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Best Weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Best Weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Soulslike games thrive on high difficulty, just as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's enemies are a particularly tough crowd to please. But not as much as bosses, who make it their sole mission to destroy you in every way possible. They act as a skill check, are quick on their feet, and have critical strikes that hit hard, and damage output that leaves a scar. If you’d like to defeat any of the enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and get past the challenging 20+ bosses the game throws at you, then there’s no other way than to create the best weapon build, and optimize the weapons that best suit your playstyle. 

Among the armor, divine beasts, wizardry spells, martial arts, and accessory battle necessities provided to you, the most essential remains your weapon of choice. Thanks to the variety that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty offers, you shouldn’t have a hard time settling on one. However, the game has a funny sense of humor, throwing the most difficult boss battle as early as 30 minutes into the de facto tutorial section of the game. So, you do have to make up your mind, quickly. Not to worry, though, as we’ve compiled the best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to help you decide.

5. Podao Curved Sabre

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Curved Sabre Weapon Gameplay

The Podao Curved Sabre is a pretty similar weapon to a sword. It’s primarily melee based, allowing you to bring the fight to your enemy and break all hell loose on them. That means you need a boost in attack speed, which the Podao Curved Sabre delivers with its faster than average attack speed. It’s also sufficient on the defense side of things, providing you with an increased recovery speed when you use it to block.

Switching between either attack or defense is also pretty snappy, with the Podao Curved Sabre providing an easy to use fast attack speed then quickly switching to deflecting. On the downside, its usefulness only goes as far as close range combat thanks to its short reach. Also, the damage output is relatively low per strike, and your Spirit may deplete much faster while deflecting attacks.

Having weighed the pros and cons, the above-average attack speed and recovery makes a good case, one you may choose to place your bets on during the Two Chivalrous Heroes mission where the Podao Curved Sabre weapon is found.

4. White Wooden Cudgel

How To Get Wooden Cudgel Weapon Location - Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

If you’re a beginner, you may want to consider the White Wooden Cudgel weapon. Sure, it looks like a wooden stick at first sight, but the damage output it renders makes it a pretty great early-game weapon to consider. Additionally, the White Wooden Cudgel stacks up extra Spirit points each time you execute a successful melee attack. With a relatively speedy moveset and the extra punch it packs, not to mention the freer safe space it offers, the White Wooden Cudgel proves a useful weapon every gamer should aim to have.

To get yourself a White Wooden Cudgel, you may need to pay the first blacksmith you meet about 10,000 coins. Don’t worry, it pays off. Or, you may take your chances with scavenging for enemy drops in the first two levels.

3. Cavalry Javelin

How To Get Wuhuan Cavalry Armor Location - Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The Cavalry Javelin is a spear that boasts a faster attack speed compared to other weapons in its category while providing a longer reach during combat. You mainly use it to thrust forward from a comfortable distance. When you marry safety with speed, your chances of surviving even the toughest battles go up. You may also pair the Cavalry Javelin with the wood virtue to further improve your chances.

Although the Cavalry Javelin takes a little longer to get your hands on, precisely in the Flying Swallow of Heishan sub-misson that comes in level 20, it does prove well worth the wait. Alternatively, you may access it upon completing the Darkness Over the Hanshui River mission.

2. Sword of Yu the Great

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Legendary Sword of Yu the Great Weapon Move Set Demonstration Boss Weapon

Every gamer needs to at least have a sword, even if it's just for a quick spin. Thankfully, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty delivers on the sword’s expectations; you may feel compelled to see it through to the end. Its attack speed is pretty impressive, and wielding it feels light. Despite its lightweightness, the Sword of Yu the Great lands some pretty significant heavy hits.

Additionally, Sword of Yu the Great offers a longer reach compared to the curved sabre. So, you may choose to combine the two and use the latter to stun enemies and drain their spirit, and the former to land massive lethal blows. This way, battles end much faster, with less effort. It’s generally a safe bet to have a sword with you, which you can access during the Heirloom Seal of the Realm mission.

1. Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords

Wo Long Best Build: Dual Swords + Martial Arts + High Spirit Gain + Water Virtue

Nearly every gamer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is after the Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords. It’s pretty grand, too, because you can get it early in the game. What makes it great is how it ticks almost all the most essential checkboxes going into a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty battle. It offers critical melee strikes that pack an incredible punch. Each successful melee strike builds up your Spirit gauge. It’s also pretty fast, meaning the strikes can be as rapid and devastating as you’d like. 

What’s more? Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords allows pairing up with martial arts as well as a leveled up fire virtue that essentially results in a flaming double sword. Keep in mind that each attack will increase your Spirit, and that you can easily deflect or block an incoming attack, even in the middle of a combo. If Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords sound like your cup of tea, make sure to complete The Demon Fort of the Yellow mission to access it.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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