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5 Best RTS Games in 2023

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Best RTS Games

Real-time strategy, or RTS, games are a hidden gem built for gamers who like to plan, manage, and execute an attack against their foes. Unlike turn-based strategy games, RTS games capitalize on time and accuracy. The faster and more precise you are when planning, the higher your chances of winning. If you hesitate too much, you might just end up with your head on a stick. Or, rather, if you make the wrong call, you lose.

Contrary to popular opinion, RTS games aren’t always action titles. Neither are they always restricted to planning. They can be games like Football Manager 2022 that require strategic planning to take the win perfectly. Or, they could be games like Mount & Blade that require you to command an army while at the same time being the person fighting at the front lines of war and taking the first hit. Regardless of which type of RTS game you prefer, here are the five best RTS games in 2023 you wouldn’t want to miss.


Total War: Warhammer 3 - Official Cinematic Trailer

Total War: Warhammer III is a wholesome experience on its own that finalizes the cataclysmic Total War: Warhammer trilogy. Once again, players get find themselves in the realm of chaos. You’ll need to raise an army from seven unique races and hundreds of units and command them into epic real-time battles across the mind-bending Realm of Chaos. 

Total War: Warhammer III is the most ambitious Total War entry so far. It features an impressive 8-player multiplayer campaign, intense one-on-one domination mode, story-driven multiplayer campaigns, as well as ranked and custom battles. It also has billions of potential customizable options for the Legendary Lord or Daemon Prince of your choosing. Above all, Total War: Warhammer is a master of storytelling, fusing together the mortal world against the ruinous daemonic powers of the Realm of Chaos.

4. Frostpunk

Frostpunk | Official Launch Trailer

Released in 2018, Frostpunk is the first society survival game ever. It’s funny how Frostpunk’s concept isn’t already watered down, but that’s awesome since you can have your first try at building a fresh society from scratch. Set in the 19th century, Frostpunk gives you the tools and human resources you need to build an alternate history from scratch. As the leader of this new society, it’s your mission to make it, so the city survives after an apocalyptic global cooling. Oh, and it’s also the last remaining city on Earth, so no pressure.

The main thrill of this game is the overwhelming responsibility you have. Each decision comes at a price. While the game involves no hostile forces or combat scenarios, it's a surprise how much effort it takes to maintain a peaceful, thriving city with hopeful and happy citizens. Some of the things you do in Frostpunk are build new homes for the people, research new technology, scouting for more survivors, and generally, build a new society that survives against the harsh winter. 

None of it will come easy, as you’ll have to enforce some questionable laws, most of which won’t play well with the people. But, it’s up to you to assess aspects like morals, values, and experience and decide who to listen to, what to ignore, and, overall, what’s would be the best course of action for your town. Everything is uncertain in Frostpunk, and all of the next steps are entirely dependent on you.

3. Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator Launch Trailer

Sometimes, you may want to play an RTS game on the go. Cultist Simulator would be a great choice; it’s a card game on Android played in real time. Despite the restrictive platform of choice, it’s a pretty in-depth game that offers tons of replayable content. The player embarks on a Lovecraftian adventure where you summon spirits, go one-on-one with gods, and outsmart the authorities. 

Without plenty of strategic planning and resource management, it’s easy to lose control of the game. More so, by the fact that there’s no tutorial to give you a helping hand. With time, though, it becomes easier to navigate, and becomes rather second nature to want to fill up your spare time, thanks to its cunning but engaging twists and turns.

2. Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 // Official Announce Trailer

If you’re looking to juggle taking charge in the heat of real-time battle, then taking command as a General and guiding war troops to victory, you might want to check out Company of Heroes 3. The Company of Heroes series is a popular World War II-themed game, with the upcoming Company of Heroes 3, releasing on February 23rd, and featuring a WWII setting in Italy and North Africa. 

At long last, Company of Heroes 3 is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, featuring full controller support and a custom UI. It features heart-pounding combat and deeper strategic options that are bigger and better than ever before. Particularly, it’ll feature up to four unique factions and new international troops, including ground, air, or naval forces. 

As commanding general, you’ll have the freedom of pausing the action to assess the lay of the land, as it were, then queuing commands and unleashing devastating precision plays on the enemy frontlines. This gives gamers an edge in battle and is a defense aspect that would complete the puzzle. 

1. Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV - Official Launch Trailer

Hands down, Age of Empires IV takes the win here. Although the game came late to the RTS gaming party, it’s done quite well so far. All thanks to the obvious tribute to what worked in previous games, and the new additions to elevate the gaming experience even further. You could say Age of Empires IV largely reimagines Age of Empires II. However, the new entry proves Age of Empires is aging gracefully with its step up in graphics and a fresh take on its civilisation.

In a nutshell, Age of Empires IV is a game about commanding powerful leaders and building expansive kingdoms through their influence on their people. Defending your kingdom against potential threats is commonplace, oftentimes requiring you to rally troops and fight in the most critical battles of the Middle Ages. Ready to RTS your way through the ages? Feel free to check out Age of Empires IV, available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms today.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our five best RTS games in 2023? Are there more games we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.



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