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5 Best Cozy Games For Fall



The Fall season is upon us, and with it, comes a great assortment of games. These are titles that are the digital equivalent of cozying up with a warm blanket & book. Cozy games allow players not only a chance to destress but an excellent opportunity for meaningful progression as well. These aspects of this game genre, in many ways, can be therapeutic and soothing to some. To highlight some of the coziest of the bunch, here are our picks for the 5 Best Cozy Games For Fall.

5. Beacon Pines

We begin today's list of the best cozy games for Fall with an entry that allows players to experience a fantastical setting. Albeit with a bit of a horror twist. And while this title certainly won't keep you up at night. Its enthralling narrative and characters are sure to stick with players far after the credits roll. This is great, as it ensures that players not only have many aspects of the game to enjoy at a base level but also something more emotionally rich and satisfying.

One of Beacon Pines's most novel and interesting concepts is the fact that it takes place within a storybook. This not only does a great job of reinforcing the fantasy setting. But it also allows players to be lulled into the game's unsettling, yet shockingly soothing nature. An aspect of the game that seems to jump right off the screen so to speak is the overall art direction and style used for the game. Both of these elements combine to make Beacon Pines one of the most visually striking, and best cozy games for Fall.

4. Moonstone Island

For our next entry our list of the best cozy games to fill your library for Fall. Here we have Moonstone IslandMoonstone Island is a game that greatly encourages players to create their own paths and forge their own journeys throughout the game. One of the aspects of Moonstone Island that stands out the most is its beautiful fusion of both creature-collecting and other life-sim elements. This ends up being a winning combination, and one that players won't be able to put down for quite some time.

In terms of gameplay variety, as well as general atmosphere, this game absolutely shines. It is within the lands of Moonstone Island that players will be able to befriend and cozy up to fantastic characters they meet throughout the game. In terms of the sheer scale of the activities available, Moonstone Island features a hundred islands. Each of these is great for players to familiarize themselves with. This ensures that no matter which way you play. That there is something here for everyone. In short, Moonstone Island is one of the best Cozy Games for Fall available.

3. Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

Staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry, here we have Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos. Being from the fantastic Harvest Moon franchise, this title has a ton of potential to live up to. That said, this is a title that players who are not familiar with the series, can no doubt enjoy. Additionally, the game sees somewhat of a return to form for the franchise, which is wonderful to see. Players cannot only partake in the game's phenomenal farming. But they can also participate in a number of varied contests and events within the game.

This ensures that no matter how many hours you decide to pour into the game, that there is always meaningful progression to look forward to. For long-time Harvest Moon fans, this is great to see. There is also an adorable assortment of pets that players can tend to as well. In terms of romance options, the game also features five bachelors, as well as five bachelorettes for players to swoon. All around, if you are looking for one of the best cozy games to snuggle up to for Fall, check this one out.

2. Potion Permit

For the next entry on our list, we have a title that manages to take its interesting premise and capitalize on it wonderfully. Potion Permit is a game that has all of the cozy trappings of a phenomenal cozy game. But blends it with the world of alchemy. As far as a short summary of the game goes. Players are put in charge of healing and tending to villagers. Along the way, players will familiarize themselves with the game's world and characters. Each of these manages to add its own distinct charm to the game.

As far as tools of the trade go, players will be able to use their trusty cauldron to brew medicines for the player to use. This makes for an effective, and simple gameplay loop that is rewarding regardless of how often you partake in it. One of the game's strongest aspects is its open-ended nature. This allows players to approach problems in a number of ways. Added to this, the game has a charming art style to boot. So if you are in the market for one of the best cozy games for fall, give Potion Permit a try.

1. Paleo PinesBest Games Like Paleo Pines

Wrapping up our list of the best Cozy games for Fall, here we have a title that has just recently been released. Paleo Pines is a charming farming/life sim that allows players to befriend many distinct dino pals. Each of the designs on these dinosaurs is fantastically well-realized, with each having its own inherent charm. This makes the game really visually appealing, but it is within the game's phenomenal farming and mechanics that this game truly shines. Each of the improvements to the overall gameplay loop can be felt right away by players.

This is a title that regardless of how much time you wish to dedicate to it, respects your time and rewards it greatly. It manages to do this in a couple of ways. One of the best things about Paleo Pines is the approachable take on quests for players to complete. Quests are presented in a way that is not only low-pressure but intuitive. This is wonderful, as it shows many of the lessons learned by the game's developers. In conclusion, Paleo Pines is one of the best cozy games to keep you warm for Fall.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Cozy Games For Fall? What are your favorite Cozy Games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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