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5 Best Horror Walking Simulators on PC

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A music engineer room complete with soundboard in Horror Walking Simulator Killer Frequency.

For fans of the horror genre in gaming, there are many avenues for players to travel down. In doing so, these games see players maneuvering throughout hostile environments, using the slower speed to ramp up the tension. This is incredibly useful, as it allows players to enjoy curated horror experiences without needing too much technical prowess. This will enable players of all types to enjoy these games regardless of their experience. With that out of the way, here are the 5 Best Horror Walking Simulators on PC.

5. Mundaun

For the first entry on our list of the best Horror Walking Simulators on PC, here we have Mundaun. Within the world of Mundaun, players are able to explore spaces with beautifully rendered hand-penciled art styles. This not only gives the game a distinct aesthetic but also adds an unsettling element to each and every moment. That said, players aren't alone in this world, to say the least. Throughout the game's snowy landscapes, players will encounter creatures that pose a significant threat to their survival. These creature designs, especially coupled with the hand-penciled art, make every encounter with an enemy feel tense and impactful.

However, the game places a tremendous amount of emphasis on item-gathering and stocking your inventory. The game's well-fleshed-out inventory system is one of the best aspects of this incredibly unique title. For players who enjoy puzzle-solving within their horror game, this title also has you covered. In addition to this, there are many secrets tucked away for players to find throughout their journey. All around, Mundaun is one of the best Horror Walking Simulators available on PC.

4. Scanner Sombre

Scanner Sombre Launch Trailer

We are continuing on with our list of the best Horror Walking Simulators on PC with Scanner Sombre. For players looking for a title that not only has an art style that instantly makes it stand out but also uses this art style to significant effect, this title definitely fits the bill. Scanner Sombre sees players delving through mysterious caves in search of what lies within. Making your way through these caves, despite being a relatively short experience, makes for an incredibly stylized and meaningful experience overall. This makes it an absolute visual treat that players are sure to enjoy as they delve into the game further.

Another fantastic aspect of the game that players might really enjoy is its audio design. The audio design in the game not only allows players to immerse themselves within the game's world but also makes the game more atmospheric. This game manages to capture the essence of the cave-diving niche in a way that incorporates its horror elements in a phenomenal way. In short, Scanner Sombre is one of the best Horror Walking Simulators on PC.

3. Pleh!

Pleh! | Steam Trailer (PC)

We are following up on our last entry with Pleh! This title manages to take a more psychological approach to its narrative. The game follows the depressive episodes of the game's developer, and you can feel the tension rise as you play more of the game. Scattered throughout the game, there are many references to depression and other serious topics, each of which is framed through this psychological horror lens, making it all the more interesting to experience. The game does a fantastic job of highlighting the very real stresses of game development or simply creativity in general.

The art style of the game is decidedly simple, allowing the player's focus to fall almost solely on the game's message. As for what that message is, there are many different answers to be found by players. This interpretive nature of the game is perhaps one of its best aspects. Additionally, the game, being a free-to-play title, allows players to experience it at no charge. To conclude, if you are looking for one of the best Walking Simulators on PC with an interesting theme, then check out Pleh!

2. Killer Frequency

Killer Frequency | Launch Trailer

Next up on our list of the best Walking Simulators on PC is Killer Frequency. For fans of stylized horror titles, this game should definitely be on your radar. Players are placed in a world that is very reminiscent of 80s slasher flicks. This gives the game a sense of grounding & style, making it feel extremely distinct, even when compared with other entries from today's list. Aiding in this sense of 80s nostalgia is a specially crafted soundtrack made especially to invoke feelings of nostalgia for anyone of the era or fans of 80s music. Placing the game firmly in this era is an excellent tool for grounding the game as a whole, which is wonderful.

Throughout the player's journey, they will uncover many mysteries using their puzzle-solving skills. The puzzles in the game offer quite a bit of challenge but feed into the game's core narrative wonderfully. Everything from solving riddles to compiling evidence will be required of the player, making for a varied gameplay experience, which is fantastic. Couple this with the game's unique style, and you have one of the best Walking Simulators on PC.

1. The Exit 8

The Exit 8 Game Trailer

Finally, on our list of the best Walking Simulator games on PC, we have The Exit 8. Despite being perhaps the most visually simplistic entry on today's list, this game manages to be incredibly unsettling. The premise for the game is simple, as you are simply walking through hallways in order to reach your destination. It is what lies within these hallways that makes the game so horrifying. The seemingly endless loop of hallways makes for an inherently creepy experience the further you go down them. In addition to this, the game features anomalies to avoid.

These anomalies essentially reset the player's experience, forcing them to traverse the liminal spaces of the game again. Throughout your time in the game, you will slowly start to realize minor differences in your environment. In doing so, the game becomes more and more unsettling as you continue on. This makes it one of the most unique horror titles that fall under the Walking Simulator genre. It is for these reasons that we consider The Exit 8 to be one of the best Walking Simulators on PC.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Horror Walking Simulators on PC? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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