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Best Build for Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix



Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts’ trio of fledgling heroes, as sprightly as they are, don’t necessarily come without their flaws; in fact, their greatest weaknesses often idle in the negligence of the keeper. Take Goofy, for example—the King’s primary shield and all-round defender; whilst the character does indeed possess a relatively high stat level right from the get-go, failing to throw in the odd Accessory or Shield upgrade can, and ultimately will, result in some pretty drastic consequences during some of the tricker battles towards the climax of the story. The question is, how do you transform Goofy into the perfect sidekick and unlock the best possible build in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix? 

When it comes to equipping Goofy with all the bells and whistles of a genuinely sturdy companion, it’s best that you focus on Attack Power (AP), as it will allow several of the basic attacks and combos to deal additional damage and, in turn, elevate several of the core Abilities—Tornado, for example, thus allowing the character to match Sora’s abilities out on the field. But there’s more; in fact, in order to bring Goofy up to the apex of his potential as a defender, you’ll also need to either synthesize a quality Shield, or acquire one by competing in the Olympus Coliseum Cups.

Best Weapon for Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Save The King

It seems all rather fitting that Goofy, being the King’s defender at heart, has the potential to unlock a Shield called Save The King. The Shield, which is known to be the most powerful in all of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, comes loaded with a whopping +11 STR and +2 MP, making it an ideal endgame piece for the final portions of the story and the secret bosses that flesh out the outer sections of the vast universe. But, as with any near-perfect artifact in Kingdom Hearts, it doesn’t come without its own unlock requirements.

In order to unlock the Save The King weapon, you’ll first need to beat the three initial Cups in the Olympus Coliseum world, after which the one that you need—Hades Cup—will become available. To earn the Shield, you will need to complete the rather lengthy tournament in its Time Trial mode—a rather strict feat that can only be accomplished through the use of the limited resources in your inventory, as well as the weapons and accessories that you bring to the table.

Defender (Alternative)

If you’d soon rather embark on a rather lengthy grind-and-scavenge journey than hack it out in the Hades Cup several times over, then you might want to consider settling for the Defender, yet another powerful weapon that comes with +13 STR and +1 MP. Granted, it doesn’t come with the same MP-boosting effects as Save The King, but where it lacks in magic, it most certainly makes up for in brute strength.

Unfortunately, obtaining the Defender isn’t an easy trial, as it does require some patience — and a lot of killing. To acquire it, simply head to Traverse Town and have Sora, Donald, and Goofy equipped with the Lucky Strike—an Ability that raises your odds of finding rare loot—and then gradually work through defeating the Defender Heartless. Note that these types of enemies only appear once you’ve sealed the Hollow Bastion keyhole.

Best Accessories for Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Like the Shield, Accessories can be a fantastic addition for your arsenal, doubly so if you’re able to obtain specific pieces that can not only boost your HP, but AP and MP, too. In Goofy’s case, you’re going to want to focus on AP and Defence, mainly due to the fact that, as the character begins to gain levels, the HP will eventually max out on its own accord. The point is, if you’re aiming to maximize Goofy’s potential, then you should aim to acquire as many AP and MP-centric Accessories as remotely possible.

Moogle Badge

Once you’ve gained access to Traverse Town’s Synthesis Shop, which can be located above the Accessory Shop in the town square, you’ll be given a series of recipe lists to craft, one of which is the Moogle Badge. If you can help it, you should aim to sift through all of the recipes leading up to the aforementioned Badge, as doing so will also open up a selection of new tiers in the recipe list, which includes some other, slightly more complex Accessories.

As for the Moogle Badge, those who have it equipped will benefit from a total of +6 HP, +1 MP, and +2 AP in their stat boosts. Again, as you’ll be aiming to boost Goofy’s AP and MP sliders, you’ll want to prioritize earning this Accessory as soon as the recipe becomes available in the Synthesis Shop.

  • [1] Blazing Stone
  • [1] Frost Stone
  • [1] Lightning Stone
  • [5] Mythril
  • [3] Orichalcum
Cosmic Arts

Arguably one of the best Accessories in all of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, it’s Cosmic Arts, a stat-boosting trinket that not only grants you a total of +9 HP, but also +2 MP and +2 AP, also. To obtain this piece, you will need to unlock the appropriate tier in the Synthesis Shop, at which point you will need to transfer the following assets over to the blueprint in order to create it:

  • [5] Bright Shard
  • [3] Bright Gem
  • [1] Bright Crystal
  • [3] Mythril Stone
Crystal Crown

If you’re one for securing only the finest Accessories in Kingdom Hearts, then you’re going to want to go out of your way to obtain a Crystal Crown or two. Why? Well, as it turns out, the top-tier piece not only comes bolted to a +6 HP+3 AP, and +1 AP booster, but also +2 STR and +2 DEF, too. What’s more, it also increases your overall spell damage and summon abilities, which essentially makes it the “ultimate” Accessory, period. But, there’s a catch: it isn’t an easy piece to pursue.

To acquire the Crystal Crown, you’re going to need to venture out to a plethora of worlds and locate a set amount of ingredients, all of which will be needed to craft the item in Traverse Town’s Synthesis Shop. The items that you need to synthesize the Crystal Crown are as follows:

  • [5] Lucid Crystal
  • [1] Power Crystal
  • [1] Shiny Crystal
  • [3] Blazing Stone
  • [3] Frost Stone


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