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5 Best Games Like Hellcard



Challenging card battle in a game like Hellcard

If you love the mix of card battles and teamwork in Hellcard, you're not alone. This game asks you to think on your feet and to work well with others, making every game different and exciting. And if you're looking for games that feel like this game but still bring something new to the table, there are plenty out there. Here are the five best games like Hellcard.

5. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire - Official Launch Trailer

Slay the Spire mixes deck-building and adventure in a way that's both fun and challenging. Each time you try to climb the spire, you pick new cards to add to your deck. These cards are your tools to beat enemies and bosses. The excitement comes from not knowing what cards you'll get next and figuring out how to use them together to win. This makes each climb up the spire a fresh and thrilling experience.

Here, you start with a basic set of cards, and as you beat enemies, you get to choose more cards to add to your deck. The goal is to build a strong deck to help you beat tougher enemies as you go higher. Each character you can play has their own special cards which lets you try different strategies every time you play.

Furthermore, as you progress, you'll discover treasures known as relics, which grant you special powers and advantages. These treasures can change how you play, making each climb up the tower feel different. Plus, the game always changes the layout of the tower and the enemies you face, so it feels like a new game every time you play. Also, the game changes the layout of the challenges and enemies each time you play.

4. Lost Meridian

Lost Meridian - Official Trailer

Lost Meridian brings players into an exciting world where crafting the perfect deck is key to adventure. In this 3D roguelike card game, you can dive into a journey filled with magic and battles, either on your own or with up to three friends online. The game is all about finding and choosing from hundreds of unique cards to make a deck that's just right for defeating bosses and exploring new places. Each trip through the game is different, offering new surprises and challenges every time you play.

Playing with friends in this game makes the adventure even more fun. You can team up with up to four players online, working together to beat tough bosses and navigate through magical lands and dark dungeons. The game puts a big focus on strategy, from picking the best spot for your party to deciding which cards to use or upgrade during a fight.

What's more, Lost Meridian lets you grow and customize your characters in lasting ways. Completing playthroughs gives you upgrades that stick with your characters, making them stronger over time. You can also find powerful artifacts to customize your characters even more. The game has a cool feature where you can upgrade cards in the middle of combat, adding an extra layer of strategy.

3. Monster Train

Monster Train Release Trailer

Alternatively, Monster Train offers a unique and exciting twist on deck-building games, setting players on an adventurous journey on a train traveling through a fiery underworld. The game stands out with its special gameplay, which involves defending the train on different levels at the same time. Players need to use smart planning and strategy, as decisions on one level of the train can affect what happens on another.

Players can choose from different clans, each bringing its own special cards and ways of playing to the game. Mixing cards from a main and a secondary clan lets players create powerful combinations and find new strategies to win battles. The game encourages trying out different clan mixes, offering lots of replay value as you discover new, powerful card upgrades and tactics.

Adding to the fun, the game has daily challenges and a leaderboard for a bit of friendly competition. These features motivate players to keep improving their strategies and see how they rank against others around the world. So, with its cool underworld train setting, innovative level-based battles, and strategic clan combinations, Monster Train is a must-play for anyone who loves strategy and deck-building games.

2. Griftlands

Griftlands - Launch Gameplay Trailer

Griftlands is another exciting deck-building game that sets players on adventures in a sci-fi world that's falling apart. This game is special because it mixes the fun of exploring new places with the challenge of card games. You get to play as one of three characters – Sal, Rook, or Smith. Each has its own story and a special set of cards. As you play, you'll travel through different places, meet interesting people, and face tough situations.

When it comes to fighting enemies or making friends, Griftlands lets you use cards in two ways. You can battle using combat cards or use negotiation cards to talk your way out of trouble. With lots of cards to choose from, you can come up with many strategies to win. This part of the game makes you think hard about which cards to pick and how to use them together. It’s not just about fighting; it’s also about coming up with clever ways to get past challenges.

1. Across the Obelisk

Across The Obelisk Release Trailer - Paradox Arc

Wrapping up our list of the best games like Hellcard, Across the Obelisk shines as a game where players get to build their decks, choose heroes, and dive into adventures either alone or with friends. In this game, you make important choices that change your adventure each time you play. With lots of cards and items to pick from, you can make your team stronger in many different ways. Every time you play, the game changes, so it always feels new and exciting.

This game is about strategy and working together, especially when playing with friends. You face tough enemies, and the choices you make change the game's story. You have a big collection of cards and items to use, which means you can try lots of different strategies to win.

And one of the best things about the game is how it makes teamwork important. You can choose from 12 unique characters, each with their own special abilities and cards. Deciding how to combine these characters to face challenges is a big part of the fun. This focus on team planning, combined with a game world that's always changing and lots of strategy.

So, which of these Hellcard-like games are you most excited to try next? Have you discovered any other titles that offer a similar blend of cooperative play and strategic deck-building? Let us know on our socials here.

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