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10 Best Mods for Among Us



From the strategic gameplay introduced by the Sheriff Mod to the unpredictability of the Zombie Mod, Among Us offers various modifications that provide a range of player preferences. Players encounter surprises and new challenges in the evolving mechanics and roles of the game.

These mods are crafted to suit players' tastes and playstyles. Additionally, these modification options foster a sense of ownership and creativity within the community. So, without further ado, let's explore some of our picks for the best mods in Among Us.

10. Love Couple Mod

Love Couple Mod

To kick start, our list of the best mods for Among Us is the Love Couple Mod. This mod brings a unique and entertaining twist to the game. The Love Couple mod caters to couples who are seeking a more personalized and engaging experience. Selecting this mod fosters a dynamic collaboration between players whose fates are intertwined within the game.

Players who choose the Love Couple mode become lovers and must be among the last three players alive to win. Similarly, the mod adds a strategic element to the gameplay. This condition requires the lovers to work together and introduces a heightened sense of coordination as they navigate the challenges presented by the impostors. 

9. Sheriff Mod

Sheriff Mod

The Sheriff mod is an epic addition that introduces a new role to  enhance players' gameplay experience. The sheriff can eliminate other players, including potential impostors. In addition to that, this mod adds an extra layer of gameplay by allowing players to actively seek out and eliminate impostors. However, the sheriff must be cautious; any incorrect eliminations may harm the crew's chances of winning. Furthermore, shooting a crew member may cost the sheriff's life. So players should take precautions in this Mod since it allows customization of the Sheriff's visibility in the game lobby

8. Jester Mod


Jester Mod offers an exciting variation, encouraging players to navigate trust and deception strategically. This mod adds a unique dynamic to the game. Here, players are forced to consider the possibility that someone is actively seeking to be voted out of the game. This role encourages bluffing and strategic voting.

The objective of the Jester Mod is to have other players vote you out. However, Jester offers a unique goal. In this case, the player under polling wins if the crewmates vote them out. Therefore, crewmates must be cautious to avoid displacing their victory to the Jester. Players must work together to eliminate the Jester.

7. Doctor Mod

Doctor Mod

One of the most fascinating roles in Among Us is the ability to heal and protect crewmates from elimination. The Doctor Mod offers a support role, creating opportunities for teamwork and coordination among crewmates. The doctor must strategically choose whom to save and protect.

On the other hand, impostors need to figure out the doctor's identity to maximize their chances of success. Introducing a doctor's role adds a layer of strategy and teamwork to the game. Similarly, it influences how players approach tasks and interactions. It could create interesting dynamics as crewmates and impostors adapt their strategies for this new role.

6. Crewlink Mod

Crewlink Mod

Adding to the already impressive list of mods, this mod provides a more dynamic system for in-game discussions through voice communication. With improved voice communication, players can engage in more fluid and natural conversations during meetings. This mod helps mimic real-life interactions, fostering a more immersive gaming experience.

5. Zombie Mod

Zombie Mod

This mod injects an element of unpredictability, as eliminated players now have an active role in the game. Zombie Mod turns eliminated players into “zombies” with unique abilities. This mod adds a twist to the usual gameplay since zombies may influence the outcome. The mod may create new challenges for both crewmates and impostors. 

4. Hide and Seek Mod

Hide and Seek Mod

The Hide and Seek mod was introduced on December 9, 2022, as part of the major game updates. In Hide and Seek, players take on the roles of Crewmates or Impostors. The impostor, known as the seeker, attempts to eliminate hiding crewmates with limited vision. 

Crewmates must balance completing tasks with avoiding the Impostor. Additionally, they must make strategic decisions under immense tension to win the game. Hide and Seek Mod creates an intense, fast-paced experience. Similarly, it adds excitement to Among Us with a thrilling blend of social deduction and hide-and-seek elements.

3. Custom Roles Mod

Custom Roles Mod

The Custom Roles Mod allows players to create and add various new roles to the game. It enables players to customize roles to tailor the experience to their preferences. This mod opens the door to numerous creative and unique game variations. Customizing the roles fosters a diverse and dynamic gaming environment.

2. Time Lord Mod

Time Lord Mod

One of the best mods is the Time Lord mod. As the name suggests, a Time Lord has the ability to rewind time to a specific duration. Over and above that, this role affects previous events in the game. The Time Lord's powers can influence the course of the game, providing opportunities for redemption or creating additional challenges. This mod is part of the broader landscape of Among Us modifications. It contributes to the game's evolving mechanics and offers fascinating roles to crewmates.

1. Spy Mod

Spy Mod

Wrapping up our list is the Spy Mod which has a different approach to communication and decision-making. How thrilling it is to have the ability to gather information about other players and their roles! This mod enhances the elements of secrecy and deduction in Among Us. Players must be cautious about sharing information as the spy works to uncover crucial details invisibly. The challenging aspect of the role is that the spy looks like an additional impostor. Therefore, other impostors must be extra cautious to eliminate the spy.

These mods introduce new roles and create opportunities to enhance teamwork. They also initiate strategic thinking and immersive social interactions. As players explore these mods, they discover fresh challenges beyond the standard crewmate vs. impostor dynamic. In essence, these mods not only extend the longevity of Among Us but also contribute to its cultural impact. They showcase the community's ability to innovate, experiment, and collectively shape the gaming experience. As Among Us continues to thrive, it remains a testament to the enduring appeal of social deduction games in the gaming landscape. Players can choose the mod that best suits their playstyle.

So, what's your take on our picks for the best mods in Among Us? What are some of your favorite Mods for the game? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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