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5 Best Games Like Broken Pieces

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Games like Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller with adventure and puzzle game elements. You play as Elise, who is trapped in the deserted town of Saint-Exil. With little context to the story provided, you must solve puzzles and gradually uncover the secrets of the town while listening to audio tapes that speak of ghosts and a cult in the town. As you explore the town each morning for clues as to what happened, you'll quickly discover that if you don't return to your house by dusk, the supernatural spirits have sinister plans for your demise. So, if you enjoy investigative thrillers such as this one, here is our list of the five best games like Broken Pieces.

5. Chasing Static

Chasing Static - Reveal Trailer

Chasing Static is a psychological horror short story. You take on the role of protagonist Chris, who has returned to his little rural community in Wales after mourning his father. But, after crashing your car, the plot picks up speed as you walk into a ghost town. From there, the gameplay is simple: use your Frequency Disruptor to pick up echoes of those who were there to tell the narrative. Each section consists of identifying echoes that provide information about what events transpired.

The graphics are fairly unusual compared to modern games since the style resembles early 2000s CGI. However, we got a feeling that was intended as the art-style style's a great job of setting the eerie mood. While the gameplay in Broken Pieces differs greatly from that of Chasing Static, it has a compelling plot and horror components that draw parallels, evidently why we consider it to be one of the best games like Broken Pieces.

4. Paper Bride (Series)

Paper Bride2 Zangling Village Release on April 28

Paper Bride is a point-and-click horror series where you play as the groom in your bride's town. However, this is far from a love story. As your wedding is disrupted by an unknown power that has transformed the village into an ominous nightmare filled with horrors. Told through ancient Chinese folklore, Paper Bride contains authentic components that make its original horror experience. 

The core game mechanics include you solving puzzles to advance through each area. Each “area” is a frozen image that you must click on objects to activate puzzles or clues in the plot. Similar to Broken Pieces, each puzzle is unique and seamlessly integrates with the environment. The soundtrack combines a spooky ambiance with traditional Chinese music that truly encompasses its disturbing atmosphere. Overall, the Paper Bride series is a psychological thriller that draws many of the same emotions as Broken Pieces, and why we consider it one of the best games like it.

3. Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village - Launch Trailer

Resident Evil is an acclaimed horror series, well-known for its distinctive gameplay and characters. The latest installation, Resident Evil: Village, knocked it out of the park by immersing you in another heart-pounding adventure that is guaranteed to mess with your head. In this installment, you play as Ethan Winters, who is tasked with rescuing his infant daughter, who has been kidnapped and taken to a Transylvanian-style castle filled with horrifying monsters. Such as fan favorite Lady Dimitrescu, who could be an NBA 2k23 all-star if she wasn't a horror game character.

Resident Evil: Village, like Broken Pieces, has a rich story that the player must dig deep to uncover. Although it doe's draw many parallels, the horror in Resident Evil: Village is much more direct, as it offers several jumpscares that never fail to get us. However, when compared to the best games like Broken Pieces, both titles relate in that they will inevitably give you goosebumps the deeper you immerse yourself in their story.

2. Summer of 58′

Summer of '58 - Trailer

In the Summer of 58′, you play as Alex Morton, a video blogger who investigates haunted locations for her blog. Your first trip is set inside an abandoned Soviet Era summer camp. Like Broken Pieces, this title thrives on making you feel entirely solitary, which becomes even more horrifying when you face various spirits and jumpscares. Each of the five chapters has you following a different story, each with a grim and dark finish.

When it comes to games like Broken Pieces, few use a day cycle feature that alters how the game plays. Summer of 58′ does a great job at this because it changes the setting based on the chapter, influencing the surroundings throughout the day. It's everything horror games should do to make it a more immersive experience for us. Summer of 58′ will keep you on your toes with its psychological thriller gameplay and story, from slipping notes under a door to surprising jumpscares.

1. Syberia: The World Before

Syberia - The World Before - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Broken Pieces has a distinct gameplay style that few other games can match. This gameplay style originated from the Syberia series, a 2002 adventure game with one of the best tales, that has kept players engaged for more than two decades and may be regarded as a timeless franchise of this genre. You take on the role of Kate Walkers, an American lawyer sent to a French village to execute a deal for a toy business. Sounds boring, right? But, don't dismiss it too quickly, because the plot quickly transforms into something far more captivating.

Most games like Broken Pieces, have highly varied gameplay mechanics, with only a few similarities. The gameplay in Siberia: The World Before is nearly identical to Broken Pieces, and one of the key components is solving puzzles to proceed across stages. Although it is not a psychological thriller, it boasts one of the best narratives in an adventure game, as well as well-developed characters who blend in nicely with the strange yet exciting gameplay.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other games like Broken Pieces that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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