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The world of Enshrouded is one that has absolutely taken the gaming space by storm. The release of this phenomenal indie title has seen many improvements. It made many people take the plunge into its vast world. Once there, however, players will notice many features and additions that shape the overall experience. These features vary in what they bring to the table, but each is important in its own way. That said, here are the 5 Best Features In Enshrouded

5. Boss Battle SystemsExploring a dark area in Enshrouded

For the first entry on today's list of the best features in Enshrouded, we will cover the boss battle systems in the game. For those unaware, within the survival RPG title Enshrouded, players find themselves up against massive bosses. In doing so, players will have to use a multitude of means in order to succeed. The bosses in the game each bring with them their own unique challenges that players will have to overcome. This might require the player to use different tactics or different weapons in order to succeed.

This not only varies the gameplay greatly but also rewards the player for thinking outside of the box and utilizing the help of others. Whether you play Enshrouded solo or with friends, however, the boss mechanics are satisfying enough on their own. When coupled with the game's in-depth combat mechanics, the bosses in this title not only help give the game a sense of challenge and reward but also serve to shape your experience wonderfully. For these reasons, the boss battle systems are one of the best features in Enshrouded.

4. Gear CustomizationCombat within a dark cave in Enshrouded.

We are continuing right along with our next entry on our list of the best features present in Enshrouded. For the next entry, here we will cover gear customization. Within Enshrouded, players are not only able to obtain powerful and meaningful gear, but they can shape this game in a multitude of ways. This ensures that not only does every piece of gear feel unique to the player but that there are ways to tweak the gear to your liking. This makes learning which gear is best for which situation a great habit to get into. Also, repairing and tending to your gear adds another layer of depth to the game.

Additionally, having gear customization as a core feature of the game allows players to shape their playthroughs in many interesting ways. Perhaps you will experience a wide array of items present in the game, each producing a different result and effect on your gameplay. Additionally, the importance and usefulness of these features are only compounded with the game's multiplayer element. To close, gear customization is undoubtedly one of the best features to enjoy in Enshrouded.

3. Server Size

For the next entry on our list,  we will cover server size and how it greatly enhances the overall experience of Enshrouded. Being able to experience the world of this game alongside friends not only enhances the moment-to-moment and emergent gameplay. But it also allows players to work alongside one another. The game features a rather sizable server number, with players being able to create servers with up to sixteen different people. This, when coupled with the inherent depth and immersive nature of the game's world, allows for a stunning amount of replayability and wonder to be found.

Players are able to not only go after great untold treasures but also face many fearsome foes. The raid bosses in this game pose quite a challenge. They also will require players to work alongside one another to defeat. This not only increases the amount of immersion in the game, but builds its own narrative in many ways for players to interact with. This makes each server feel like its own micro-instance of the Enshrouded world at large. In short, server size is one of Enshrouded‘s best features.

2. A Robust Crafting SystemA cave with a forest in the backdrop in RPG Enshrouded.

One of the strongest and most important features of Enshrouded is its crafting system. The world of Enshrouded is one that can be greatly influenced by what the player chooses to build within it. Players will have to scour for materials, actually work with these materials, and produce the items they need. This can take many forms, everything from weapons to housing and much more. This crafting system also gives the player an astounding amount of freedom about how they wish to play and accomplish tasks.

Additionally, this feeds into the game's cooperative nature quite well. This is due to the fact that players are able to divide up tasks amongst each other. Doing so will not only ensure your group is crafting efficiently. It will also serve to boost your chances of survival, and is a wonderful system with a great feedback loop. This makes working toward your crafting goals feel meaningful in the game, which is phenomenal. All around, the robust crafting system present in the game is one of the best features of Enshrouded.

1. Voxel-Based Building SystemStaring down at a settlement in Enshrouded.

For the final entry on today's list, we will cover the Voxel-based building system in Enshrouded. This system, perhaps more than any other on our list, unlocks a sense of unbridled freedom in the game. This is due to the fact that players are able to build a staggering amount of items in order to affect the world around them. This makes each server feel unique and also adds a sense of identity to every area built up by the player. Players can also house NPC within these locations, making interacting with these systems well worthwhile.

The level of detail you are able to adorn these places with is also impressive. This makes every design decision you make surrounding your encampment feel impactful and important. Additionally, the nature of these structures also feels like lived-in objects that persist within the world. This makes tending to them and improving upon them feel rewarding, which is wonderful to see as well. In conclusion, the Voxel-based building system is, without a doubt, one of the best features in Enshrouded.

So, what's your take on our picks for the5 Best Features In Enshrouded? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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