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There aren't many reasons for video game fans to remember Sumo Newcastle. However, with just one title, the video game developer has captured the hearts of many action video game enthusiasts since 2021. After releasing the action title “Hood: Outlaws & Legends” in 2021 on nearly all platforms, Sumo appeared confident about its latest release and took a considerable break.

Regardless, the creators have found a surefire way to make a massive comeback in what seems to be “The Running Man” version of Mario Kart. In a partnership with Sumo Group’s publishing department, Secret Mode, Sumo Newcastle is rustling up a new title, DEATHSPRINT 66, that promises to be the deadliest show on earth. While only a trailer has been unveiled thus far, here's everything we've gathered about DEATHSPRINT 66.



DEATHSPRINT 66, presented by the Bachman Media Network, is perhaps the most deadly racing game in the world. With DEATHSPRINT 66, players get a vivid feel of Mario Kart, but in a different way. It’s an on-foot player vs. player race with elements of gore that make the game quite a catch for those who love extreme entertainment. 

DEATHSPRINT 66 distinguishes itself from Mario Kart by embracing its true nature without any sugarcoating. Set amidst the desolate ruins of a gritty dystopian  world, its races unfold on deadly tracks, catering to gamers who crave intense battles and difficult obstacles. This marks Sumo Newcastle's first release since 2021's Hood: Outlaws & Legends and their inaugural collaboration with Secret Mode, the game's publisher.


Player wiping boots

DEATHSPRINT 66 draws inspiration from Stephen King's novel, The Running Man, published in 1982. Set in a dystopian United States in 2025, the story follows protagonist Ben Richards as he joins a deadly game, The Running Man, to alleviate his family's financial distress. Similarly, DEATHSPRINT 66 is set in a futuristic world, specifically in 2066, offering players an immersive experience reminiscent of King's gripping thriller.

As the sole contestant, the player is released 12 hours before an elite team of hunters is sent to trail and kill him. The player, Richard, earns a hundred dollars for every hour he remains alive and an additional one hundred dollars for every hitman he manages to kill. He is free to travel anywhere in the world, armed with the $4800 issued at the start of the program. Should he survive thirty days, the contestant wins a one billion grand prize. 

With DEATHSPRINT 66, the developers only tweaked the story a little to bring out the real aspect of a video game. The participants are not split into hunters and contestants. Rather, the entire team of 8 players starts together and proceeds on the on-foot race across the traversals with deadly traps. Ultimately, contestants still have to kill each other to win the race. 


reaching the crossing line

Gameplay in DEATHSPRINT 66 is an electrifying 8-player race across an unforgiving world. It’s a breathtaking sprint on the obstacle-littered map, where contestants thrive by surviving the obstacles and eliminating their opponents. Every run is unique and unpredictable. You never know what obstacles hide in your tracks.  Run, slide, drift, and jump through the dangerous traversals, combining different stunts to murder your fellow contestants and build your hype. Here, death will not be close to your frustrating or scary moments. You will be seeing a lot of heads spinning and bodies rolling, and it’s always better when it’s you striking. As you build your hype multiplier, you unlock new combat abilities to help you throughout the race. Escape the traps of pendulums, spike rollers, death pits, lasers, and more. 

When the sprint is over, you do not just lose the hype. Instead, it becomes your fame rating that will reflect on your potential sponsors. Once you successfully build your rating and become a fan favorite, you must maintain your fame. Otherwise, you will earn the dunce cosmetic and endure the ridicule, much like a decapitated champion. 

But winning is also not enough in DEATHSPRINT 66. Players must keep fans entertained to boost their fame rating. Higher ratings will make you more attractive to sponsors and unlock a wider cosmetics range. Keep the bloodthirsty viewers engrossed, champion through the ruins of a long-lost city, and triumph over the endless human clones. 


jumping in walls

DEATHSPRINT 66 was announced on February 22, 2024, by the video game developer Sumo Newcastle and its publishing division, Secret Mode, as a multi-title partnership. Revealing their first title through EDGE Magazine, Sumo disclosed that it would be an on-foot racing game set in a futuristic dystopian world. Contestants will race to entertain a global fandom of blood-thirsty viewers. Although the upcoming entry in the racing games list is still in development, the developers term it the most deadly show on earth, citing violence, in-game traps and hazards, dangerous acts, and bodily disseverance. A player vs environment mode is already planned, although the creators are more focused on delivering a complete package that will be reasonably priced. 


scene from the trailer

Sumo Digital welcomes gore video game fans to DEADSPRINT 66’s deadly show with a trailer already available on Steam. The 1:12 trailer fails to show the actual gameplay, but you can see a few of the clones in the old world’s cities geared up for the mortal race towards the end of the trailer. The soundtrack, however, blends well with the game’s genre, delivering the right mortal dread for a title of its kind. 

Release Date & Platforms


For now, Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode have yet to announce a release date for DEATHSPRINT 66. With the developers focusing on delivering a complete package, early access is also uncertain. However, the game will premiere on PC sometime in 2024.

So, what’s your take on DEATHSPRINT 66? Do you think the developers are rustling up the deadliest game in the world, as they claim? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments section.  

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