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Best Ana Build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



If you’re looking to play it safe in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, then your best bet would be to play as none other than Ana Flores, the able-bodied leader of the Victims. Why? Well, as it turns out, Ana is actually one of, if not the toughest character in the entire game—a power that allows her to brush off most attacks without onboarding too much base damage. And while she isn’t the stealthiest person on the roster, she’s definitely the most lionhearted, and thus a great choice for anyone who’s just starting out in the latest asymmetrical horror.

So, how exactly do you go about acquiring the perfect Ana build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Don’t sweat it — here’s everything you need to know about finding that sweet balance as the beloved Ana Flores.


There’s a reason why so many newcomers choose to pursue Ana as their first Victim, and it’s because of her overall toughness and ability to deflect most, if not all attacks that are directed towards her. And while Ana is still as equally as vulnerable to the sparks of a chainsaw as the rest of the Victims on the board, the fact that she can withstand more pain than anyone else does, in all fairness, make her the best candidate to progress with. Or at least, the best for those who have a knack for getting into trouble, anyway.

Ana’s Ability, Pain Is Nothing, lets her tackle two, maybe even three times more damage than the average Victim, which means players can essentially deplete a killer’s stamina gauge while also onboarding a surprising amount of damage. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite have the same effect on Leatherface, as his chainsaw attacks (especially when boosted with the Big Swings Perk) can still single-handedly whittle down Ana’s entire health bar in a couple of swipes. Needless to say that, if you can escape the basement, then the two other Family members up on the surface won’t be too much of an issue.

To make the most of the Pain Is Nothing Ability, you’ll want to equip a few Modifiers on the respective Ability Tree. In Ana’s case, you’ll want to aim for the Level 3 Reduced Damage node, as this will increase your survivability by a total of 80%.


The Perks you’ll want to unlock on the Skill Tree should, in theory, boost Ana’s overall health and armor. If you’re after that iron build that’s downright impossible to kill, then you’ll want to locate and activate the Sanguine Shadow, What Doesn’t Kill You, and Stunt Double Perks.

  • Sanguine Shadow

If you’re concerned about losing all of your health outright to a few quick blows to the head, then you’ll want to bolt on the Sanguine Shadow Perk to your loadout, as it essentially boosts Ana’s health points when in cover for a set amount of time. Granted, Ana is something of a tank already, but with this one enabled, at least you won’t have to worry too much about dying.

  • What Doesn’t Kill You

Weirdly enough, there is actually a way to mold Ana into something of an iron heroine—a character that, when slotted with the What Doesn’t Kill You Perk, can actually retain every droplet of blood for the duration of every match. How? Well, as it turns out, if you can avoid getting hit after an initial attack for 15 seconds, you’ll have roughly 60% of your health returned to you. What’s more, if you can boost this Perk to its highest level, then that 60% can actually climb to 100%, making Ana pretty much invincible and almost impossible to kill.

  • Stunt Double

Truth be told, Ana is already strong enough to withstand various blows to the brain and other types of near-fatal injuries. That said, you can one-up her overall armor rating by activating the Stunt Double Perk, which basically allows Ana to drop into wells and other sunken areas and not onboard any real damage. It’s a useful Perk to have — especially if you’re one for taking shortcuts.


Ana is one tough cookie, that much is true. Having said that, there’s always a little room for improvement, so don’t be afraid to pour a few Extra Attribute Points into the Toughness Attribute whenever you unlock a spare on the Skill Tree. For the most part, though, you’re going to want to level up the Endurance and Proficiency sliders as much as possible, if only to match her Strength and Toughness stats. If you can average it out at 35 per Attribute, then you’ll definitely have a solid advantage over most obstacles on the map.

Of course, you’ll need to flesh out the Skill Tree in order to claim all of those thirty-something Extra Attribute Points before finalizing your deal Ana build. Once gathered, aim to allocate them to the following Attribute sliders:

  • +10 Endurance 
  • +5 Strength
  • +17 Proficiency

Skill Tree

As far as progressing through the Skill Tree goes, you’ll want to aim for the right side, as these tend to give out better Perks for Ana’s typical build. If you can help it, aim to secure the Sanguine Shadow, What Doesn’t Kill You, and Stunt Double nodes on the tree, and then put them to good use out on the field to boost their overall power.

The good thing about Texas Chain Saw Massacre is that it’s somewhat forgiving when it comes to making wrong turns on the Skill Tree. So, if you do happen to make a wrong move during the ascension process, then simply tap the Respec option to begin the climb from the bottom. Note that you will not lose any of the XP that you have accumulated to date.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Texas Chain Saw Massacre newcomers? Are there any good Ana builds you’d recommend? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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