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5 Best Surfing Games of All Time, Ranked



A surfer with a board faces the ocean

Surfing is more than just a sport – it's an art, where the ocean's power meets human skill. This magic of surfing has made its way into video games, giving players everywhere the chance to ride virtual waves. They range from easy-to-play, family-friendly titles to more complex simulations that mimic real-life surfing. And in this exciting world of surfing games, there's a lot to explore. We've picked the five best surfing games of all time and ranked them.

5. Surf's Up

Surf's Up game trailer

Starting our list is Surf's Up, a game that stands out for its family-friendly approach and connection to the animated movie of the same name. Its appeal lies in its accessibility; players of all ages can easily pick up the controller and start riding the waves. The game is designed with a colorful and vibrant art style, making it visually appealing and engaging. The characters, each with their own distinct personalities and styles, add to the game’s charm. Players can enjoy various modes, from surf tricks competitions to racing against opponents, ensuring a diverse gaming experience.

The gameplay in Surf's Up is intuitive, with a focus on fun over realism. This approach allows players to perform outrageous tricks and combos, giving a sense of exhilaration and achievement. The game’s audio, with upbeat soundtracks and lively character voices, further enhances the lively atmosphere. While it might not offer the depth of more serious surfing simulations, its easy-to-learn mechanics and joyful ambiance make it a delightful addition to any gamer's collection.

4. Transworld Surf

Transworld Surf (Xbox) Game Trailer

Transworld Surf is a game that finds a sweet spot between arcade-style fun and the intricacies of surfing. Its standout feature is the Karma Meter, a unique addition that rewards players for respecting the ocean and its inhabitants. This innovative concept not only adds an extra layer to the gameplay but also educates players about surf etiquette and environmental awareness. The game’s environments are diverse and well-crafted, offering a variety of waves and conditions to challenge players.

The controls in the game are designed to be both accessible and deep. Beginners can easily ride waves and perform basic tricks, while advanced players can delve into more complex maneuvers. The game's physics engine realistically mimics wave behavior, providing a more authentic surfing experience. The attention to detail in the wave dynamics and surfboard interactions makes it a favorite among players who appreciate a more realistic surfing simulation.

3. Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Kelly Slater Pro Surfer game trailer

Taking the third spot, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is a game that offers a blend of realism and arcade fun. It features professional surfer Kelly Slater and other renowned surfers, adding authenticity and star power. The game showcases a variety of famous surfing locations, each with its unique wave patterns and challenges. This global tour provides players with a rich, diverse surfing experience, capturing the essence of surfing culture and the thrill of conquering world-famous waves.

Furthermore, players can execute a wide range of tricks, from basic maneuvers to high-flying aerials, with a smooth learning curve. The game also includes a career mode, allowing players to progress through different stages and unlock new surfers, boards, and locations. The immersive experience is further enhanced by the game's impressive graphics and sound design, which bring the world of professional surfing to life.

2. California Games

California Games (NES) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

California Games is a classic title that secures the second spot on our list. This game is remembered fondly for its portrayal of various outdoor sports, including an iconic surfing segment. The surfing part of California Games is celebrated for its simple yet addictive gameplay. Players navigate the waves, perform tricks, and avoid wipeouts, all against a backdrop of pixelated, nostalgic graphics. The game's charm lies in its retro aesthetic and straightforward mechanics, making it a beloved title among both old-school gamers and those who appreciate the simpler days of gaming.

Additionally, the surf segment in the California Games stands out for its easy control scheme, which requires timing and skill to master. Players must balance their surfer on the wave while attempting to score points with tricks and jumps. The challenge of achieving a high score while battling unpredictable waves provides an engaging and endlessly replayable experience. The game’s soundtrack, with its catchy tunes, perfectly complements the laid-back yet exciting vibe of the surfing segment.

1. Barton Lynch Pro Surfing

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing | Official Video Game Trailer (PS5, PC, Xbox)

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing tops our list as the ultimate surfing game. It’s a thrilling experience that takes players to the most beautiful surfing spots around the world. The game stands out for its realistic gameplay, stunning graphics, and the chance to customize nearly everything about the surfing experience. In this game, players get to surf against the best in the world, including famous surfers and rising stars. The game features 12 massive and unique locations, each based on real-world iconic surfing spots.

The controls in Barton Lynch Pro Surfing are unique and easy to get the hang of. We get to use the wave’s power to surf faster and unlock cool moves. The faster you go, the more impressive tricks you can do, like flying high off the wave or riding inside a huge barrel. The game’s weather system also adds a fun challenge, as it changes the waves and makes each surf session different. Plus, players can choose from top surfers or create their own. The game lets gamers pick from lots of gear and clothes from famous surf brands.

What's your take on our ranking? Do you have a favorite surfing game that you think should have made the list of the best surfing games of all time? Let us know on our socials here.

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