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5 Best Games Like Outbound



A sustainable camper in a vast forest in upcoming open-world survival game Outbound.

Outbound is a recently announced open-world survival title with a unique eco-friendly twist. In the game, players will find themselves using various sustainable methods in order to survive. There are many open-world survival titles in the same vein as Outbound. But it appears that with this title, it hopes to differentiate itself quite a bit. That said, while the game is being developed, there are plenty of stellar survival games to enjoy. Here are the 5 Best Games Like Outbound.

5. Raft

Raft - Launch Trailer

The first entry on today's list of the best games like Outbound is Raft. For players looking for an open-world survival game with a unique mechanic, this game has you covered. In Raft, as the name would imply, players are stranded on a raft and must survive through their own means. In doing so, players will face off against the many terrors that the sea offers, requiring them to build many items in order to support their survival. As the game takes place mostly on the sea, players will have to utilize the game's sailing mechanics to traverse the wide world of Raft.

This not only adds another layer to the gameplay but is a great way to get around, and mastering sailing feels rewarding. Once players get their bearings, they are able to cook, craft, or do whatever is necessary in order to support themselves. Along the way, however, there are many secrets to discover tucked just below the surface. If you are looking for one of the most intriguing and unique open-world survival games, this one certainly fits the bill. In short, Raft is one of the best games like Outbound.

4. Core Keeper

Core Keeper - Console Announcement Trailer

We are continuing right along with our next entry, Core Keeper. Taking our list away from the salty sea today, we will now be delving into the deep caverns and mines of Core Keeper. This game features not only a robust eight-player co-op but also features some of the most varied biomes and mechanics on this list. Players are able to customize their items to their liking, as well as explore in order to discover new resources with which to use. This incentivizes the player to explore further into the game and offers a sense of reward for new discoveries.

As is the case with many titles on this list, players can survive in a number of ways. The player is able to farm in Core Keeper, allowing them to sustain themselves in a way that feels fun and interactive. The game's combat mechanics are also great for your more adventurous types, which is wonderful to see as well. Additionally, the procedurally generated nature of the game means that players never know exactly what they are delving into. To close, Core Keeper is one of the best games like Outbound.

3. Outpath

Outpath's New Trailer [4k]

Our next entry is very near and dear to many players' hearts. For players looking for a perfect title to destress and relax with, Outpath has you covered. Inspired by games such as MinecraftOutpath features a pixelated art style that is very nostalgic for some. What makes this game so interesting is the sense of unbridled freedom it offers players. You are given the vast world to explore and can play however you want. The game makes the distinct decision to stray away from pressuring the player with time constraints, which leads to a very relaxing feel to the game overall.

Additionally, for more industrious players, there are base-building mechanics which are implemented wonderfully within this title. Couple this system with the fantastic progression system, and you have a very rewarding game on your hands. If you are looking for a title that simply allows the player to progress at their own pace, then this title is a great recommendation for you. All in all, Outpath is one of the best games like Outbound on the market.

2. Grounded

Grounded Official 1.0 Full Release Trailer

The next entry on today's list is one that many fans of the open-world survival genre are no doubt familiar with. Here, we have Grounded. Grounded is a game that manages to take the mundane setting of your average suburban backyard and turn it into a vast space in which to survive. This makes it so that even the most seemingly harmless creatures can become quite a threat to the player. What makes this title really shine is its boss mechanics and crafting systems. Players are able to craft tons of unique items that each help the player in their journey in significant ways.

The bosses in the game are quite difficult, which makes teaming up with others a blast to enjoy. Despite its setting, the game manages to have a multitude of different locations to explore, each of which feels distinct and fresh. This ensures that the further you get into the game, the more sense of wonderment and exploration you feel. Players are able to craft bases and essentially do whatever it takes to survive in this harsh yet fantastical world. All around, Grounded is magnificent and one of the best games like Outbound.

1. Astroneer

ASTRONEER - Custom Games Update Trailer

Our final entry is one that takes on the vast expanse of space and does it beautifully. Astroneer taps into that core sense of exploration by giving the player a wide array of planets to explore. Each of these planets is diverse in both its flora and fauna, making each one feel like a journey in and of itself. Players are able to set up shop through the game's base-building mechanics. This allows players who wish to hunker down and learn more about a particular planet to do so. This not only frees the game up quite a bit, but the base-building mechanics themselves are rather in-depth as well.

Another unique aspect of Astroneer is its drop-in, drop-out co-op system. This system allows players to jump in whenever it is convenient for them without losing progress. This allows players to see the stars and planets together in a way that feels somewhat magical. With a total of seven planets to discover and explore, players will have plenty to do and see in this phenomenal title. For these reasons, as well as many more, we consider Astroneer to be one of the best games like Outbound.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Outbound? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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