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5 Best Games Like Homestead Arcana



The indie game space is full of potential and fantastic titles that are comparable to or, in some ways, surpass AAA offerings. Among these titles, there are many adventure RPGs that allow you to explore entirely new worlds. One such game is Homestead Arcana. However, today, we would like to highlight games in the same vein. These are games that, despite their limited budget and reach, are simply stunning. So please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Games Like Homestead Arcana.

5. Sun Haven

Today we will be starting off our list with an entry that is entirely charming. Sun Haven feels like a love letter to those players who enjoy older RPGs as well as farming sims such as Harvest MoonSun Haven, much like Homestead Arcana, is an indie-developed title with tons of character. Players will be able to choose from a wide array of classes and create their own farms. Farming is hardly the only thing to do in the game, however, as you can also fight monsters as well as engage with the game's phenomenal crafting system.

It is within this crafting system that players will be able to create objects to fill their world with. This is fantastic and gives the players many options in terms of the way they wish to play. So if you are looking for a game that gives you that same Harvest Moon feeling but with updated mechanics, then Sun Haven is a great choice. In closing, Sun Haven is one of the best games, like Homestead Arcana, on the market today.

4. Coral Island

Next on our list, we have an entry that does a fantastic job of immersing the player within its world and characters. Coral Island creates a diverse world in which for the player to explore. It encourages this exploration in quite a few interesting ways as well. This game, much like Sun Haven, allows the player to create and craft a world all their own. You are able to farm, craft, and participate in many other activities in this charming indie title.

This game does a great job of leading the player through its story as well. In addition, the game allows for players to experience the story during the game's seasons. That is hardly all this game has to offer, however, as there are also mining and crafting systems that the player can engage with. These systems also include things like decorating and crafting, which makes for a varied gaming experience overall. So if you are looking for a game in the same vein as Homestead ArcanaCoral Island is nothing short of a fantastic choice.

3. Temtem

Now switching things up quite a bit, we have a title that has a charming art style similar to Homestead ArcanaTemtem is a creature-capture game much like the Pokemon series. However, this game features much more mature storylines and character progression. This is great for an older audience, for sure. That isn't to say that this game doesn't have an approachable style, either. It absolutely does. Each of the Temtems has its own unique style about them, and the battle system, in some respects, far surpasses Pokemon.

So if you are in search of a creature capture game with amazing attention to detail, this is a great choice. Players will be able to explore the Airborne Archipelago to their heart's content. Another fantastic addition to this game is the addition of cooperative gameplay. This is something that the Pokemon franchise has been missing in terms of a true blue co-op mode. There is also an in-depth housing system that is sure to impress the players. To close, Temtem is one of the best games, like Homestead Arcana, that players would be remiss not to play.

2. Dinkum

Next on our list is an entry that will be a bit more similar to games such as Sun Haven and Harvest MoonDinkum is a farming sim that has quite a bit of personality. Players are able to engage in many of the activities that are to be expected in the farming sim genre. Added onto this, however, are quite a few unique features to draw their player's attention. This includes things such as the game's unique setting, which is modeled after the Australian Outback, a region seldom seen in gaming, let alone indie gaming. This is rather unique to the game itself, which gives it a rare chance to show farming sims from a different perspective.

While this game is currently in Steam's Early Access program, it has a plethora of features that even elude fully released titles. This includes things like animal trapping and many other elements that are sure to keep the player occupied. Additionally, players are able to carve out their own area in the game, featuring a fully-fledged housing system. If you are looking for a life sim similar to something like Animal Crossing or Homestead Arcana, then definitely make sure you check out Dinkum.

1. Potion Permit

For our last entry, we have a fantastic indie title that allows players to brew their own fun. Potion Permit manages to enthrall the player with its charming and cozy world. Exploring this world and enjoying your time within it feels like the equivalent of a warm blanket on a cold night. This allows the player to immerse themselves within the world as they go through the game, curing sick patients. The villagers within this game are all really personable and nice to get to know as well.

The game itself has a rather unique premise, as you are able to create potions and cures for ailments. This means that players will have to go throughout the world and collect ingredients, which makes for a fantastic gameplay loop. The game's cauldron mechanics are also special in the way they are presented as well. This involves the player participating in a mini-game in order to succeed. All in all, Potion Permit is much like Homestead Arcana, one of those indie games that truly have something intangibly great about them.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Homestead Arcana? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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