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Assassin’s Creed Infinity: 5 Things You Should Know



The end of Assassin's Creed is nigh. Or at least, the end of its standalone console games, anyway. As for what will replace them is only too clear, especially now that Ubisoft has shed a little extra light on its plans for the franchise. And as it happens, Assassin's Creed Infinity will carry the saga moving forward, meaning the best place to get your Assassin fix is to buy in to the upcoming hub that is set for an optimistic 2024 release.

Of course, it's only natural that fans of the product would want to raise a few questions about the so-called Infinity modem. And you can bet they'll more than likely be answered before the platform releases. But for the time being, based on what we've caught so far, these are the five things you should know about Ubisoft's latest venture.


5. Is Assassin's Creed Infinity a Game?

Contrary to popular belief, Assassin's Creed is not actually a game; it is a hub, and it will host every upcoming instalment in an Animus DNA-style format. That said, Ubisoft has expressed their interest in further developing Infinity to the point of evolving it into something more. Until that time arises, however, it's best to think of it as an official Assassin's Creed launcher for consoles and PC. This is scheduled for a rough 2024 release, though Ubisoft could very well push this back to 2025, or perhaps even later.

“So [Infinity] will not start out as a game,” Côté, executive producer of Assassin's Creed told IGN. “The version of Infinity that we launch will not be the final version of Infinity. It's something that will evolve through time as our experiences grow and we can connect them more together. So I think it opens up a world of possibilities as to what we can do that go far beyond being just a launcher for our different games.”


4. Codename Red & Codename Hexe

Assassin's Creed Codename Red - Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2022

Ubisoft Forward, an event that aired on September 10th, shed light on multiple Assassin's Creed games, two of which will be coming to Assassin's Creed Infinity following its hopeful 2024 launch. According to Ubi, these two titles are Red, and Hexe. As it stands, both of these mystery titles have received trailers, mainly outlining the settings and themes and what have you.

Assassin's Creed Codename Red, as its formally known, is a samurai-based entry that will follow the life of a shinobi in feudal Japan, whereas Codename Hexe will cast its focus on a more fantasy-like setting, a place in which witchcraft and mythical beings reign supreme. Providing Infinity meets its 2024 deadline, both Red and Hexe will likely release in 2025, and 2026.


3. Infinity and Beyond

It's no secret that Ubisoft like their lengthy RPGs, and it's no surprise that Infinity would only want to house them accordingly. But according to Ubi, the newfound hub won't just employ a small portal of blockbuster experiences, but more a myriad of titles, a lot of which will be free-to-play, multiplayer, and even DLC.

While Assassin's Creed Infinity will launch with its two platinum releases, Codename Red, and Codename Hexe, the platform will also make way for a free-to-play online-only game, Assassin's Creed Invictus. According to the guys over at Ubi, this will look to revive the series' multiplayer mode which, up until this point, hasn't really been that much of a priority for the team. This is an entry that will likely establish roots on the Infinity platform sometime after its official release, though there's no confirmed release date just yet.


2. The World According to Infinity

While Infinity will hoard a wide variety of games based around different time periods, the platform will, at least for the foreseeable future, connect all of these experiences into one grander narrative. For this part, Ubisoft will be looking for ways to transform a collection of smaller adventures into one “single-player MMO,” so to speak.

“What I'm very excited about with Infinity is not just our big games, but this idea that we don't replace the games with another game, you [don’t just] supplant your new RPG,” Côté explained. “I think these games can live for a longer period of time and we're architecturing them differently than in the past. If you look at a game like Valhalla, most of its expansions were kind of around the game. Now one of the things that we're thinking about is how can we grow this experience, this world, more like an MMO? Think of it as a single player MMO [rather] than what we've done in the past.”


1. What Comes Next?

Assassin's Creed Mirage: Cinematic World Premiere

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has a long arm of commitments outside of the Infinity project, and it's because of this, that the game probably won't see the light of day for a few years yet. That said, Ubisoft Forward did make a fourth announcement alongside Red, Hexe, and Invictus, which was Assassin's Creed Mirage, a prequel to Eivor's Valhalla that will come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Assassin's Creed Mirage will follow Basim, one of Valhalla's primary NPCs who belonged to the self-proclaimed Hidden Ones collective. Mirage, which will be set twenty years or so before the events of Valhalla, will explore the forming of the Brotherhood, and how the feud between the Assassins and Templars evolved into an international quarrel for power. What was once coined as DLC for Valhalla will, in fact, be a fully-fledged title, and it'll take the series back to its stealth-based roots, according to Ubi. As for the finer details of the project, that's another story. It's early days, and it'll probably be a few months until we receive the full scoop on the next mainline entry to the series.

You can follow Ubisoft for more updates on Assassin's Creed Infinity over on their official social handle here.

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