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10 Best Simulation Games Like Internet Cafe Evolution



A game depicting the bustling atmosphere of Internet Cafe Evolution

Simulation games immerse players in worlds where they can control everything from cities to businesses, combining strategy, creativity, and management. Among these, Internet Cafe Evolution stands out with its detailed portrayal of internet cafe culture from the 1990s onward. For fans of such rich and engaging gameplay, we have handpicked ten of the best games like Internet Cafe Evolution

10. Academia: School Simulator

Academia: School Simulator Announcement trailer

Academia: School Simulator lets you create and manage your own school. You start by designing classrooms and hiring teachers, then you establish the school rules. Consequently, your goal is to build a thriving educational environment where students interact based on the settings you create. Furthermore, managing the budget is critical; you must ensure your staff is paid and your school is well-equipped.

This game requires you to strike a balance between educational rigor and recreational activities. Student happiness hinges on your decisions, ranging from cafeteria offerings to classroom setups. Handling challenges such as financial shortages or discontent among staff adds complexity to your role as the head of the school. Moreover, observing how environmental changes affect student performance provides insights. This helps you refine your strategies towards better academic outcomes and smoother operations.

9. Big Ambitions

Big Ambitions Cinematic Trailer (Early Access)

Big Ambitions is a game where you start as a small business owner in a big city. Initially, you manage a modest store or business, aiming to expand by strategizing resource use and decision-making. The city offers a detailed backdrop full of growth opportunities.

Throughout the game, you engage with various characters who can influence your journey. By building relationships, you unlock new business prospects. Simultaneously, keeping track of competitors is crucial, compelling you to adapt strategies to stay ahead. Ensuring customer satisfaction is another key to success, and hence, requires a deep understanding of consumer needs. Indeed, Big Ambitions offers a complex simulation of urban economic expansion, posing both challenges and rewards.

8. Pocket Academy 3

If you've ever wanted to run a school, Pocket Academy 3 offers you the chance to shape young minds and create an educational sanctuary. In this game, you are in charge of designing every part of your school, from classrooms to specialized areas like cafeterias and counseling rooms. Strategic placement of these facilities enhances your school's popularity, drawing more students eager to learn in a supportive environment.

The introduction of school festivals brings a vibrant aspect to school life. These festivals, filled with fun activities, are integral to building your school's culture. You'll also manage extracurricular clubs, guiding students from practice matches to national competitions, where their skills can shine and even attract scouts.

7. Prison Architect

Prison Architect - Launch Trailer | PS4

Prison Architect places you in charge of constructing and managing a high-security prison. Initially, you design the layout, including cells and facilities, while ensuring smooth operations and safety for all. Your responsibilities encompass everything from meal planning to assigning cells.

You must address challenges such as riots, escape attempts, and inmate wellbeing. Proper staffing and facility upgrades are vital for maintaining order and security. Additionally, you oversee rehabilitation programs that aim to improve inmate lives, thereby enhancing safety and reform success rates. By managing these elements thoughtfully, you transform a chaotic prison into a controlled environment that prioritizes rehabilitation.

6. Tavern Master

Tavern Master | Official Trailer

Tavern Master involves designing, building, and managing a medieval tavern. Starting with a small establishment, your goal is to create a popular gathering place. You select the layout and décor and decide on the menu. These choices significantly influence your tavern's popularity.

Daily operations include serving customers and managing staff to ensure customer satisfaction. Happy patrons increase business and provide higher tips. Furthermore, expanding your tavern with new features like guest rooms or event nights attracts more patrons and presents new challenges. Also, effective budget management is critical; your earnings must cover expenses and allow for further expansion.

5. Project Hospital

Project Hospital Announcement Trailer

Project Hospital lets you design and run a hospital. You plan the layout, from emergency rooms to specialized clinics, and hire medical staff. Your main objective is to diagnose and treat patients efficiently, considering each patient presents unique symptoms.

The game introduces scenarios like disease outbreaks and medical emergencies, which test your resource and staff management skills under pressure. Additionally, you upgrade hospital facilities and research new treatments, aiming to improve patient care. Here, strong management skills are necessary to maintain cleanliness, manage staff workload, and ensure patient satisfaction.

4. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital: LAUNCH TRAILER (Full 60 second cut)

Two Point Hospital challenges you to build and manage a hospital, adding a humorous twist. You oversee the construction, staff, and operations. The illnesses are humorous and fictional, adding levity to the management gameplay. For instance, Light-headedness involves treating patients with light bulbs for heads.

Your responsibilities extend to staff management, facility expansion, and maintaining patient care. Keeping patients happy is crucial for your hospital's success. The game's humor makes tackling complex management tasks more enjoyable. Additionally, you handle unexpected events like alien invasions, requiring quick thinking and effective resource management. Overall, Two Point Hospital offers a fun blend of strategy, humor, and management.

3. Supermarket Simulator

Market Simulator First Trailer

Supermarket Simulator immerses players in the detailed management of a grocery store, presented in a first-person perspective. Start by designing your store's layout, strategically placing shelves and organizing aisles to optimize both aesthetics and functionality. The choices you make in product placement and store design directly influence customer satisfaction.

In the game, daily operations are crucial. Order stock through a simulated computer system, unpack goods, and meticulously organize them in storerooms, on shelves, and in refrigerators. At the checkout, handle transactions efficiently, processing both cash and credit payments. Your aim here is to engage with customers to ensure they leave your store satisfied with their shopping experience.

2. Startup Company

Startup Company - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Startup Company focuses on building and managing a tech company from the ground up. You start with a small startup, aspiring to grow it into a tech giant. Hiring skilled staff such as developers and managers is crucial. Your role involves strategic planning and detailed resource management.

Developing products that meet customer needs is vital for your success. Successful product launches enhance your reputation and boost your earnings. Plus, securing investments and managing finances effectively are key aspects of the game. And balancing innovation with solid business strategies is essential.

1. Software Inc.

Software Inc. Trailer 2022

Software Inc. merges business management simulation with tycoon gameplay. You build and manage a software company, starting from scratch. This includes designing offices, developing software, and handling marketing. Your decisions directly influence your company's success.

Researching new technologies keeps you competitive in the market. Here, managing your teams effectively to produce quality software is imperative. Moreover, negotiating contracts and responding to customer feedback shape your business strategies. Financial management plays a crucial role in the game. Plus, monitoring expenses and revenue helps you make informed investment decisions. In short, Software Inc. offers an in-depth exploration of the challenges and strategies involved in running a software company.

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