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Best Abilities in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

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RPGs, in general, adhere to a rich historical code that allows players the opportunity to tweak numerous aspects of the deck, whether it’s through the use of cosmetics, weapons, or in this case, Abilities. As it turns out, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, whilst not the most “traditional” role-playing game by nature, also features a series of such aspects, and therefore, when it comes to developing the characters, it falls onto our shoulders to make the correct decisions in order for them to flourish and thrive. The question is, with a surplus of Abilities to choose from, which of them are actually worth acquiring?

Chances are, you’re pushing towards the latter half of the journey, in which case, you should have a rather large amount of Abilities to choose from in the deck. If not, then you might struggle to comprehend a lot of what we’re about to spill; the vast majority of Abilities pertain to story-based gameplay, such as progressing through the leveling system, as well as defeating bosses and sealing the various keyholes that flesh out the nexus and what have you. With that said, there are other perks to exploring the world around you, and so, if you are on the lookout for all of the “best” Abilities in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, then allow us to highlight them for you. Let’s jump right in.


The Scan Ability’s primary function is pretty self-explanatory: it displays the enemy’s health bar(s) in the top-left corner of the screen. Is it likely to aid you in battle? Not exactly, no. Having said that, you’d be a fool not to have such information in front of you during, well, any battle that makes up Kingdom Heartsin general.

Second Chance

I’d be lying if said that Kingdom Hearts is an absolute breeze to shovel through — because, quite frankly, it isn’t, and there are some rather nasty foes in the game that have the power to whittle down your health in a surprisingly short amount of time. Fortunately, though, there’s an Ability that prevents you from falling after the one combo: Second Chance. Simply put, the Ability allows you to keep ahold of 1 HP even after succumbing to a devastating blow. Trust me, you’ll want this one just as soon as it becomes available.

Combo Master

Unfortunately, there are really only so many attacks that you can land with the basic barrage of moves in Sora’s introductory toolkit. As luck would have it, though, you can (and definitely should) add a few more strokes to the combo in question, and it’s thanks to Combo Master that you can do such a thing. If you can help it, aim to unlock any Ability that can increase the total number of attacks Sora can deploy on the battlefield, as this will allow you to weave some pretty lengthy patterns together and, if lucky, prevent enemy’s from regaining momentum.

Trinity Limit

If you’ve made the decision to keep ahold of both Donald and Goofy throughout your journey, then you’ll want to consider transforming that trusty duo into an all-power weapon for those tougher endeavors. To put it short, Trinity Limit is a three-for-one combo that allows Sora, Donald, and Goofy to buddy up and wreak havoc on the entire battlefield in an MP-busting rage. It’ll cost you a pretty penny to cast — but it’s worth it.

Leaf Bracer

Arguably one of the worst things about Kingdom Hearts is its curing process—an event that, if interrupted mid-flow, can fail to implement the desired effect. Thankfully, there’s an Ability to counter this rather tedious procedure, and it’s called Leaf Bracer. The Ability, while not necessarily fit for combat, allows you to cast Cure without suffering from any damage. In other words, if you’re attacked during the summoning of the spell, then you won’t have to worry about repeating it to, well, obtain the HP boost.


Weirdly enough, the Guard Ability is often overlooked by the vast majority of newcomers to the series — and that’s a crying shame, truly, because the defensive move can, in fact, prevent you from onboarding a little too much damage during critical situations. What’s more, as a large portion of the boss battles can, in fact, utilize their powers to swipe the board and render you useless, the Guard Ability is the only thing that protects you. Point is, if you’re looking to keep your HP intact, then you should aim to acquire Guard as soon as possible.

Dodge Roll

Like Scan, Dodge Roll speaks for itself; it’s an evasive maneuver that allows you to dart around the battlefield and essentially dodge various attacks, be they melee-based or elemental. Suffice it to say, if you’re planning on embarking on a drawn-out boss battle, then you ought to keep Dodge Roll incredibly close to the chest.

Strike Raid

The Strike Raid Ability serves as an irresistibly powerful tool in Sora’s arsenal, and is often the best weapon for dealing with some of the trickier foes in Kingdom Hearts, period. In short, the Ability allows Sora to throw the Keyblade at an enemy five times in a row, dealing a whopping +10 STR and 100% critical hit success rate. In other words, it’s the perfect crowd control move, and is also something that will prevent you from falling into the enemy’s lap.

MP Rage

When it comes to combat, MP is your bread and butter, which means that you’ll want to do all in your power to keep it, and not, for example, waste it on petty spells that don’t have a lot of bang for their buck. To keep your MP maxed out, you’ll want to invest in MP Rage, an Ability that lets you regain MP for each hit that you receive from an enemy; the greater the hit, the higher the MP payout you’ll receive. Simple.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best Abilities in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix list? Let us know your thoughts over on our social channel here.

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