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5 Best Games Like Tron: Identity

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Games Like Tron: Identity

Tron: Identity is a visual novel concept game. It features a detective program called Query on a mission to uncover the mysteries of the digital world, called Grid. Something is taken from the Grid, a place that someone created and then left to evolve without intervention from computer programmers. This “something” is a valuable item that you must find quickly. That's because it holds secrets that, if revealed, would leave the fate of the Grid hanging in the balance. 

The game puts decision-making directly into the hands of the player, with each decision affecting character interactions and the final outcome in significant ways. To help solve the case, it gives you access to corrupted Identity Discs. You must defrag them to uncover the secrets of what was stolen from the Grid and find out who is responsible. 

If solving mysteries and multiple endings each time you play sounds enticing to you, or if you’re a huge fan of the game, we’ve compiled the best games like Tron: Identity that has a similar experience you’re likely to enjoy.

5. A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman's Tale - Oculus Quest Launch Trailer

A Fisherman’s Tale took the gaming world by storm. It’s the perfect way to jump into virtual reality if you haven’t already. That’s because it uses virtual reality technology to its advantage, fully immersing the player into its world, and keeping you engaged throughout its playthrough via exploration and puzzle-solving.

The game follows a fisherman who lives alone in a tiny cabin. When a storm hits, he has to go to the top of the lighthouse to turn on the light. However, as soon as he steps out of his cabin, he uncovers strange events that completely change his perspective on things.

The great thing about virtual reality is that you can easily break the laws of physics. This allows you to experience a whirlwind of multiple dimensions. A Fisherman’s Tale does this perfectly, even as you start to climb to the top of the lighthouse in a seemingly never-ending vertical highway to heaven.

You can pick up things with your hands, throw them, combine them, and do all sorts of interactive virtual reality madness. When you get to the lighthouse, then find yourself inside another lighthouse, inside another, then another. Is the world turned upside down, or is it just you?

4. Ring of Fire: Prologue

Ring of Fire - Prologue Trailer

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an investigative, detective-y narrative, you might want to check out Ring of Fire: Prologue. It follows the first case in a depressive puzzler with a mature tone. Set in a hyper-stylized, solar punk utopia of New London, Ring of Fire: Prologue follows Detective Grosvenor, a middle-aged woman tasked with uncovering the true identity of the Ring of Fire serial killer.

However jaded, Grosvenor must comb through police records, interrogate suspects, and explore every nook and cranny of a disturbing crime scene. There’s a text entry where you can search for clues, like on Google. Some suspects will put up a fight, while crime scenes will need both visual and text deduction to get to the bottom of the murders. 

Essentially, Ring of Fire: Prologue is a game told through a search bar. This way, casual players can play the game at their own pace. Once you start, though, you feel a sense of curiosity that makes you want to stop at nothing until you expose the truth.

3. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

ZERO ESCAPE The Nonary Games Trailer

Unlike A Ring of Fire: Prologue, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is longer – nine hours long to be precise. Nine people are kidnapped and locked away in an unfamiliar place. Their kidnapper, an enigmatic mastermind called Zero, then forces them to take part in the life-and-death Nonary Games.

So many questions linger. Being strangers, you don’t know who to trust. However, it’s clear there’s no easy way out than to work together to escape because the alternative would be wounding up dead. 

If you loved Escape Room films, then Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is a must-try. It features similar spine-chilling moments as you search for clues across multiple locked rooms. The puzzles aren’t easier either. Some are straight-up mend-bending, with the option to amp up the difficulty if you’d like. 

In the meantime, you start to uncover theories about Zero's true identity and why he kidnapped everyone present. Also, strange connections between the games start to form, even as you fight to live.

2. Ultra Age

Ultra Age - Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Ultra Age is a more action-oriented game for all you action lovers out there. It’s a pulsating, high-speed action game, featuring swordplay in a futuristic world. You play as a young warrior named Age, whose mission is to save humanity from extinction. 

Along the way, you encounter ruthless mutants and powerful robots. You can also have the floating android Helvis as a sidekick, with whom you must work with to find the key to the survival of mankind.

Ultra Age has a compelling story and great combat that keeps you on your toes. You can also now access an all-new rogue-lite side mission called the Rebirth Project from the main menu.

1. Planet Alpha

PLANET ALPHA Trailer (2018)

Planet Alpha is a game modeled in a beautiful alien world. Players awaken here, injured and alone. They must survive, solving the mysteries and danger lurking around every corner. While relentless enemies track you down, you discover you have the power to manipulate the time of day and use it to your advantage. 

There are plenty more mysteries to solve, as you platform your way through this strange world, and use stealth mechanics to navigate enemy pathways. Add to that the appealing sci-fi art the world of Planet Alpha presents, and you have yourself a charmer you’ll want to return to. 

Overall, Planet Alpha combines imaginative puzzle mechanics, inventive platforming, and a compelling mystery at the core of it all to make the game’s relatively short adventure feel like a rewarding, quite special experience.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best games, like Tron: Identity? Are there more games like Tron: Identity we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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