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Best Build for Donald in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix



Do you know how they say that you’re only as strong as your weakest link? Well, in the case of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, many would happily argue that Donald, in spite of his best efforts to be a phenomenal wizard, isn’t all that great, to begin with. Aside from the fact that he spends a significant portion of time either spouting “I’VE GOT IT!” every four seconds, or using one of the last-remaining potions in your inventory, Donald can become a bit of a loose thread in the trusty trio of Heartless-swatting friends. With that said, if you can knuckle in on a quality build for Donald, then you might just find that even the nonessential magician himself can become all the more valuable to your team. It’s getting to that point, of course, that’s the issue.

As with any side character in Kingdom Hearts, you will of course need to go out of your way to secure their own tools, otherwise you’ll find that, by the final sections of the story, at least, you’ll only have a mediocre wizard at best. To bring Donald up to speed, and to elevate his powers to grander heights, you will need to focus on acquiring three important things: a sturdy staff that packs a hefty amount of MP, as well as an Armor and Accessory two-piece that boosts the total HP and MP, too. Not entirely sure where to begin with the fledgling wizard? Read on.

Best Weapon for Donald in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

When it comes to locating the ideal staff for Donald, you’ll want to focus on one thing, in particular: MP, as this allows the companion to utilize the power of magic for longer periods of time, as well as access various spells and other helpful forms during battles. The question is, which staff should you aim to unlock?

Save The Queen

On one hand, you could argue that the Meteor Strike is the best offensive staff for Donald, and understandably so, given the fact that it does tout a +12 STR. However, where the Meteor Strike excels in Strength, it actually falls rather short in MP — which is bad, given the fact that, well, Donald needs an MP range that can elevate several of the basic functions of the weapon. To remediate this, you should aim to seek elsewhere; in fact, if you can help it, you should look to obtain the Save The Queen staff, as if not only boasts a whopping +9 STR, but also +2 MP, making it the most powerful weapon for the character, period.

To unlock the above staff, you will first need to shovel through the initial batch of Cups in the Olympus Coliseum, after which you’ll have access to the Hades Cup. Note here that, whilst you can complete the aforementioned tournament as a team, you will need to finish the entire Cup as a solo combatant in order to earn the Save The Queen item. To unlock the Solo mode, you will also have to enter the Cup as a team first; the Hades Cup contains a total of 49 rounds.

Best Accessories for Donald in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix


As it turns out, both Goofy and Donald are likely to max out on their HP and Strength stats by the time they’ve reached the level cap. As a result of this, you only really need to focus on one thing: MP-boosting Accessories, as these will allow you to round off your stats and elevate your overall performance. In the case of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix, you should begin with aiming to unlock a Ribbon, which will decrease your chance of onboarding any elemental damage by 20%. To obtain a Ribbon, you will need to head to the Synthesis Shop in Traverse Town, at which point you will need to fork over the following ingredients for the blueprint:

  • [5] Blaze Gem
  • [5] Frost Gem
  • [5] Thunder Gem
  • [1] Gale
  • [3] Serenity Power

It is worth pointing out here that, while the Ribbon can be found in the Synthesis Shop, you will need to complete the first four tiers in the recipe list to unlock it.

Royal Crown

Arguably one of the best Accessories in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix is the Royal Crown, a piece that not only boosts your HP, Defence, and MP, but also reduces fire, ice, and lightning damage by 20%, too. In other words, it touts all of the finest qualities of a magic-centric accessory, and is therefore a perfect tool for Sora, Goofy, and, in this case, Donald.

To obtain the Royal Crown, you will need to head over to Hollow Bastion, at which point you will need to ascend several flights of stairs via the Lift Stops and balconies until you reach the exterior of the castle. Once you’ve reached the outer section of the castle, you will need to cast Gravity on the floating platform that houses a treasure chest. If done correctly, the chest will fall into your hands, and the Accessory, Royal Crown, will become readily available for use.

Cosmic Arts

The third Accessory that you’ll want to target is Cosmic Arts, yet another piece of equipment that has the ability to boost your HP, AP, and MP. What’s more, it also has the power to reduce potential ice damage by a total of 40%, making it an ideal tool for each of your characters — doubly so for Donald.

To earn the Cosmic Arts piece, you will once again need to travel to Traverse Town, at which point you’ll have to speak with the Moogle in the Synthesis Shop, which can be found above the Accessory Shop in the town square. In order to physically synthesize the Accessory, you will first need to complete the first four tiers in the recipe list. Once completed, you will need to apply these following ingredients to the blueprint:

  • [5] Bright Shard
  • [3] Bright Gem
  • [1] Bright Crystal
  • [3] Mythril Stone


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our perfect build for Donald? Let us know your thoughts over on our social channel here.

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