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Cloud Streaming Is Coming To PlayStation 5



Cloud streaming
After a long wait, Sony has finally announced that they are testing and planning on bringing cloud streaming to supported PlayStation 5 games.

Cloud streaming, which is currently in development, will be available as a free add-on for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. It will include PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue, Game Trials, and supported digital PS5 titles that players already own. As a result, Premium members will be able to jump right into games without having to download them onto their PS5 console first.

“We’re currently testing cloud streaming for supported PS5 games,” says Nick Maguire, VP of global services, global sales, and business operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Maguire goes on to say, “As more games continue to launch on the PS5 console, we look forward to adding cloud streaming capability for PS5 titles in addition to the PS3, PS4 and classic titles that are already available for Premium members to stream.”

Cloud streaming has long been a thing for the PS3 and PS4. Consequently, it is a long overdue feature for the PlayStation 5. Nonetheless, we know that it's in development and eventually on its way. “We’re in the early stages right now,” says Maguire, “we can’t wait to share more details when we’re ready, including a launch time frame.”

What Exactly Is Cloud Streaming?

Cloud Streaming

Cloud streaming, in essence, uses massive remote servers to stream games over the internet to other devices rather than relying on your console to download and install the game to play it. It's a little perplexing, but the whole point of it is that you don't have to download games to play them, which saves time and space.

The PlayStation 5 currently supports streaming games to PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices, but you have to use your PS5 console as the host to download and stream the titles to your other devices, which negates the feature's main benefit – not having to download it. Nonetheless, Sony is working on bringing cloud streaming to the PlayStation 5, in due time.

So, what's your take? What PlayStation 5 games do you think will be supported? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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