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Best Bouncer Build in Starfield



Creating the best Bouncer in Starfield involves strategically combining the right skills and traits to make your character strong in the game. The Bouncer is good at fighting without weapons or intimidation. This build uses special traits and weapons that can handle combat issues well. It makes the Bouncer good at solving problems without having to fight constantly.

With this robust setup, the Bouncer becomes excellent at fighting and calming things down in the immense universe of Starfield. However, the ideal build depends on your preference and playstyle. That said, let us check out the best Bouncer build in Starfield.

Best Skills Build for Bouncer

Bouncer Background

In Starfield, the Bouncer background brings a unique skill set to the table. Bouncers can handle hand-to-hand combat through powerful punches thanks to their boxing skills. Notably, Boxing is a Starting Skill for players adopting the Bouncer background. Complementing this combat skill is the fitness skill. The skill increases endurance and stamina for sustained physical encounters. Additionally, This skill grants the Bouncer a 10% increase in available oxygen.

As your Bouncer progresses through the game, there are opportunities for skill development in various directions. Notably, martial arts and neuro strikes present avenues for refining combat abilities. Additionally, we must mention the wellness skill. It contributes to overall health as you rank up this skill. It increases your character's maximum health. Similarly, it allows your build to withstand more damage and survive longer in combat.

The Dueling skill becomes valuable in situations requiring a more refined approach. By focusing on melee weapon proficiency, your Bouncer gains an alternative means of dealing with enemies. That includes increased damage, better accuracy, or additional combat techniques specific to dueling scenarios.

The Bouncer's expertise extends beyond combat. However, Security and trade may be required to traverse the vast expanse. With security skills, the Bouncer can navigate advanced locks. On the other hand, the Commerce skill allows your Bouncer to capitalize on acquired goods by selling them at higher prices.

In moments where physical force might not be the optimal solution, the Intimidation skill comes into play. This skill enables the ability to make nearby characters flee. Additionally, it provides a non-violent resolution to specific encounters. With this diverse skill set, the Bouncer emerges as a well-rounded build capable of navigating physical and social challenges. Players can expect a rich and engaging gaming experience with this skill set.

Best Traits Build for Bouncer

Starfield Alien DNA Traits

Traits are critical for players to shape their character's strengths and weaknesses. For a Bouncer, maximizing health and oxygen is essential. Therefore, you must select Traits that align with the bouncer background. Alien DNA offers players increased health and oxygen levels. This Trait provides an immediate advantage for the Bouncer. Similarly, it emphasizes their endurance in combat scenarios.

Comparably, Extrovert offers benefits when adventuring with human companions. The reduced oxygen consumption in the company of allies enhances the Bouncer's efficiency. It aligns with their potential role as a team player. Yet, the drawback of increased oxygen usage when venturing alone makes maintaining a reliable group dynamic essential for optimal Trait utilization.

On the other hand, Terra Firma offers increased health and oxygen on planetary surfaces. This Trait enhances the bouncer's resilience during surface exploration. Additionally, this trait aligns seamlessly with a bouncer who excels in close-quarters combat and ground-based encounters. Who wouldn't love a durable stamina during surface exploration?

By strategically combining alien DNA, extroverted, and Terra Firma, a bouncer can create an incredible background. Increased health and oxygen can be maximized by actively adventuring with human companions. Hence, it helps players mitigate the drawbacks of being an extrovert when flying solo. This thoughtful trait combination enhances the Bouncer's survivability for the challenges of melee-focused gameplay.

Best Weapons Build for Bouncer

Starfield Weapons

The selection of weapons is an essential determinant of a Bouncer's success in combat encounters. Although the Bouncer is known for untamed combat, the Magshot emerges as a primary ranged option for the Bouncer's arsenal, with a commendable Physical damage output of 64. The Magshot provides a versatile means to engage enemies from a distance. This firearm complements the Bouncer's proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and ensures ammunition efficiency in the heat of battle.

In situations where the intensity of unarmed combat requires a more substantial weapon, the UC Naval Cutlass proves to be a formidable melee choice. It comes with a physical damage output 20, which is ideal for close-quarters combat situations. Adding to the Bouncer's array of options is the Combat Knife. The melee weapon provides 16 Physical damage per hit. What makes the Combat Knife particularly appealing to a Bouncer is its synergy with the Dueling skill. Furthermore, it boosts the Bouncer's effectiveness in close-range engagements.

Best Armor Build for Bouncer


Given the Bouncer's preference for close combat, optimal armor selection should prioritize reducing physical damage. When equipping armor for a Bouncer, focus on gear that offers durability and resilience. Additionally, consider any special attributes or bonuses that further enhance the Bouncer's ability to withstand physical assaults.

The Mark I Spacesuit Set is the ideal armor due to its incredible defensive stats. This set provides substantial protection against various types of damage, including physical, corrosive, airborne, and radiation damageBouncer in Armor. While its acquisition typically involves an early-game exploit or lockpicking prowess, the Mark I Spacesuit Set becomes an invaluable asset for players seeking top-tier protection. This armor set proves accessible without the need to unlock the Master-level lock, making it a coveted early-game advantage for navigating the challenges of the Starfield universe.

In conclusion, crafting the optimal Bouncer build in Starfield provides players with fantastic gameplay. The skillfulness of the best Bouncer build shines as players explore vast planets in Starfield. Remember, the perfect build varies depending on your preference and playstyle.

So, what's your take on these picks for the best Bouncer build in Starfield? Do you agree with our list? Do you have other favorites to share? Let us know on our socials here.

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