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5 Best Games Like Paleo Pines

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Best Games Like Paleo Pines

The evolution of simulator games continues its inexorable march into unknown lands. Anything we humans do is marveled into an exciting simulator game where the sweat of labor gives way to the intoxicating allure of enjoyment. 

This is the exact premise Paleo Pines is using in its gameplay. The idea is that you farm a piece of land and make it habitable for you and the prehistoric giants. Sounds easy, right? Well, I must admit, this is not the first simulator that hands you the tools of being a digital shepherd of the soils in a Jurassic Park-esque tableau. However, with the game weeks away from launch, why not acquaint yourself with other farming simulator games, like Paleo Pines?

5. Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo

Speaking of prehistoric critters, Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo is the real Jurassic Park deal. Here, developer Upjers grants you the role of owning a Dino zoo. It's time to create a habitable home for the fossilized fantasies.

As easy as it seems, things are not always a walk in the park. You will need to breed your prehistoric animals and provide stunning enclosures for them. What's more, your Dinos will always be hungry, so you need to ensure a steady supply of food and water. You must also keep your thundering tyrants entertained, lest they go extinct from boredom. 

Furthermore, the most exciting part is watching your dinos appreciate your kind gestures. Watch their eyes fill with joy as you devour the fodder in their troughs. If you're looking for a game that will fill your evenings with bliss, look no further than Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo. 

4. Harvest Days: My Dream Farm

Harvest Days: My Dream Farm

Family Devs' Harvest Days: My Dream Farm is a neat game that makes you appreciate the simple joys of a bountiful harvest. It's a game where you strap on your gumboots and say goodbye to traffic jams, skyscrapers, and annoying neighbors that park in your spot. Think of this game as turning a new leaf in your career. You get your piece of land and farm animals that await your care. The best part is that the neighbors are super friendly.

In your virtual Eden, you hold the keys to unlocking the field of your dreams. The game gives you an array of choices when it comes to planting trees. You don't have to overburden yourself with taking care of the farm animals. Also, you can substitute this with planting fruit trees to give your farm some oomph.

Moreover, when you feel like taking a breather, the refreshing lake view transports you to serendipity. You can opt to fish or ride your horse to witness the golden sun's rays on the horizon. Thankfully, the game features an open-world environment with plenty to discover. Every excursion contains an element of surprise, with plenty of wild animals to encounter. So what are you waiting for? Your dream farm awaits you in this game that's very much like Paleo Pines.  

3. Hokko Life

Sometimes, moments in life call for hopping on a train and starting life in a brand-new city. We've all been there. With little consideration for what the past holds, the excitement of venturing onto a new path gets you going. Welcome to Hokko Life, a game in which Wonderscape brings to life the possibility of turning a new leaf.

The game's gameplay is akin to Animal Crossing, where you embrace new life in the village. Unlike other farming simulators, this game grants you the power to transform a sleepy town into a thriving rural settlement. Moreover, with paint and a hammer, get busy redesigning the town in the best way you can imagine. If you feel the town needs some color to get its groove back, you have an entire palette at your disposal.

Furthermore, in Hokko Life, the only limit is your imagination. Craft items and combine them to unveil never seen designs. You may collect flowers to spruce up the wallpaper designs, clothes, and flooring. So whether it's a minimalist, eclectic, rustic, or Bohemian vibe you're after, you can only get this in Hokko Life.

2. Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands

 Games Like Paleo Pines

Picture this, you're residing on a Caribbean Island, and this tropical paradise opens up to a farming adventure. This tropical canvas is at your disposal as a labor of love. Stranded Sails-Explorers of the Cursed Islands is a masterful creation by Alchemist Interactive. The game uses a linear approach to unfold its storyline and presents you with quests.

First, the Island has plenty to offer; the only way to locate them is through exploration. You can traverse the fertile atoll via boat or foot. While on a boat, you can discover fishing spots that add to your food stock. Moreover, there are a lot of activities and hidden secrets on the island. 

The old saying, “No man is an island,” ironically reveals itself in this game. You'll be joined by your crew members, and you must maintain a solid relationship with them. You can decorate their shacks or give them gifts. These simple gestures will earn you resourceful upgrades for your farm and tools. 

1. Farming Simulator 22

If realism is what you're after, look no further than this enthralling game like Paleo Pines. Farming Simulator 22 is the latest installment in the Farming Simulator franchise. The series spans over a decade and has sold over 25 million copies. GIANTS Software, the team behind the series, is currently working on a new title, Farming Simulator 23.

In Farming Simulator 22, you're ideally living out your dreams as a successful farmer with plenty of land in the countryside. Some seek this game as a departure from their routine cycle, while others are in it for the joy of turning their farms into an Arcadian paradise. 

The game takes surrealism a notch higher with seasonal cycles, production chains, and gear shifting. Moreover, you get a collection of over 400 vehicles to ease up your farming life. The game is the ultimate farm life simulation. You wake up each day to a list of chores around the farm. There's always a plant that needs harvesting, weeding, or planting. 

So, do you agree with our best five? Are there other titles you'd recommend as the best games, like Paleo Pines? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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