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Best Weapons for Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Best Weapons for Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

She may be shy, but she throws punches like a pro. Tifa is pretty agile, which allows you to unleash a flurry of blows on slower enemies. She inflicts a burst of damage that staggers enemies and opens up the opportunity for other party members to finish up the fight. She’s a fierce brawler who, besides Cloud, is your best shot at dismantling enemies at close range. However, she needs the best weapons you can find to stomp on all her enemies. Check out the best weapons for Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth below.

5. Crystal Gloves

FF7 Rebirth - Crystal Gloves Weapon Location (Tifa's Weapon)

The best part about Crystal Gloves is that they pump up all your attacks during battle. What’s more? The extra buff is in the form of physical attack power, thus making every enemy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth vulnerable to you. With such high energy, you’re nearly guaranteed to stun every enemy you run into. If not, you’ll at least inflict devastating damage. 

All you need to do is pair up your attacks with Crystal Gloves’ Unfettered Fury, and you’ll be good to go. Unfettered Fury doesn’t do much on its own. However, if you build devastating attacks for Tifa, they’ll pair nicely, increasing their physical attack power on all enemies. Naturally, you’ll need to master Tifa’s attacks, too, to squeeze every last drop of Unfettered Fury’s buffs.

How to Get Crystal Gloves

You’ll find the Crystal Gloves in a purple-lit chest outside Building G-02 in the Garm Pass area of the Nibel Region. This will be available to you in the Prep for Departure main quest in Chapter 11.

4. Tiger Fangs

Tiger Fangs Weapon Location For Tifa | Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Tiger Fangs behave like poisonous fangs. Using its Chi Trap ability, you can cast an orb on an enemy that deals damage over time. It’s perfect for inflicting massive damage. As you and your team continue to attack the enemy, the Chi Trap also constantly drains their health. As a result, enemies go down quickly, with attacks coming from all sides, including from within.

How to Get Tiger Fangs

Head over to the top-left corner of the Output Regulation room in the B1 Area. The Tiger Fangs will be in a purple-lit chest found at the Gongaga Reactor in the Rescue Effort main quest in chapter nine.

3. Jarngreipr

Jarngreipr Weapon Location For Tifa | Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

While Jarngreipr is the last weapon you’ll unlock for Tifa, it also packs a colossal crunch thanks to its True Strike ability. It allows you to unleash a destructive blow on all nearby enemies. As a result, enemies are stunned for a moment, leaving them vulnerable to a final blow.

Jarngreipr is so intense that it stuns even the most formidable enemies. When you add the fact that the rest of your party members also build stagger rates, it lets you make quick work of enemies more quickly. True Strike syncs perfectly with Tifa’s build, which focuses on fast attacks that build stagger. It’s the best way to increase enemy stuns.

What’s left is to curate the perfect upgrades carefully. For instance, you can prioritize the Critical Hit rate and Critical Hit Damage skills to inflict devastating hits on enemies. You can also level up Weapon Ability Damage and Utterly Unbridled Strength skills to increase True Strike’s damage output.

How to Get Jarngreipr

Jarngreipr is Tifa’s last weapon. You’ll find it in a purple-lit chest in the Corridor of Currents at the Hall of Life area in the Temple of Ancients. This will be the main quest in chapter 13 of Divergent Paths.

2. Sylph Gloves

FF7 Rebirth - Sylph Gloves Weapon Location (Tifa Weapon)

If you run into enemies with a weakness to wind elemental damage, you’ll want to unleash the Sylph Gloves upon them. These pack the Reverse Gale ability, which allows you to inflict wind-based damage on enemies. However, enemies who can resist wind damage may need a physical attack or elemental damage other than wind to take them down.

To make up for that, though, Sylph Gloves enable Tifa to show off fancy airborne techniques. Seeing it in action could leave your jaw on the floor, with the ability to launch enemies into the air. Thereafter, throw them down to the ground with a wind attack. Alternatively, you can launch enemies toward you and use a powerful physical and stagger attack to finish them off at close range. 

Sylph Gloves work well with Tifa’s affinity for close-range combat. It closes the distance between enemies, allowing you to make quick work of faraway enemies as well as gain access to flying ones. 

How to Get Sylph Gloves

Similarly, Sylph Gloves will be in a purple-lit chest in the Mythril Mine at the Northern Quarry, Storage. It’s part of the main story, precisely Where They Lead, the main quest in chapter three.

1. Kaiser Knuckles

Kaiser Knuckles Tifa Weapon Location | Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Another weapon that cranks up Tifa’s staggering prowess is the Kaiser Knuckles. It allows you to pair its overpowering ability with other attacks to pressure enemies, thus stunning them more effectively. It enables you to power up your attacks, leaving enemies no room to breathe. Kaiser Knuckles are the best option for going steadily on the offense. Level it up with the Concentration skill, and you gain a 50% chance of activating Unbridled Strength. 

You can launch enemies into the air with a powerful strike. Thereafter, follow it up with chain combos that inflict pure damage. By stringing basic attacks together, you generate ATB, filling up your gauge quickly. These allow you to unleash even more combos. With enemies backed into a corner, it’s only a matter of time before you’re proclaimed the winner.

How to Get Kaiser Knuckles

You’ll find Kaiser Knuckles in a purple-lit chest near a staircase in the Freight room of the Queen’s Blood Cruise ship. This will be in chapter five's To Catch a Friend main quest.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons for Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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