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Crash Games – The Next Gaming Sensation

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Crash games have been around since 2018 when Spribe launched Aviator, the very first game in the genre. Since then, Aviator has become a much loved classic and is popular all over the world, especially in Brazilian online casinos. Many other top game vendors have also seized on the action, launching their own crash games and promoting them worldwide. In 2024, the crash game landscape is projected to make a massive boom, with innovative technological advances and the ever growing interest in online Bitcoin casinos.

spaceman crash game

What are Crash Games?

First things first, let’s define crash games. These are instant win casino games, and the objective is to cash out your money before you “crash”. They have nothing to do with Crash Bandicoot – the popular protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot game franchise or Crash Team Racing Games. However, if any game vendor decides to launch a “Crash Bandicoot Crash Game”, then you can rest assured we will test it out and make a post on it. (Shootout to Pragmatic Play, Spribe, Smartsoft Gaming and the others).

The best example to give is Aviator, the “original crash game”. When you start each round, an airplane will fly out onto the screen, and whilst it is in flight a multiplier increases. Your job is to cash out before the plane “crashes”, at which point the round ends. If you cash out in time, then the multiplier will be applied to the money you staked on that round, and you have won. If the plane crashes before you can cash out, then you do not win any money. And before you ask, no – it is not possible to know when the plane will crash. Every round is completely random, so you will just have to go with your instincts.

aviator spribe gameplay crash game

The multiplier varies depending on the crash game's volatility. For Aviator from Spribe, the multiplier can land anywhere between 1x and 1,000,000x your bet. It may crash straight away, but it may keep soaring through the air until you have hit prizes of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of times your bet. Truly tantalising stuff.

Best Crash Games Out There Right Now

Since 2018, crash games have already evolved drastically. Now, you can find lots of extra features that make the games even more exciting and dynamic. For example, there are auto cashout and 50% auto cashout tools. By setting one of these, the game will automatically cash out once you have reached a certain multiplier. There are also social features such as chats or leaderboards where you can see how much other players have won. Some games, such as FlyX allow you to place two bets. You can set different stakes and cash out each one separately.

big bass crash crash game pragmatic play

The most popular crash games on the market today are:

  • Aviator – Spribe
  • Spaceman – Pragmatic Play
  • Big Bass Crash – Pragmatic Play
  • FlyX – Buck Stakes Entertainment (And Games Global)
  • Jet X – Smartsoft Gaming
  • Crash X – Turbo Games
  • F777 Fighter Game – Onlyplay
  • Skyward – BetGames

And of course, Aviatrix, but this is a bit of a special entry:

  • Aviatrix –

Crash Games For BTC

Online casinos started accepting crypto as early back as 2012, however, there were very few casinos that made the gamble on cryptocurrencies. This coincided with Bitcoin's first ever massive jump. The interest in BTC casinos grew in the mid 2010s, and by 2018, masses of gambling sites adopted BTC and other cryptocurrencies. The low transaction fees and fast processing times made it far more convenient for both players and operators. As far as regulation is concerned, top online gaming regulators such as the Government of Curacao and Malta Gaming Authority have already embraced online crypto casinos.

BTC casinos online

Crash games are hugely popular among crypto gamers. The chance to score massive multipliers on crypto bets has fuelled the demand for crypto crash games. The high RTPs of 95% to 97% make crypto crash games extremely desirable. You can check out the games for yourself at our top crypto casinos:

NFT-Plane Crash Gaming

Aviatrix was launched in 2022 and immediately sent shockwaves through the iGaming industry. This game combines the thrills of crash gaming with a gaming NFT system. You can play the games with NFT aircrafts, which you can build yourself. You can also level up by collecting experience during gameplay. It is also possible to transfer your NFT plane to other casinos, and even sell it (should someone offer to buy it). The game already has 40,000 daily users and shows no signs of slowing down.

aviatrix nft crash games

Anastasia Rimskaya, the chief account officer at Aviatrix, explained why she thinks Aviatrix is destined to become a pioneering game. The chance to build a plane from scratch and then use it in gameplay adds an extra personal touch. There is also a multiplayer function, which allows players to see other planes flying in the background of the game. This amplifies the social aspect of the game. Whilst the game appeals most to crypto savvy gamers, you don't need to be an expert to get started. The base game is actually really simple and easy to pick up. Naturally, it will also attract newbies and rookies who are interested but have not yet, ventured into the world of crypto gaming.

aviatrix crash game

You don't have to trade in NFTs or build them if you want to play Aviatrix. There is no obligation for players, and you can enjoy the game just as you would any other crash game. Remember, it also has extras such as the multiplayer view, experience and plane upgrades, and more.

What Comes Next?

The inclusion of Aviatrix will no doubt push up the standard for any new crash games that are being created now. It remains to be seen whether NFT gaming will break out from its current status as a niche gaming market. One thing we can say with certainty is that Aviatrix is gaining a lot of traction and that will no doubt encourage other game vendors to open their doors to NFT gaming systems and advanced crash games with more features.

We will keep a close eye on the likes of Pragmatic Play, Smartsoft Gaming, BetGames and Spribe for any new developments.

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