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Best Weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Like a Dragon: Ishin provides a surplus of weapons at your disposal. From swords to guns to spears—and more craftable ones—the game makes it, so weapons aren't the thing that holds you back. Even so, choosing the best weapon that suits your playstyle can be daunting. Other factors play a role in how reliable a specific weapon is, too, like its stats, performance, elemental power attached to it, and more. So that you have the best weapon in your corner, and all else comes down to skill, we’ve compiled the best weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin for you to consider.

5. Karakuri Cannon

like a dragon ishin Karakuri Cannon

The Karakuri Cannon isn’t your ideal weapon. Most gamers would instead go for a katana or a gun. However, it’s one of the special weapons Like a Dragon: Ishin offers, which means it's a unique weapon you’re only able to use with the brawler style. Unlike other special weapons like spears and odachi, the Karakuri Cannon deals significant damage to enemies. It also powers up each attack with a wind effect that further amplifies the damage dealt.

If the Karakuri Cannon sounds like your kind of weapon, make sure to stack up three mechanical parts, five sturdy lumbers, and one bronze cannon in your inventory. Once you have those, feel free to buy one for the cost of 10 Ryo and 8,900 Mon.

4. Eternal Gold

Like A Dragon: Ishin eternal gold

Eternal Gold is a katana that comes in quite handy when using the heat elemental ability. It specifically charges your heat gauge 7% faster, and 15% faster if you’re drunk. When you have a higher heat gauge, you’re able to use heat during attacks more frequently, while also being able to block incoming attacks from enemies.

If you’re a beginner, getting access to the Eternal Gold katana is much easier, thanks to its lower tier. On the downside, Eternal Gold’s damage output measures at par with most other weapons, though this can always be upgraded as you progress. Sounds like your kind of deal? Well, you’ll need to stack up one gold dust, five precious steel, and one radiant drunkard first, then buy the Eternal Gold katana for the price of 4 Ryo and 9,500 Mon.

3. Blade of the Shogun

Alternatively, gamers who like to take the fight to their opponent rather than spray bullets from afar can consider the Blade of the Shogun weapon. This is also a katana that is an undisputedly stronger choice for attacking an enemy compared to other alternatives. Specifically, it has up to 1045 attack, which hardly competes with other katanas with lower stats. 

Additionally, Blade of the Shogun packs mouth watering perks that can even push its attack power much higher. This is an added light element, which increases the attack power of all light-based attacks by 75%. So, pretty much imbue the Blade of the Shogun katana with a powerful light element, and start to stun and take enemies down in as little as one slice through. 

If you’d like to add Blade of the Shogun to your loadout, make sure to keep an eye out for upgrades and crafting materials while exploring the lands and fighting enemies in the arena to later craft the katana at a blacksmith shop.

2. Golden Gun

Weapons Like A Dragon: Ishin golden gun

Keeping a safe distance, even as you kill enemies, is an entirely okay thing to do. Especially if you’re not used to getting up close and personal with your enemy. For that, you’ll need a reliable gun that packs a strong punch and produces high damage at mid to long range.

With the options that Like a Dragon: Ishin provides, the classic Golden Gun weapon still comes out on top as the strongest weapon in the game. This is a pistol that deals massive damage per  shot. It’s able to fire high impacting shots at various enemies from a safe distance.

Specifically, the attack power ranks at 515, which is pretty high compared to other weapons in its class. If that’s not enough, you do get two additional perks that reduce your heat gauge consumption by 7% each when using special moves. This comes in handy since the heat gauge plays a big role in winning or losing a battle. 

Lastly, not that appearances matter when in the middle of battle, but you might as well look good while at it, thanks to the Golden Gun’s body made entirely of gold. Now, getting access to a Golden Gun can take a toll on your budget, thanks to the steep 100,000 Wooden Tags (Kifuda) price earned in gambling minigames. Though, feel free to check out the Chicken Races, which are far less complicated and pose fewer dangers of losing too much money at once.

1. Oni-Maru


The Oni-Maru weapon is a katana that packs the highest attack power of 1130. Not only that, but it also has the added perk of breaking an enemy’s attack guard 14% more often. These two perks, when combined, provide you with both high attack power and potency during battle. Each slash packs an extra punch, while also proving relentless for your enemy to block forever. 

Although underestimated, high attack power and potency can come in handy during sub-boss battles or in battle dungeons where you’ll find most enemies are heavily armored. In such cases, it gets easier to pierce through an enemy’s defense, and deal critically damaging strikes that would have otherwise been a hassle to pull off without the Oni-Maru.

Overall, if you’re leaning more toward the swordsman playstyle, and are looking to land consecutive critical strikes, you should consider crafting an Oni-Maru of your own at a blacksmith shop to help deal the highest damage output and break through an enemy’s guard with ease. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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