like a recipe for disaster. However, these 3 titles will keep you adequately close to the heart attack while you wait for Resident Evil: 3 remake.


ParanormalHK is based around the urban legends of Hong Kong. It follows a group of young filmmakers on their way to the Hungry Ghost Festival. However, it doesn't take long before things go sideways and your crew starts slowly disappearing. What sets ParanormalHK apart from other generic low budget horror games is its great sense of atmosphere. As you move through the dark corners of Honk Kong and solve numerous puzzles, you've got an unnerving feeling that anything can happen. And that sense of dread rarely leaves you throughout the game.

Paranormal HK

Dare to see what hides in the shadow?

Simulacra 2

Young social influencer Maya Crane has just died. While many believe this is a clear-cut case, detective Murilo isn't so sure. That's why he employs you. Right of the gate, you can choose to play as an investigative journalist or an ambitious and skeptical young detective. The tragic and unnerving story will soon begin to unveil as you scroll through the victims phone. Like original, the game is played almost exclusively on a smartphone, backed by intriguing, albeit a bit predictable, plot. Still, there are enough of blood-chilling moments in Simulacra 2 that you might look twice next time you go through a dark alley.

Low Budget Horror Games: Simulacra 2

Simulacra 2 is an immersive horror experience set in the confines of a smartphone (modapkdl)

Boris And The Dark Survival

The last title on this list is a bit of a black sheep, as it also relies on humor. You are put in the shoes of Boris the Wolf whose goal is to find a way out of the old studio and escape the Ink Demon. The set contains a lot of mysteries, but aside from solving puzzles, you also need to consume food and be aware of your stamina. The games keeps itself fresh thanks to the randomly generated levels.

You can find it on Steam for only $1, but the price definitely doesn't reflect its value. Look no further if you want an addictive and atmospheric game that will give you a good share of laughs.

Low Budget Horror Games: Boris and The Dark Survival

Boris And The Dark Survival is a spiritual successor to the popular Bendy in Nightmare Run (pocketgamer)

If you are looking for more games to scare you straight, take a look at promising low budget horror game My Beautiful Paper Smile.

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